How To Get An Oklahoma Driver’S License? (Solution found)

How to Apply for Adult (Unrestricted) Driver License in Oklahoma

  1. 1Apply in person.
  2. 2Bring documentation required.
  3. 3Pass a vision test.
  4. 4Pass a written test.
  5. 5Get a learner permit (optional)
  6. 6Make a drive test appointment.
  7. 7Bring documentation required.
  8. 8Bring a vehicle in good order.

What do I need to transfer my driver’s license to Oklahoma?

How to transfer your out-of-state license to an Oklahoma driver’s license

  1. Primary ID — usually a state-certified birth certificate.
  2. Your out-of-state license.
  3. Your Social Security Number.
  4. If your last name doesn’t match, you need to bring in documentation (e.g. marriage license).

Can I get my driver’s license online in Oklahoma?

Customers can complete the application by going to and clicking on “online services.” They can also find a link at as well. Customers will have to create an account at In order to use this service, the customer’s previous renewal must have been made in person.

How do I make an appointment to get my driver’s license in Oklahoma?

To book your appointment visit If you encounter issues when trying to book an online appoinment please call 405-425-2020.

Can you get your license without drivers ed in Oklahoma?

To obtain an Oklahoma driver’s permit (otherwise known as learner’s permit), students under the age of 16 must have already enrolled in driver education (also known as driver ed). Students must be at least 15½ years old to apply. If an individual has already turned 16, driver ed is not required for a permit.

How do I change my residency to Oklahoma?

Acceptable Residency List

  1. Copy of federal or Oklahoma income tax return filing not more than eighteen months old.
  2. Current and valid life insurance, or automobile liability policy or card with address.
  3. Installment loan contract from a bank or other financial institution.

How long do I have to live in Oklahoma to be a resident?

A resident of Oklahoma is someone who has lived in the state continuously for at least 12 months and whose domicile is in Oklahoma. It is the place where he or she intends to remain. Domicile has two components – residence and intention to remain.

Can I get a driver’s license online?

To get your provisional driving licence you must meet the minimum age and eyesight requirements and live in Great Britain. You can then complete the application form, either online or by ordering a hard copy from the DVLA, provide proof of identity and pay the fee.

Can you get a state ID online?

You must apply for an original non-driver ID in a DMV office. This cannot be done online, by mail, or by phone.

How do you get a driver’s license?

Get a driver license

  1. Step 1: Determine what license class and type you need. Class.
  2. Step 2: Get a learner permit. Before you can get a license, you must apply for a learner permit at DMV office and take the written test.
  3. Step 3: Practice driving and take a pre-licensing course.
  4. Step 4: Pass a road test.

Does Oklahoma DMV take walk ins?

Walk-in appointments take a long time. You can get help with a Oklahoma DMV appointment here, alternatively you can search the Oklahoma DMV website too. CHECK to see if you can do what you need done online. Again, you can do that on the Oklahoma DMV website or you can get help here via Skip.

Do I need an appointment to get a REAL ID in Oklahoma?

REAL IDs are only available at specific locations throughout the state. You can sign up to receive your Oklahoma REAL ID from Northwest Tag Agency. Appointments are required. You must bring specific documents with you to your REAL ID appointment.

How hard is the Oklahoma permit test?

Currently there are 50 questions on the Oklahoma DMV Permit Test. You need to get 40 correct answers to pass the test — that’s a passing score of 80%. In addition, we go over the “gotcha” questions — the most difficult questions that tend to trip people up.

How do I register a car in Oklahoma?

What You’ll Need to Register your Vehicle in Oklahoma

  1. A completed Application for Oklahoma Certificate of Title for a Vehicle (Form 701-6)
  2. Proof of ownership, such as:
  3. Proof of your Oklahoma car insurance.
  4. Payment for title and registration fees.
  5. Lien documentation IF your vehicle is financed.

When can you get your driver’s license in Oklahoma?

Getting Your OK Driver’s License To get an Oklahoma driver license, a learner’s permit must be held for six months from the issue date for anyone under the age of 18. A Driver Education Completion Certificate must also be presented if the applicant is under the age of 16 ½.

Getting Your Oklahoma Driver’s License (Step-by-Step Guide)

Obtaining your Oklahoma driver’s license is a significant step in achieving independence and economic freedom in the state of Oklahoma. In order to obtain a driver’s license as a teenager, you must complete the Graduated Driver’s License (GDL) Program and obtain a learner’s permit first. This procedure, which can take between one and two years, provides younger drivers with the chance to gradually learn how to operate a motor vehicle in a safe manner in the state. In order to obtain your driver’s license as an adult above the age of 18, you can opt out of the GDL, but you will still need to submit an application (step 5 will cover just that).

The third step is to successfully complete the Behind the Wheel Training program.

Step 1: Enroll in Driver Education (Only Under 16)

The first step in obtaining an Oklahoma Graduated Drivers License (GDL) is to enroll in a driver education course that has been recognized by the state. There are two types of driver education courses that are qualified for reimbursement. The following courses are state-approved: 1– Commercial or High School – The following courses contain 30 hours of classroom instruction. 2– Parent Taught Driver Education (Online) – You may locate a list of authorized Parent Taught Driver Education Providers by visiting this page.

It is possible to learn the laws of the road while having fun and being easy thanks to our abridged driver’s manual, online practice exams, and gamified system!

Step 2: Apply for a Learner’s Permit (Ages 15 ½to 18)

To be eligible to apply for a learner’s permit, you must be at least 15 12 years old. If you are over the age of 18, you can also apply for a permit, but this is not required. A permit will enable you to drive between the hours of 5 a.m. and 10 p.m. if you are accompanied by another motorist over the age of twenty-one.

