How To Get Your Driver’S License In Columbia Sc? (Solution found)

You must submit a certificate of completion for a driver’s education course and a certificate of satisfactory school attendance. You must also have completed at least 40 hours of driving practice, including at least 10 hours of driving during darkness, while supervised by licensed parent or guardian.

How do I get a drivers license in Columbia SC?

Driver’s License

  1. Proof of identity, US Citizenship, and date of birth.
  2. Proof of your current physical SC address (For REAL ID, you will need two proofs of your current physical SC address)
  3. Proof of legal name change history (if applicable)

Can I get my SC driver’s license online?

Drivers now can get the card at all 67 locations of the S.C. Department of Motor Vehicles or online at

Can I get my driver’s license without taking a road test in South Carolina?

Do I have to pass any test in order to obtain a South Carolina driver’s license? Yes, you must pass the Vision, Knowledge and Road Tests.

What do I need to take my drivers test in SC?

You should bring all of the following items to your test:

  1. Old license or beginner’s permit (if you have one)
  2. A licensed driver.
  3. Vehicle liability insurance information from a company licensed to do business in SC.

How do you get a driver’s license?

Get a driver license

  1. Step 1: Determine what license class and type you need. Class.
  2. Step 2: Get a learner permit. Before you can get a license, you must apply for a learner permit at DMV office and take the written test.
  3. Step 3: Practice driving and take a pre-licensing course.
  4. Step 4: Pass a road test.

Do I need an appointment for SCDMV?

The SCDMV will no longer provide appointments for most transactions at SCDMV branches due to the need to provide expedited services to South Carolina residents. SCDMV branch office lobbies will be open for anyone waiting to conduct in-person transactions at an SCDMV branch office.

What counts as proof of residency in SC?

Two proofs of current, physical South Carolina address (a current, unexpired SC driver’s license or identification card and a no more than 90-day-old utility bill with the same name and address) Proof of all legal name changes (marriage license or court order issued by your county’s probate or family court.)

When can you get your license in SC?

Regular Driver’s License: If you are at least 17 years old and have had a beginner’s permit for 180 days, you can get a regular license with no restrictions. If you are 17, your parents still have to sign the application with you.

How do I register my car in SC?

Vehicle Registration for Passenger Vehicles

  1. Go to an SC DMV office.
  2. Complete an Application for Certificate of Title and Registration of Motor Vehicle or Manufactured Home/Mobile Home (Form 400)
  3. Provide proof of vehicle ownership.
  4. Provide proof of ID.
  5. Provide your vehicle’s property tax receipt.

Can I take my permit test online?

You will probably take the permit test at the DMV. A small number of states let you take the test at other locations; check with your state to find out where. In a few states like Florida, can also take the test online. However, most states still require you to take the test in person.

How long is a road test in South Carolina?

How long does it take to take the permit test in South Carolina? It will typically take about 20 to 40 minutes to take the written driver’s license test in South Carolina.

Is SCDMV doing road tests?

As of November 15, 2021, the SCDMV has returned to performing in-car road tests for regular licenses at all branch offices across the state. All SCDMV branches accept walk-in customers for regular and motorcycle skills tests from 8:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. everyday besides Wednesday.

How many times can you take driving test in SC?

In South Carolina, you will have two tries to pass the road exam. If you fail the exam twice, you must wait two weeks before retrying. Those who currently hold a driver’s license and have failed twice only need to wait one week. After failing your third attempt, you’ll need to wait 60 days before you can be retested.

How long is a driving test?

On average, the entire driving part of the practical test lasts for around 40 minutes, although this depends on the examiner and traffic conditions.

How do I pass my road test in SC?

Tips for Passing the South Carolina Road Test

  1. Greet the examiner and be polite throughout the exam.
  2. Do not make small talk – respond to questions and directions.
  3. Pay attention.
  5. Use your turn signal for EVERY turn and lane change.

Richland County > Residents > Information for Residents

Transferring your vehicle’s title and registration to South Carolina after moving from another state is possible within 45 days of your arrival. You can submit your application for a title and registration by mail or in person at the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles.

You’ll need the following to transfer your-out-of-state vehicle title and registration:

Transferring your vehicle’s title and registration to South Carolina after moving from another state has a 45-day grace period. By mail or in person at the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles, you can obtain your title and registration.

Liability insurance information

Not the name of your agent, but the name of your car liability insurance provider would be appropriate to share.

CompletedForm 400, Application for Certificate of Title/Registration

In lieu of the name of the agent, please supply the name of the car liability insurance provider.

Paid property tax receipt

Before you may register your car in South Carolina, you must first pay the Richland County Treasurer’s Office the property taxes that are owed on it. Please call the Auditor’s Office at 803-576-2600 if you need to have a tax bill generated.

Title and registration fees

The South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles has information about fees.

Driver’s license

Those who are new to South Carolina may utilize a valid driver’s license from their previous state for up to 90 days after arriving in the state. You’ll have 90 days to convert your license to a South Carolina driver’s license if you don’t do it before the conclusion of the time. If you are relocating to Richland County from another part of South Carolina, you have 10 days to notify the county of your new address. More information may be found on the website of the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles.

SC Driver’s License Restoration – Columbia DUI Lawyer

A surprising number of people are unaware that they have the option of preserving their driving privileges by recovering their license after it has been suspended. If you have lost your driving privileges as a result of a DUI charge, there are procedures you may take to regain your privileges. A lawyer from The Laubshire Law Firm, LLC can assist you in obtaining a hearing that is separate from the criminal hearing in order to contest the suspension of your driving privileges. This is a civil hearing, and the company can assist you in navigating it.

By retaining the services of an experienced Columbia DUI attorney from The Laubshire Law Firm, LLC, the firm can guide you through the process of acquiring an attorney who possesses strength and determination.

Reinstatement Requirements

Depending on the amount of DUI charges that have been committed, there are particular rules that must be fulfilled. It is decided by the number of times an individual has broken driving under the influence laws and has been charged during the last 10 years that the individual has committed the offense. Every driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol violation will result in a certain suspension time, which is as follows:

  • Depending on the amount of DUI charges that have been committed, there are particular conditions that must be met. The number of crimes is calculated by the number of times the individual has broken driving under the influence legislation and has been prosecuted during the previous 10 years. Every driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol violation will result in a specified suspension time, which will be detailed below.

Licenses will be cancelled completely for individuals who have been convicted of four or more violations in a single year. In the event that you are detected driving with a suspended license, you will be arrested and charged with significant offences, for which you would face up to five years in jail. The Laubshire Law Firm, LLC may assist you in obtaining your license back through the process of a civil hearing. It is critical to recognize that having your license restored can be a time-consuming and expensive endeavor.

Every DUI offender in South Carolina is required to obtain SR-22 insurance, which must be maintained for a period of 36 months. Prior to submitting an application for license reinstatement, you will be required to complete theAlcohol and Drug Safety Awareness Program.

Provisional License

A provisional license may be available to you for the period of time between your license being suspended and reinstated, if applicable. It is possible to obtain a provisional license if your license has been suspended for the first time as a result of a DUI offense while you are appealing the decision. This can help you to travel to and from vital destinations without having to take diversions, such as to and from work, school, doctor’s appointments, treatment facilities, and other critical destinations.

You may regain control of your life and driving privileges with the aid of an adept and experienced attorney from the business.

In addition, the business maintains a second office in Charleston, South Carolina.

South Carolina DMV Test FAQ – DMV Permit Test

To receive a South Carolina driver’s license, you must be at least 18 years old. The application for a Beginner’s Permit can be made if you are at least 15 years old.

Do I have to pass any test in order to obtain a South Carolina driver’s license?

Yes, you must pass the vision, knowledge, and road tests before you can get your license.


You must be at least 15 years old in order to participate.

Which documents do I need to provide to apply for a Beginner’s Permit in South Carolina?

  • A birth certificate, a social security card, and proof of residency are all required.

Do I have to pass any test to obtain my SC Beginner’s Permit?

Yes. You must pass both a vision and a knowledge examination.