How to Apply

To obtain a learner’s permit, go to your local TAG agent (Motor License Agent) and complete the following forms:

  • Make sure you have identification with you. Completing the vision exam (you must have a vision acuity of at least 20/60 with or without corrective glasses)
  • Pass the written test with flying colors

When applying for an intermediate license, you must retain your permit for at least six months from the day it was issued before being eligible to upgrade. If you are over the age of 18, on the other hand, you will be able to apply for an unrestricted driver’s license after 30 days. You may learn more about this phase of the licensing process by reading our in-depth Oklahoma learner’s permit guide, which you can find here.

Step 3: Complete Behind-the-Wheel Training

Before you may apply for your intermediate Oklahoma driver’s license, you must first complete behind-the-wheel instruction. You’ll need at least 50 hours of driving practice with a licensed driver over the age of 21 before you can take your test. Ten of these driving hours must be completed during the nighttime hours, according to the law. Prior to proceeding to the next stage, you will be needed to sign an affidavit confirming your hours. With an intermediate driver’s license, you will be permitted to drive on your own between the hours of 5 a.m.

and 10 p.m. between the ages of 15 and 21. Additionally, you will be permitted to transport one additional person in addition to those who are members of your home. You may be exempt from this rule if you’re traveling to or from school, church, or work-related events.

How to Apply

You must go to a Motor License Agent and complete the following procedures in order to apply for an intermediate driver’s license in Oklahoma.

1 – Bring Proper Documentation

  • Primary identification (birth certificate or equivalent primary identification)
  • Secondary identification (proof of social security number)

2 – Take the Driving Skills Test

The driving abilities exam is one of the most significant parts of the process of obtaining your driver’s license in the United States. It is necessary for you to bring your own car to utilize during the exam. The driving abilities exam is used by the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety to determine a driver’s ability to operate a motor vehicle safely on state roads and highways. You will also be required to do movements such as parallel parking, adhering to traffic signs, controlled reversing, and other similar tasks.

To obtain an unrestricted Oklahoma driver’s license, you must have held your intermediate license for at least six months.

Step 5: Apply for an Unrestricted Oklahoma Driver’s License (18+)

You will be able to easily upgrade to an unrestricted driver’s license on your next visit to the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety if you have successfully completed the GDL program. If you’re an adult over the age of 18 who wants to be able to drive, this is the first step you should do to get your license. Despite the fact that you will be permitted to skip the Graduated Drivers License program, you will still be needed to pass certain components, such as the driving exam and written exam.

How to Get an Unrestricted Driver’s License as a New Driver

  • The following items are required: primary identification, proof of Social Security, and documentation of legal name change (where appropriate).

2 – Pass the Vision Test

In order to verify that you have sufficient eyesight to drive safely in Oklahoma, your vision will be checked. A visual acuity score of 20/60 in both eyes or 20/50 or greater in one eye is required to pass the examination.

3 – Pass the Written Test

You will be tested on your driving abilities, traffic rules, and road signs during the written examination, which will consist of 50 questions. You must properly answer at least 40 of these questions in order to pass, and an 80 percent or higher score is required. You should prepare for your exam by taking our online practice tests and reading our simplified driver’s manual to ensure that you know everything you need to know to pass. You have the option of scheduling an appointment with your local Oklahoma Department of Public Safety or simply walking in at your earliest convenience.

4 – Schedule and Pass the Driving Skills Test

In contrast to the written exam, you will be required to make an appointment in order to take the behind-the-wheel exam. You may make an appointment with your local Oklahoma Department of Public Safety online at no cost. Make certain that you have a fully registered and insured car ready to operate on the day of your exam before you show there. Your administrator will be responsible for making sure it is in proper working condition, including inspecting the lights, mirrors, and other components.

During the exam, you will be evaluated on your knowledge of traffic laws, road signs, and driving maneuvers that will indicate your experience with operating a motor vehicle. If you fail the test, the test administrator will provide you with information on how to retake it.

5 – Visit a Driver’s License (TAG) Agent

You will be required to pay a cost of $38.50 at the Driver’s License Agent, as well as $4 for each written exam that you take. Following completion of these procedures, you will be eligible to get your full Oklahoma driver’s license. Whether you’re a teenager or an adult, the procedure is rather straightforward, but it will demand you to have a thorough grasp of how to drive safely in the state.

Oklahoma Driver’s License Requirements

Anyone under the age of 18 who wishes to get an Oklahoma driving license must first have a learner’s permit for a period of six months from the date of issuance. If the applicant is under the age of sixteen and a half, a Driver Education Completion Certificate must also be supplied. This also includes any behind-the-wheel instruction from a Parent-Taught Driver Education course, if applicable. The permit is only required to be held for a minimum of 30 days if you are over the age of 18. The state of Oklahoma has a program known as the Graduated Driver License (GDL) program, which restricts the amount of time that young drivers are allowed to be on the road at any given time.