I am younger than 18 years old. Can I sign my application?

Yes. In order to get hired, you must pass eyesight and knowledge exams.

How long do I have to hold my Beginner’s Permit?

Yes. You must pass vision and knowledge exams in order to continue.

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Do I have any restriction while driving with my Beginner’s Permit?

Yes, you are permitted to drive only between the hours of 6 a.m. and midnight if you are accompanied by a licensed driver who is at least 21 years old and has at least one year of driving experience who sits beside you.


Everyone who is at least 15 years old and younger than 16 years old, and who has held a beginner’s permit for at least 180 days, is eligible to apply for the permit.

What documents do I need to provide to apply for my Conditional Driver’s license?

  • A copy of the insurance information
  • An application signed by a parent or legal guardian
  • A copy of the Form PDLA (which may be found on the SC DMV website)

In addition, you must pass a vision and a road exam.

Do I have any restriction while driving with my Conditional Driver’s license?

You can only drive alone between the hours of 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. (8 pm during daylight savings time). You are not permitted to carry more than 2 persons under the age of 21. (except for family members and students in the journey to and from school). You can drive between 6 p.m. and midnight with a licensed driver who is at least 21 years old, and there are no restrictions on the number of people you can transport. You are only permitted to drive between the hours of midnight and 6 a.m. if your parent or legal guardian is with you.


After one year of holding a Conditional Driver’s license and having no traffic violations, you can apply for a full driver’s license when you are 16 years old.

I am 17 years old and I have held my Beginner’s Permit for 180 days. Can I receive full driving privileges?

The approval of a parent or legal guardian is required, as is the provision of your insurance details, as well as the successful completion of the eyesight and road tests.


30 multiple-choice questions will be asked.

What is the score required to pass the test?

To pass the test, you must properly answer at least 24 questions (an 80 percent accuracy rate).

How can I prepare for the South Carolina knowledge test?

Study the South Carolina Driver’s Manual and put your knowledge to the test with our written exams!

I failed my knowledge test. What do I have to do?

Study the handbook and put it into action.

After two weeks, you will be permitted to make another try. After the second try, you must wait 60 days before attempting again.


Contact the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles.

Will the SC DMV office provide a car for my Road Test?

No, you are responsible for providing your own transportation for your exam. Check to see that the vehicle is in a safe operating condition before you use it.

Can I drive to the DMV office to take my Road Test?

No, you must be accompanied by a licensed driver.

Are there specific requirements for passing the Road Test?

  • Be physically and intellectually capable of operating a motor vehicle
  • Be able to comprehend traffic signs, signals, and pavement markings
  • Be able to drive safely on public roads and highways
  • Observe the rights of others who share the road with you

I failed my Road Test. When am I allowed the following attempt?

The examiner will inform you when you will be able to repeat the exam. If you have no prior driving experience, you must wait at least 2 weeks before taking the test (otherwise 1 week). It is necessary to wait 60 days before retaking the test after a second try.

South Carolina Driving Laws for Seniors and Older Drivers

The plethora of laws and regulations imposed by the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) apply to drivers of all ages and stages, including teenagers and young adults. Certain legal regulations, such as possible license limits and processes for obtaining disability parking plates and placards, may be particularly significant for senior drivers, as mentioned here. Furthermore, in some cases, drivers over the age of 65 are required to renew their licenses more regularly than younger drivers in South Carolina.

License Renewal Rules for Older Drivers in South Carolina

Drivers over the age of 65 who wish to renew their licenses are subject to additional requirements. Drivers over the age of 65 must renew their license every five years; those under the age of 65 may renew their license for five years by mail—or 10 years in person at a local DMV office. A vision exam is only required if you are applying for a beginner’s permit or driver’s license, or if you have just relocated to South Carolina from another state and are returning. Drivers can have an eye exam conducted by an outside qualified eye care expert, who must submit a written form, or they can have the exam performed by DMV officials for free.

If the DMV requires additional information, it may request that you undergo an additional exam by an eye care professional.

Road test: At the discretion of DMV employees, a road test may be necessary.

Possible License Restrictions

In some cases, after giving a driving test and discussing possible limits with the individual, the DMV may decide to impose restrictions or conditions on his or her driver’s license. The most prevalent type of limitation for elderly drivers is the requirement for corrective lenses like as glasses or contact lenses. Other frequent criteria that the DMV may place on elderly drivers in South Carolina include the following:

  • The prohibition of highway driving, prohibition of night driving, prohibition of driving at certain times of the day (for example, prohibition of driving during rush hour traffic)

How to Request an Unsafe Driver Investigation in South Carolina

The South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) will take information regarding an individual’s possibly risky driving from the courts, police officers, and other DMV officials. For example, it does not have a formal system for family members, friends, and other concerned persons to report that a motorist may be driving dangerously behind the wheel, unlike most other states.

Alternatively, you can contact your local DMV office or the South Carolina Driver Improvement Office, which is located at P.O. Box 1498 in Columbia, SC 29216.

How to Get a License Reinstated

In order to obtain information on how to reinstate a South Carolina driver’s license that has been suspended or revoked, call one of the DMV offices located around the state.

How to Get Parking Placards or License Plates for a Disabled Driver

Drivers with restricted mobility may be eligible for disabled person parking placards and license plates provided their condition is certified by a registered medical practitioner. Placards and plates are offered for persons who meet the following criteria:

  • A qualified medical practitioner must certify the driver’s impairment in order for a disabled person parking placard or license plate to be granted to him or her. People who meet the following criteria can get placards and plates:

In order to receive a disability placard or plate, you must do the following:

  • The following procedures must be followed in order to receive a disability placard or license plate:

Learn More About South Carolina Driving Rules for Seniors

The South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles website has a plethora of information for drivers, including information on license and car registration regulations. The downloadable ” Driver’s Manual,” which includes details of DMV standards and local regulations of the road, as well as driving recommendations for senior drivers, is particularly noteworthy.

Where to Find a Lawyer for Help

The Nolo Lawyer Directory can help you identify a local attorney that has expertise defending elderly clients who have been involved in motor accidents or received traffic citations in South Carolina.

Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) – Training Certificate

A dispatcher assigns routes to the vast majority of heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers; but, a small number of independent drivers still arrange their own routes. In order to design routes, drivers must take into consideration any road limitations that prohibit the use of huge vehicles. Drivers must also factor in the legally mandated rest times into their itinerary. The majority of drivers stick to one or two routes that they travel on a regular basis, while others take many routes around the nation on a seasonal basis.

  1. On lengthy hauls, companies may employ two drivers, referred to as teams, in order to save downtime.
  2. Drivers are required to comply to specific safety standards when transporting certain items.
  3. Other drivers, such as those transporting liquids, huge items, or automobiles, must adhere to laws that are particular to their situations.
  4. In addition to their driving responsibilities, owner-operators have commercial responsibilities, such as finding and maintaining clients as well as doing administrative chores.

Transportation Around Columbia – International Student Services

Despite the fact that the majority of students opt to walk to their classes on campus, you will almost certainly need to locate alternative modes of transportation when you are not going to class.

As a new foreign student at the University of Southern California, we have some advice for you. The following documents must be brought with you to the Department of Motor Vehicles’ Shop Road or Irmo location in order to apply for a South Carolina driver’s license:

  1. It is necessary to have a passport, an I-94 (you may get the most recent I-94here), an I-20, and a Certificate of Enrollment with a current address (you can get one from theISS Forms Library or go to the University Registrar’s Office). If you have an on-campus employment, your Social Security card, or a letter from the Social Security Administration saying that you are not eligible for benefits if you do not have a job (additional information on the rejection letter may be found here)
  2. Valid proof of residence in South Carolina (additional information may be found on the South Carolina DMV website)
  1. Utility bills or bank statements with your current South Carolina address, a current letter of employment or payroll statement from an employer in South Carolina, among other things, can be used as proof of residency.
  1. If your foreign driver’s license does not contain an English translation, you can request a translation of your foreign driver’s license by completing this application. A search on the American Translators Association website will often yield results for students looking for translation services.