When you’re ready to apply, bring the following with you:

  • Learner’s Permit (or an approved Primary ID)
  • Secondary ID (Click here for a list of approved secondary IDs)
  • Social Security card
  • Insurance Security Verification Form (with VIN number of vehicle used for driving test)
  • Driver Education Completion Certificate
  • Parent or Legal Guardian

For applicants between the age of 16 ½ and 18

  • Learner’s Permit (or an approved Primary ID)
  • Secondary ID (click here for a list of approved secondary IDs)
  • Social Security card
  • Insurance Security Verification Form (with VIN number of vehicle used for driving test)
  • Parent or Legal Guardian
  • Driver Education Completion Certificate (OPTIONAL)
  • Driver Education Completion Certificate

For applicants over the age of 18

  • Learner’s Permit (or a Primary ID that has been granted)
  • Secondary identification (click here for a list of acceptable secondary identification options)
  • Social Security Number
  • Insurance Security Verification Form (which includes the VIN number of the car used for the driving test)
  • And a copy of your driving license.
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Oklahoma Department of Safety Forms

To begin your driver education course, please download and complete the following forms. Driver Education Booklet for Parents to Teach Children Affidavit of Parental Instruction in Driver EducationOklahoma Driver’s Manual

How to transfer your out-of-state license to an Oklahoma driver’s license

Nate Fisher published a blog entry on Tuesday, June 30, 2020 at 12:00 a.m. Do you have a license from another state that is about to expire and wish to acquire an Oklahoma license to replace it? Do you suffer from driving performance anxiety and/or despise examinations? Good news for you: You won’t have to worry about taking any written or in-person driving exams if you bring the following items to a Driver License Exam Site:

  1. The primary identification document is generally a state-certified birth certificate. The following link will take you to a comprehensive list of accepted primary identity documents: Your driver’s license from another state
  2. Your Social Security Number
  3. Your date of birth If your last name does not match, you will be required to submit supporting documents (e.g. marriage license). More information may be found here.

There is one exception for those of you who despise tests: you will be required to pass an eyesight exam (which really only seems fair since driving requires a rather generous amount of your sense of vision). You get a form to send to a tag agency, where you pay the price, get your photo taken, and then BAM! You have your tag. Keep an eye out, world: Driver with a valid license. So that’s a very clear explanation. However, there is a new possible snag, just because nothing in the world can be so simple these days: there is a new potential catch.

For those who travel frequently (or even sometimes) who do not have a passport, you may want to consider acquiring a REAL-ID compatible driver’s license.

When transferring a license from another state, the REAL ID-compliant license will cost you $42.50 in addition to the transfer fee.

Martin Luther King Ave.

Additional places will be added as time progresses – keep checking back for more information and a map! Moreover, we’ve managed to go through this entire paragraph without making a “it’s becoming real” joke, which is a nice little bonus for you, dear reader. or is it.

How To Get Your Oklahoma Driver’s License

Obtaining your Oklahoma driver’s license is a simple process. You must be of legal drinking age, present the proper documentation to the Department of Public Safety, and pass specific exams, just as you would in any other jurisdiction. When it comes to age restrictions, there are subtle differences depending on whether you’re above or under the age of 18. Learn all you need to know about earning your Oklahoma driver’s license right here!

Getting Your Permit If You’re Under 18

If you’re under the age of eighteen and applying for your first driver’s license in Oklahoma, you’ll first need to obtain a learner’s permit. You must be at least 15 12 years old and present in front of a driver license examiner in order to qualify for this opportunity. When you arrive at the examiner’s office, you’ll be required to undergo a visual and written driving test. It is possible to prepare for the written test with the aid of a handy online course that has been authorized by the Oklahoma Department of Safety.

  • Freeway driving
  • Road signs and signals
  • Defensive driving methods
  • Merging and lane changes
  • Hazard prevention
  • Driving in the dark and in various weather conditions

Following your successful completion of the in-person exam, the examiner will provide you a document, which you must submit to a tag agency, where you will pay a charge and obtain your learner’s permit. Your parent will be required to accompany you to the tag agency. You’ll also require the following items:

  • A primary identification document (usually a certified birth certificate)
  • A copy of your Social Security card
  • Proof of your birthdate. a copy of your enrollment certificate from a secondary or vocational school You must provide proof of enrolment in a driver’s education course or program (if you are between the ages of 15 and 16)

If you have reached the age of sixteen but have not yet obtained a driver’s license, you will still be required to pass the written driving exam as well as a vision examination before you can obtain your permit. Finally, anybody under the age of eighteen must hold a permit for at least six months before applying for a driver’s license in order to be eligible.

Applying for Your License If You’re Under 18

You can apply for your driver’s license once you have had your learner’s permit for six months, have not been involved in any traffic offences, and have reached the age of sixteen. You’ll need to pass a road test, commonly known as a driving skills exam, at one of the examiner locations before you can go on. You’ll be awarded an intermediate license if you pass the test, and it will include the following provisions:

  • Except for activities linked to school, religion, or employment, you are only permitted to drive between the hours of 5 a.m. and 10 p.m. In addition, you may be able to drive outside of these hours if you are accompanied by a licensed driver who is at least 21 years old
  • You may only have one passenger or only those who live at your residence in the automobile. If you have a licensed driver under the age of 21 in the car with you, you may transport extra passengers.

In the case of having completed driver’s education, having held an intermediate license for at least six months, and having completed at least 50 hours of behind-the-wheel training that has been documented with anaffidavit, you may be eligible to apply for an unrestricted license while still under the age of eighteen.

If You’re Over 18

After passing the vision, written, and road exams, you will be eligible to obtain an unrestricted driver’s license if you are above the age of 18 and applying for your first license. You are not required to obtain a permit before applying for a license; but, if you prefer to obtain one in order to practice driving, you must keep it for at least 30 days before applying for a license. You’ll need the following papers in order to submit your application for your license:

  • Primary identification, which is typically a state-certified birth certificate
  • Proof of Social Security number
  • Proof of motor insurance
  • And other documents.