If your foreign driver’s license does not contain an English translation, you must obtain a translation of your foreign driver’s license by completing this application. On the website of the American Translators Association, students may usually discover a translation service to use for their assignments.

  • Blue Ribbon Taxi (803) 754-8163
  • Checker Yellow Cab (803) 799-3311
  • Blue Ribbon Taxi (803) 754-8163
  • Blue Ribbon Taxi (803) 799-3311
  • Blue Ribbon Taxi (803) 799
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You should be prepared to give the operator your initial pickup location, the number of passengers who will be traveling with you, and your end destination when you make the call. If you plan to travel by air, the Columbia Metropolitan Airport (CAE) is the nearest airport to the University of South Carolina. There are also two international airports within a few hours of Columbia: Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT) and Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL). If you want to travel around the United States by train, the Amtrakiis also a good choice for you to consider.

South Carolina Drivers License Renewal

On the 9th of July, 2021, an update was made. South Carolina has a few “unconventional” driving rules, such as the requirement that a child be six years old before driving an ATV. It’s for an all-terrain vehicle, not a toy car for children, to be precise. You are not permitted to operate a vehicle with a bumper sticker or decal that is obscene or indecent in nature. Aside from that, golf carts are not permitted on the streets after dark, unless you live on a barrier island.

Use eTags ©to Quickly Complete Your DMV Service. Renewals, Title Transfers and More, All Online!

When it comes to driver licenses, South Carolina allows individuals with clean driving histories and who have had their license for at least three years to register as uninsured motorists if they meet certain criteria. Every year, drivers incur a cost of around $550 for the privilege of operating an uninsured motor vehicle. However, there is no true insurance coverage. In the event of an accident, you are entirely liable for any damage to your vehicle, your property, and any other cars involved.

How to Renew a South Carolina Driver’s License

In order to renew my South Carolina driver’s license, I must first determine what I need and how to do it. These are excellent questions. Driver’s license renewal in South Carolina is pretty straightforward, but you must ensure that all of your documentation is in order. South Carolina is one of the states that needs you to provide evidence of automobile insurance before you can acquire your new driver’s license. Before you can renew your South Carolina drivers license, you will need to have an eye exam or demonstrate that you have had one within the past 12 months before you can renew your license.

In order to renew your SC driver’s license, you must do it in person at a DMV office or by mail. You may also renew your license online if you meet certain requirements, such as not needing to make any modifications and having a clean driving record.

Renewing Your Driver’s License By Mail

To renew your driver’s license by mail, you must have a current, legal South Carolina driver’s license; your license cannot be expired or suspended; you must not have previously renewed your license by mail; and you must not be convicted of a violent crime. The state of South Carolina uses a point-based system to allocate resources. Drivers receive points for each moving traffic offense they commit, and if they accumulate too many points, they will be unable to renew their license by mail. At some time, the accumulation of points might result in a license being suspended.

At this time, there is no online option for renewing your membership.

Driver’s License Renewal Periods

When is it necessary to renew my South Carolina driver’s license? When does my driver’s license in South Carolina expire? Driver’s license renewals in South Carolina are required to be completed every eight years. Your license will always expire on the day of your birthday. The license can be renewed one year in advance or up to nine months after the expiration date, whichever comes first.

Required License Renewal Documents

When does my South Carolina driver’s license need to be renewed? When does my driver’s license in South Carolina expire? Driver’s license renewals in South Carolina must be completed every eight years, according to state regulations. On your birthday, the license automatically expires. The license can be renewed one year in advance or up to nine months after the expiration date, whichever is later.

Reinstating a Suspended Driver’s License

If your license has been suspended, you will need to wait until your privileges have been reinstated before continuing. Additionally, you will be required to pay a $100 charge in order to renew your South Carolina drivers license in this case.

License Renewal Fees

It costs $25 to renew a SC license for the standard eight-year duration of the license. Non-citizens must pay $12.50 to renew their driver’s license in South Carolina, however the license is only valid for two years after it is issued. If you choose to renew by mail or online, you will be charged an extra cost.

Scheduling a DMV Appointment to Renew Your License

Drivers in the state of South Carolina can book an appointment by contacting the SC DMV facility that is closest to them, while this is not needed in order to renew a driver’s license in the state. If you have any further concerns about how to renew a South Carolina driver’s license that are relevant to your circumstance, it is advised that you contact your local South Carolina DMV.

FREE South Carolina DMV Permit Practice Test (SC) 2022

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This practice exam is a component of our entire curriculum, and it represents our best effort to replicate the actual DMV permit/license driver’s test you will be taking. What’s the best part? A large number of the exams are completely free – including this one!

Our recommendation is that you use them to acquire a sense for the format and style of the DMV examinations, and then look into our Premium program if you want to take your studying to the next level (and dramatically increase your chances of passing the real test the first time around.)

SC DMV Driver’s Handbook

View the most recent official South Carolina DMV Driver’s License Handbook, which was published in 2022. Explore

SC DMV Practice Test App

View the most recent official South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles Driver’s License Handbook, which was published in 2022. Explore

10 Things You Should Do Before Your Driving Knowledge Exam (PDF)

Because they fail to complete some of the most basic tasks, many people try their best yet nevertheless arrive at the DMV overconfident and underprepared. Download

More SC DMV Written Exam Resources

  1. If you come across a stopped school bus with flashing red lights on a two-lane road, you must do the following: The distance between the curb and the parking space is when parallel parking next to it. In relation to speed limitations, which of the following assertions is FALSE
  2. What is the significance of this symbol
  3. When you are within of an incoming vehicle in South Carolina, you are required to lower your headlights. If you are engaged in an accident for which you are not at fault, you must comply with the following requirements: You are not permitted to leave your car parked. What is the significance of this symbol
  4. You’re driving along a two-lane road. You are being approached by an emergency vehicle, which is equipped with a siren and flashing lights. You have to
  5. The following should NOT be done if your brakes fail while driving: If an incoming vehicle has its high lights turned on, you should keep your eyes peeled — until the car has past you. What is the significance of this symbol
  6. You should do the following in order to retain a firm grasp on the steering wheel: It is required in South Carolina that you begin signaling your intention to turn at least in advance of your intended turn. You may use the following maneuvers to turn around on a narrow, two-way street: What is the significance of this symbol
  7. Approximately at the same moment, two cars approach an uncontrolled junction (i.e., one that does not have traffic signals or signs) from opposing directions. The has the right-of-way in this situation
  8. It is advised that you keep a following distance of at least behind the vehicle in front of you while driving in South Carolina. If you are driving in South Carolina, you must have your headlights on. What is the significance of this symbol
  9. What should you do if your car stalls on railroad tracks just as a train is approaching
  10. In order to turn the steering wheel at an intersection, you should use the following phrases: It is understood that when a motorist extends his or her left hand and arm downward, it is intended to
  11. It is recommended that you utilize your when driving in fog, snow, or rain. You have parked close to a curb with your back to the slope. The question is, which way should your front wheels be pointed. Whenever possible, slower traffic should utilize the outside lane on a highway with four or more lanes. What is the significance of this symbol
  12. All work zone signs include the following information: If a motorist under the age of 21 is convicted of any of the following, his or her driving rights will be revoked in South Carolina: The presence of two solid yellow lines in the center of the road indicates that passing is permitted. What is the significance of this symbol
  13. To make use of a roundabout or traffic circle, you must do the following: An Interstate System route marker sign is defined as follows: may be found near the end of the majority of entry ramps on motorways or interstate roads, allowing you to enhance your speed
  14. If you miss your exit on a limited-access highway, you should be aware of the following: are areas around trucks or other big vehicles in which other vehicles may vanish into blind spots
  15. Are areas surrounding trucks or other large vehicles in which other cars may disappear into blind spots
  16. Hydroplaning is a term used to describe one of the following conditions: What is the significance of this symbol

Driver Licenses

The District of Columbia Department of Motor Vehicles (DC DMV) requires a driver license for anyone who has lived in the District of Columbia for more than 60 days and who drives in public. This is true even if you are a student, diplomat, active military member, part-time resident, member of Congress, or presidential appointee, and are therefore eligible for driving privilege reciprocity with your home state or jurisdiction. The sorts of documentation you must provide to the DC Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) vary depending on the type of driving license you are applying for.