Make certain that you are taking the driving test in a vehicle that you are confident has insurance coverage. In Oklahoma, according to Melanie Musson, a car insurance and driving expert with, an instructional website about vehicle insurance alternatives, around 10% of drivers do not have car insurance. According to her, “the majority of the time, people drive uninsured because they do not want to or are unable to afford to pay for insurance coverage.” Think about if you’re in need of driver’s education in the state of Oklahoma.

Additionally, we provide defensivedriving/ticket dismissal programs, as well as insurance discount classes for both new and experienced drivers, as well as younger drivers. It is possible to take classes in person or online, and they have been approved by the Department of Public Safety.

Ultimate guide to transfering your out-of-state driver’s license to Oklahoma

This page was last updated on January 20, 2022. Transferring your out-of-state driver’s license to Oklahoma is simple if you follow this advice. We’ve made the procedure as simple as possible for you so that you can save time. This article is intended for persons who have relocated to Oklahoma but still have a driver’s license from another state in the United States. If you have an overseas driver’s license, please see our page on Oklahoma driver’s licenses.

What You’ll Need to Transfer your Out-of-State Driver License to Oklahoma

  • Primary identification
  • Secondary identification
  • Out-of-state license
  • Social security number
  • Name change, if appropriate

What You’ll Do to Transfer your Out-of-State Driver License to Oklahoma

  • In order to obtain a driver license, you must first appear before a Driver License Examiner at one of the following Driver License Exam Sites: Step 2:When you come before a Driver License Examiner, you will be required to do the following:
  • Bring in all of the relevant documentation
  • Take a vision test if you have any of the following conditions:
  • Valid, unexpired driver’s license from any state or nation issued for the same kind or types of vehicles A driving license that has expired but has not expired more than six (6) months past the expiration date specified on the driver license, or
  • A commercial driver’s license or commercial driver’s license permit in Class A, B, or C is not required.
  • If you pass the vision test, the examiner will provide you with a form to fill out.
  • Step 3: Take the completed form to anyMotor License Agent (Tag Agency) and submit it together with your identity documents and Out of State License (if applicable).
  • Pay the relevant charge and then sit back and wait for your license to be printed.

Caveats and Exceptions to Transferring your Driver License to Oklahoma

  • Transferring from a territory under the jurisdiction of the United States? Your driver’s license must be current or not expired, otherwise you will be required to retake the written and driving tests.
  • If you want your traffic tests waived, you must submit the Examiner with an English translation of your traffic record that was created within 60 days of your arrest.
  • The application for a transfer of an intermediate license to Oklahoma can be made by anyone over the age of 16 who is licensed by one of the (50) states, the District of Columbia, or any Canadian province at the time of application and who is operating under a valid intermediate license or equivalent in another state or province.

Do you require a REAL ID? Then go to our Oklahoma REAL ID website to learn out what you need to do to get your ID.

Need other Oklahoma DMV help for free?

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How to Get Your Drivers License in Oklahoma

Are you a resident of Oklahoma who is ready to obtain your driver’s license? Great! The process of getting your Oklahoma drivers license has been broken down into a step-by-step instruction, whether you’re a first-time adolescent driver or over the age of eighteen. If you’re an adolescent driver, remember the following: The first step is to create a plan. Get your learner’s permit before you start. To qualify for a learner’s permit, you must be at least 15 12 years old and enrolled in a drivers education course that has been recognized by the state.

All certified driver’s education courses must have the following components:

  • In addition to 30 hours of classroom teaching, a normal driver’s education course requires a minimum of 50 hours of behind-the-wheel driving, or 55 hours in the case of a Parent-Taught Driver’s Education (PTDE) program.

Taking the written test is the second step. Once you’ve finished your driver’s education course (or reached the age of sixteen), you can sit for the written exam. Check to see that you have the following items with you to the exam office:

  • Parent or legal guardian of the child
  • You must show documentation of participation in or completion of a driver education course if you are under the age of 15 and a half. A copy of one’s birth certificate (or another kind of primary identification)
  • Social Security card (or other kind of secondary identification)
  • Registration at an accredited secondary or vocational-technical school, or proof of GED enrollment or completion are required. There is a $4 application fee.

Step 3: Begin behind-the-wheel instruction. It is possible to begin behind-the-wheel instruction as soon as you have obtained your learner’s permit. You must perform the following tasks:

  • 50 or 55 hours of supervised driving
  • 10 of those hours must be spent driving at night with a licensed driver who is at least 21 years old and has had their license for at least 2 years

Step 4: Once you reach the age of sixteen, take your driving test. It is possible to apply for an Oklahoma intermediate license by taking the driving test after you have held a learner’s permit for at least 6 months. Make sure to bring the following items with you to your driving test:

  • A learner’s permit
  • An Affidavit of Driver Training form DPS 300, which documents your driving hours
  • And a valid driver’s license. Birth certificate (or other primary identification document)
  • Social Security card (or other secondary identification document)
  • Documentation showing current enrolment in a secondary or vocational-technical school, as well as a diploma or General Education Development certificate
  • Parent or legal guardian of the child
  • $39,50 license cost
  • $4 application charge
  • Registration and evidence of auto insurance for the vehicle you’ll be driving to and from the test location

Get your driver’s license in the fifth step! Congratulations! You can obtain your license after completing driver’s education, holding your intermediate license for at least 6 months, and having no traffic offenses on your driving record during this time period. If you are over the age of 18: Step 1: Go to a DMV office and apply for a drivers license. First and foremost, you’ll need to visit your local Oklahoma DPS office and submit an application for a drivers license. When you arrive, you’ll be required to have the following papers with you:

  • A document proving primary identity (such as a birth certificate or a U.S. passport)
  • A document proving secondary identification (such as a Social Security card or a high school diploma)
  • And a document proving both primary and secondary identification. Individual’s Social Security Number (SSN)
  • You must provide proof of your name change (if applicable). a copy of your automobile insurance policy
  • Payment of the requisite fee is made in the following ways: The cost is $38.50 for those under 62 years old, $21.25 for those 62 and older, $17.50 for those 63 and older, and $38.50 for those beyond 62. All candidates are required to pay a $4 application fee.
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Check the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety website for a comprehensive list of papers that are necessary and approved. Step 2: Take and pass a written examination. The written knowledge exam will be based on information provided in the Oklahoma Driver’s Manual, including information on drug and alcohol regulations, traffic rules, and safe driving practices, among other things. It is necessary to wait at least one day after failing your written test in order to take it again. Third, you must take and pass a vision screening exam.

Step 4: Take and pass the driver’s license examination.

You must wait at least 1 day before retaking the driving test if you fail it on your first attempt. You are only allowed to fail three times within 30 days of your initial attempt. All subsequent efforts must be separated by a period of 30 days.

How to Get Your Oklahoma Driver’s License

Obtaining your driver’s license is a significant accomplishment. Not only are you responsible for the safety of yourself and your passengers, but you also have a responsibility to consider the safety of everyone else on the road, as well. While an adult simply has to pass a written and behind-the-wheel exam to obtain a driver’s license in Oklahoma, teenagers must go through a few additional hoops to show themselves before they can be issued one. Though time-consuming, if you begin the procedure by the age of 15 12 and finish within a year, you might be driving by the age of 18.

The Oklahoma Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) Program

The GDL program is an attempt to make everyone as secure as possible. New drivers just require more practice time on the road to become proficient. According to studies, 25 percent of 16-year-old drivers are either engaged in a traffic accident or earn a traffic infraction during the first year of driving their own vehicle. Teens participating in the GDL program must complete a series of requirements before receiving a Class D driver license, which permits them to drive whenever they want without restriction.

You can find out all you need to know about getting your Oklahoma learner’s permit by visiting our permits website.

  • You can drive without supervision between the hours of 4:30 a.m. and 9:00 p.m.
  • You cannot drive with more than one passenger who does not live in your house
  • And you cannot drive with more than one passenger who does not reside in your home.

To acquire your intermediate license, you’ll be required to pass a behind-the-wheel driving examination. You should have completed at least 50 hours of on-the-road driving training, so passing your test should not be a problem. You’ll be required to do tasks such as signal changes, parallel parking, driving at the speed limit in a school zone, and so on. Make an appointment with the Oklahoma Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to take a road test. Make your way to the driving test with your legal parent or guardian, and carry with you the following documents:

  • • A learner’s permit
  • An affidavit of driver training form, which verifies the number of hours spent driving
  • The following documents are required: birth certificate, social security card, proof of enrolment in secondary or vocational-technical school, as well as a diploma or GED
  • $38.50 to cover the cost of the license
  • A charge of $4 is required for the application (there is no fee for the actual driving test)
  • Registration and evidence of insurance for the car you will be driving for the test (the DMV does not offer automobiles for behind-the-wheel driving exams)
  • A valid driver’s license and proof of identification for yourself and any passengers.

In addition to the qualifications listed above, you will be subjected to a vision examination at the DMV.

Unrestricted Class D license

It is possible to apply for full driving rights in the form of a Class D driver license after holding your intermediate license for at least 6 months and not having had any moving offenses during that period. To apply for your full Class D license, contact your local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Your driver’s license, even if it is a Class D license, is considered probationary until you reach the age of eighteen. This implies that the Department of Public Safety has the authority to cancel or suspend your driving privileges if you commit an illegal act, are negligent, or behave inappropriately while driving.

As a result, drive safely and obey the traffic laws. Obtaining your complete driver’s license entails a significant amount of responsibility. You should take it seriously and exercise patience as you go through the GDL program’s many stages. You’ll make it in no time at all!

Driver Licenses and ID Cards

Due to a lack of available staff, our office will only be able to handle applicants who have scheduled an appointment for services until further notification.

Stillwater DL Exam

A paucity of personnel means that this office will only be able to handle applicants who have already scheduled an appointment until further notice.

TulsaEastgate DL Exam

All Driver License applicants must enter the Eastgate complex through the south door, which is accessible only by elevator.

Applying for a Driver License/ID Card

When applying for an Oklahoma driver license or identification card, every applicant must provide both primary and secondary documentary proofs of identity, as well as proof of his or her full legal name and birth date, as well as proof of legal presence in the United States at the time of application. »

Do I need a Commercial Driver License?

Your license will not expire if you have a valid Class D Driver License and you are a citizen of the United States. You may go to any Motor License Agent (Tag Agent) and they will renew your license if there are no difficulties with your application. You may get a list of Motor License Agent locations by visiting this page. Those who are in the nation on immigration documents must carry their driver’s license, together with their immigration paperwork, to a Driver License Exam Site in order to begin the renewal process.

  • Once the Driver License Examiner has completed their work with you, they will issue you with a form that must be delivered to a Motor License Agent, who will then renew your driving privilege.
  • Provide the Driver License Examiner with a copy of your current driver’s license.
  • A Hazardous Material Endorsement will necessitate the completion of a current TSA background check as well as the passing of a Hazardous Material written test.
  • If your license has been expired for more than one year, you will be required to submit proof of lawful presence, unless you have already given this information since November 1, 2007.
  • Locations of approved tag agencies are given here.
  • A list of eligible papers may be found by clickinghere.

Learner Permit

This coming Monday, October 7, 2013, the second phase of the new online scheduling system named is scheduled to go live. With the implementation of Phase II, applicants who wish to book an online appointment for their Class D driving skills test, as well as other services such as the written learner permit exam, CDL renewal, and ID cards, among others, may now do so at field offices around the state. The new driving test schedule module will be evaluated for a limited length of time at the Oklahoma City I-240 location before being made accessible at the other statewide locations.

Because the online system is protected by industry-leading security measures, drivers are only required to choose an appointment time at a location of their choosing and to provide basic information, such as their name, phone number, driver license number, and email address, to complete the transaction.

Another alternative is to look for a time slot for a driving test that is open.

As part of a free trial experiment, it is now available in the following places. When the system is completely operational, there will be a little fee charged.

*Oklahoma City 728 East I-240 Service Road
Edmond 28 East Main
Norman 430 N Berry Rd
Tulsa Eastgate 14002 E. 21st St Suite A
Tulsa West 3190 W. 21st St S.
Broken Arrow 1635 S. Main

* If all available appointments for a certain office are filled, that location will not appear as a selection in the drop-down menu. Additional appointments are being added on a daily basis, so please check back frequently. Please contact 405-425-2020 to schedule your appointment if you are experiencing difficulties booking an appointment online.

Error Found on Some Oklahoma Driver Licenses, ID Cards

THE CITY OF OKLAHOMA (OKLAHOMA CITY) Several Oklahoma driver licenses and identity cards have been discovered to have a mistake, according to the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety (ODPS). Occasionally, the holographic security insignia that should display on the front of each individual license or card may appear on the back or not at all, depending on the circumstances. Holders of driver’s licenses and identification cards are being requested to check their papers to ensure that the image appears on the front.

Although the licenses and ID cards with incorrect or missing images are still considered valid, officials with the Department of Public Safety say they will likely cause delays when the holder attempts to use them for personal identification in places such as airports, banks, or government buildings.

A new license or identification card will be issued at no cost if the information on the card has been rectified.

The four-digit number written in the upper right corner of the photograph on the card can be used to determine which tag agency provided the erroneous license or ID card, and the holder can use this information to identify the agency.

Inquiries from the general public should be directed to the DPS Driver License Help Desk at 405-425-2020.


All CDL applicants, whether applying for a first time license, a transfer, an upgrade, or a duplicate, must present proof of citizenship or lawful permanent residency, as well as proof of Oklahoma residency, as stipulated in section 383.71 (a)(2) of the Oklahoma Administrative Code (v). In addition to one document from the United States Citizenship list and one document from the Oklahoma Residency (Domiciled) list, CDL candidates will be needed to present two additional documents. The paper must include the applicant’s full name and current mailing address, among other information.

383.71–List of Acceptable Proofs of Citizenship or Lawful Permanent Residency Status

  • United States passport that is valid and not expired (passport card is permitted)
  • Certified copy of a birth certificate filed with a State Office of Vital Statistics or equivalent agency in the individual’s state of birth, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, Guam, American Samoa, or the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands
  • Consular Report of Birth Abroad (CRBA) issued by the United States Department of State
  • DHS issues Certificates of Naturalization and Citizenship
  • The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) issues Certificates of Citizenship and Naturalization.

Lawful Permanent Resident

  • Permanent Resident Card issued by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) or the Internal Revenue Service (INS)

Acceptable Residency List

The applicant must produce a document from the list below that contains the applicant’s name and current home street address.

The document must be in English. It is not permissible to use a post office box or any other type of postal box address. The applicant is not permitted to submit mail that has a forwarding address label or an adhesive address label on the outside of the envelope.


  • Original or certified copy of a federal or Oklahoma income tax return filing that is not more than eighteen months old A current and valid life insurance policy, health insurance policy, or automobile liability policy or card, as well as the policy or card’s address
  • An installment loan contract or a monthly statement from a bank or other financial institution that was signed during the past three months. Payday lending firms are not permitted to operate. A current deed, mortgage, monthly mortgage statement, or residential lease
  • A current homeowners’ or renters’ insurance policy or statement
  • And a current utility bill. A professional license issued by a governmental entity in the state of Oklahoma
  • Bill or receipt for property tax payments dated within the past 12 months
  • Sales tax or a business license are required. Document from the Social Security Administration (SSA) with an Oklahoma street address that was issued within the previous 12 months
  • Letter from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Utility bill (from an electric, telephone, water, sewage, cable, satellite, heating oil, or propane provider) that was issued during the past sixty days
  • A utility bill that was issued within the last sixty days
  • Permit to carry a concealed firearm in good standing
  • Certified copy of court order- The applicant’s full name and date of birth must be included on the certified copy of court order. Current documents issued by the United States Military indicating residential address
  • Oklahoma Motor Vehicle Title or Registration
  • Pilot’s license
  • Public Assistance benefit card and correspondence dated within the last 8 months
  • W-2 wage or 1099 tax form from the current year
  • Oklahoma Voter registration card and Tribal Vehicle Titles or Registration
  • Oklahoma high school diploma, college diploma, university diploma, or Technology Center diploma for current students
  • Oklahoma Voter registration card and Tribal Vehicle Titles or Registration (Cannot be forwarded mail) Correspondence from an Oklahoma State Agency with a current address that was received during the past year.
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Veteran Logo Is Now Available On Driver License

A new “Veteran” emblem is now available for use on the front of qualifying veterans’ Oklahoma driving licenses and state identity cards, thanks to a partnership between the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety and the Veterans Administration. In honor of the men and women who have heroically served our country, Oklahomans express their deepest gratitude and appreciation.” Veteran designation on state drivers’ licenses is a tiny manner in which we can commemorate their sacrifice and express our gratitude for their service to our state and country,” Governor Mary Fallin said.

Thompson is also a decorated Army soldier.

Rita Aragon, retired general and secretary of the Department of Military and Veteran Affairs, stated that this will be beneficial to military veterans who, due to the fact that they do not have a handicap, do not often have access to a Veterans Administration identity card.

After that, veterans may take their cards to establishments that recognize and offer discounts to military veterans,” explained Aragon.

Veterans who choose to have the “Veteran” designation on their identification card or driver license will be required to show proof of military service by presenting their DD-214, 215, WWII discharge document, a photo ID card from the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, or an Oklahoma Army or Air National Guard NGB Form 22 when renewing or obtaining their identification card or driver license.

Agents should be tagged with a veteran photo.

Driver Testing Facilities

All State Holidays shall be observed by the closure of Driver License Examining Offices. ATTENTION: Hours of operation are subject to change. Some exam venues are staffed with only one examiner, which is unusual. Written testing is often completed in the morning at certain locations, with scheduled driving tests taking place in the afternoon. During times when the examiner is out of the office doing a drive test, phone calls will not be responded to. It is advised that you call ahead, preferably in the morning, to verify that testing will be available.

Walk-ins will be the only ones who can book ALL driving tests going forward. Locate a Driver License Exam Station that is convenient for you.

Oklahoma City Metro Area Driver Testing Facilities
  • EDMOND EXAM SITE 28 East Main StreetEdmond, OK 73034(405) 341-4930 EDMOND EXAM SITE 28 East Main StreetEdmond, OK 73034(405) 341-4930 Hours: 7:00 a.m. to 4:45 p.m., Monday through Friday
  • NORMAN EXAM SITE 430 N Berry RdNorman, OK73069(405) 364-9595 Exams are held at the OKLAHOMA CITY EXAM SITE, which is located at 728 East I-240 Service Road in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73149 and may be reached at (405) 681-5489. From 7:00 a.m. to 4:45 p.m., Monday through Friday at the SHAWNEE EXAM SITE, Old Army Reserve Building, 1821 Airport Drive Shawnee, OK 74804. (405) 273-8124 Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:45 p.m.

The Oklahoma Department of Public Safety will launch the first of two driver’s license “megacenters” this month to assist alleviate the state’s backlog of citizens who want to renew their licenses or receive a REAL ID. The second megacenter will open later this year. The facility, which will be located in the former Oklahoma Health Department building at 1000 NE 10 in Oklahoma City, will open on July 26. In order to accommodate walk-in customers, the center will be open on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from 6:30 a.m.

and closed on Friday and Saturday.

“Of course, we’re aware that there’s been a backlog, and we’re aware that individuals have been frustrated in their attempts to come into our offices, and we feel that this will significantly reduce the backlog,” said public safety spokeswoman Sarah Stewart.

Oklahomans will be required to have a Real ID card in the near future: Here’s all you need to know about

Oklahoma driver’s license needed

In order to receive a REAL ID or renew a driver’s license at the megacenter, Oklahomans must already possess an in-state driver’s license. To receive their first driver’s license, teenagers must go to an Oklahoma Department of Public Safety site, according to Stewart. Those with out-of-state licenses who wish to obtain an Oklahoma ID must also go to an Oklahoma Department of Public Safety facility, he said. According to Stewart, “for those persons who do have to visit a DPS facility, having this megacenter open should relieve a significant amount of burden off our DPS offices.”.

  • Do you require a driver’s license or REAL ID?
  • Oklahoma residents can also receive a REAL ID at the megacenter if they already have a valid driver’s license issued by the state of Oklahoma.
  • The two temporary megacenters will get a total of $6.6 million in funding from the state legislature this year.
  • Driving license megacenters are coming to Oklahoma City and Tulsa in order to deal with the REAL ID backlog.

More megacenters planned

The Kensington Business Center, located at 7130 S. Lewis Ave. in Tulsa, will host the grand opening of the Tulsa megacenter on August 16. The hours of operation will be the same as those of the Oklahoma City facility. Gov. Kevin Stitt announced on Thursday the formation of a task group to modernize the state’s REAL ID process and reduce the backlog in the issuance of driver’s license applications. Jay Doyle, a former executive director of the Oklahoma Tax Commission, will be in charge of the endeavor.

Real ID may be obtained by visiting, which provides further information about the megacenters and the paperwork required to obtain a REAL ID. What the megacenter is capable of is as follows:

  • Licenses that are not REAL ID-compliant should be renewed or replaced. Issue or renew a REAL ID (as long as you currently have a valid Oklahoma driver’s license or Oklahoma identification card)
  • Class D and commercial driver’s licenses can be renewed or replaced.

Can a Non-Citizen Get a Driver’s License in Oklahoma?

To read the article in Spanish, please click here. If you are not a citizen of the United States, you must do the following:

  • It is possible to receive an Oklahoma driver’s license if you are a legal resident of the state and complete the necessary immigration requirements
  • If you already have a driver’s license from your home country and can provide proof of your driving record, you do not need to take the driving test to obtain your driver’s license. It is permissible to drive without an Oklahoma driver’s license if you are not a resident of Oklahoma and have a driver’s license from the jurisdiction in which you now reside.

Provided you are not a citizen of the United States and live in Oklahoma, you may be able to get an Oklahoma driver’s license if you can provide the following documents:

  1. The possession of a valid, unexpired immigrant or nonimmigrant visa status for entrance into the United States
  2. The filing of a pending or granted asylum application in the United States
  3. An authorized deferred action program
  4. An approved application for refugee status in the United States
  5. Or a pending application for lawful permanent residence status or conditional resident status in the United States.

If you want assistance in getting these papers, you should contact the Persaud Law Office.

Do You Need to Take the Driving Test?

If you hold a driver’s license in your home country, you may acquire an Oklahoma driver’s license without taking the driving test. You must get your driving record of all jurisdictions in which you have been licensed in the preceding ten years. The driving records may not mention any form of revocation of driving rights, and must be in English. To locate a licensed translator who can translate your document into English, consult the website of the American Translators’ Association .

Can I Drive in Oklahoma with a Foreign License?

In Oklahoma, if you are above the age of sixteen and are not a “resident,” you may drive with a valid driver’s license from the nation or state where you now reside. The Oklahoma Supreme Court has ruled that you are a “resident” of Oklahoma if and only if you meet the following criteria:

  • You are physically present in Oklahoma, and you plan to remain in Oklahoma permanently or for an indeterminate amount of time
  • You have a business or other reason to do so in Oklahoma
  • And

Oklahoma’s Supreme Court also ruled that there are no hard-and-fast standards for identifying someone is a “resident” of the state; rather, the state is required to consider “all of the movements, transactions, and attendant circumstances” while making this determination. NOTE: The procedures for establishing whether a person is a “resident” of Oklahoma differ significantly from the rules for evaluating whether a person is a lawful permanent resident of the United States. The ability to drive is a valuable luxury.

The Department of Public Safety may have rejected your application for a driver’s license; nevertheless, you may be able to challenge their decision.

Oklahoma Drivers License Guide

To be eligible to apply for an Oklahoma Drivers License, you must be at least 16 years old. In order to obtain an Oklahoma learners permit, you must first pass a written exam on traffic signs, motor vehicle laws, and safe driving techniques. If this is your first driver’s license or your out-of-state driver’s license has been expired for more than six months, you must apply for an Oklahoma learners permit. After receiving a valid learners permit, you will be required to pass a road skills exam as well as a vision test in order to obtain an Oklahoma drivers license.

Prepare for the Written Knowledge Test

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration encourages all new drivers to prepare for this driving education exam so that they don’t lose out on the opportunity to obtain their learners permit as soon as they reach the required age.

It is possible to take onlinepractice exams that contain real-world example questions from the DMV Exam. Take theOklahoma practice test right now and see how well you know your driving skills.

New Oklahoma Residents

New residents who possess automobiles in Oklahoma are needed to register all of their vehicles in Oklahoma before they may apply for a new driver’s license. This requirement applies immediately upon establishing residency. For the purpose of converting a valid out-of-state driver’s license to an Oklahoma driver’s license, no written exam or road skills testing is necessary; nevertheless, you must pass the eye test. If your out-of-state driver’s license has expired, you will be needed to apply for an Oklahoma learners permit and pass all applicable tests before being issued a driver’s license in the state of Oklahoma.

International Drivers

Oklahoma recognizes a valid international driving permit in conjunction with a valid foreign driver’s license. Following the expiration of your foreign license, you must apply for an Oklahoma learners permit and complete all applicable tests before receiving a driver’s license in Oklahoma.

Required Paperwork

Before you go to the Oklahoma DMV office, make sure you have all of the necessary paperwork to obtain your driver’s license, which include the following: The following will be delivered to you after your licence criteria have been met:

  • License for minors (16 to 17 years of age) that is valid for four years
  • Valid for up to 4 years, a full driver’s license (for those 18 and older)

Remember that safe vehicle operating involves years of developed expertise, extensive information, and a grasp of the restrictions imposed by other drivers and the surrounding environment.

Oklahoma Driver’s License Resources

  • Oklahoma Driver’s License Guide
  • FREE DMV Practice Test
  • Oklahoma DMV Practice Test
  • Oklahoma Driver’s Handbook

DPS Opens Up Megacenter In OKC To Help Oklahomans Renew Driver’s Licenses, ID Cards

It is planned that the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety will build a “megacenter” that will be devoted to the renewal of driver’s licenses, commercial driver licenses, and identity cards. It has been a major source of frustration for many Oklahomans over the past year to renew their driver’s licenses. People began coming at the spanking new megacenter as early as 4:30 a.m. on Monday, according to reports. Daniel Spray stated that he requires his driver’s license in order to work. “I will be unable to do my duties if I do not renew my license.

All you have to do is show up with your Oklahoma identification card or driver’s license to get started.

After the center opens on Monday, July 26th, it will be open from 6:30 a.m.

1000 NE 10th in Oklahoma City, which was originally known as the Oklahoma State Department of Health building, is where it will be housed on the second level.

The Oklahoma Department of Public Safety anticipates a large number of individuals to come out to these megacenters in Oklahoma City and Tulsa due of the backlog of online license renewals, which is expected to last between one and two months.

The opening of a second DPS megacenter in Tulsa is scheduled on August 16. If you would want more detailed information about the megacenters as well as the documentation required to receive a REAL ID, please visit

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