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A REAL ID driving license will allow you to indicate specific options for voting, organ donation, Selective Service eligibility, veteran status and special designation indications such as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Visually Impaired (VI), Hearing Impaired (HI), and Intellectual Disability.

More information about these designations may be found at the URL provided below: Residents of the District of Columbia can get two distinct types of driver’s licenses: theREAL IDdriver license and theLimited Purpose IDdriver license.

Driver Services connected to licenses may be found on the following pages: information on each type of license, license revocation and reinstatement, driver records, and other Driver Services linked to licenses REAL ID Driver License issued by the DC DMV Obtain a REAL ID Driver’s License (not a fake).

Replace a REAL ID or a Limited Purpose Driver License with this document.

Driver’s License for Special Purposes issued by the DC DMV Obtain a Driver’s License with a Limited Purpose.

DC DMV Occupational Driver License with Restrictions License for a temporary basis License in its entirety with conditions Driver’s License for Non-Citizens of the United States Obtaining a Commercial Driver’s License Endorsement for a motorcycle License that has been suspended or revoked Renewal of a Driver’s License License for the Ignition Interlock Device Program

How to Apply for a Driver’s License

Driver’s License in South Carolina: Frequently Asked Questions 1. What documentation is necessary in order to apply for a driver’s license? If you have a F or J visa, you must complete the international student check-in process before you may apply for a South Carolina driver license. You will need to bring the following documents to the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles in order to apply for your driving license once you have finished check-in:

  • It is possible to get an enrollment verification letter from the Registrar’s Office, which is located in 102 Sikes Hall. Please keep in mind that you must include your actual, local address (where you reside) on the application form. For convenience, you can request that the Registrar’s office put your information into an existing form before printing it for you. Form I-20/DS-2019
  • International Student Identification Number
  • Visa, passport, and I-94 record are all required. (A rejection letter must be stamped by the Social Security Administration (SSA)—for inquiries about Social Security, see the Employment link to the left.) Social Security card or denial letter If you want to apply for a REAL ID beginner’s permit, driver’s license, or identity card, you’ll need to provide two proofs of address. If you wish to have a permission license or ID that has “NOT FOR FEDERAL IDENTIFICATION” written on it, just one proof of residence is necessary.

Children and spouses are considered dependents.

  • (spouses and children) Dependents

(spouses and children): Dependent

  • It is necessary to complete Form 4030-Translation. Anyone who is a certified translator can sign the translation certificate. Upon completion of the 4030, the translator must present a letter of verification from their employer on company letterhead certifying that they are qualified to work as a translation. There is no requirement for a translation for an International Driving License. There is no requirement for a translation for an English Language Driver License. If the driver’s license is translated on the paperwork, there is no need for a translation.

(4) Will I be needed to take either a driver’s examination or a knowledge examination?

  • If you just have a foreign nation license from a country with which there is no reciprocity, you will be needed to pass a knowledge test and then a driver exam in order to receive your driver’s license. If you just have an international driver’s license, you will be required to obtain a novice permit for six months and pass a knowledge test as well as a driver examination. If you do not have an international driver license or a country driving license, you will be required to start with a beginner’s permit, pass a knowledge test, and pass a driver exam.

5. Can I drive by myself if I have a beginner’s license? No. Students driving with beginner’s permits must have an adult in the car with them at all times who is above the age of 21 and has a valid South Carolina driver’s license. 6. What should I expect once my application for a license has been approved? Following successful completion of your examinations, you will be issued a paper license that is only valid for driving inside the state of South Carolina. When your permanent license arrives, you will be able to use it to drive anywhere in the United States for the next 60 days.

  1. Can I get an extension on my driver’s license for the amount of time following my F or J visa program?
  2. According to South Carolina legislation, students who are not pursuing Optional Practical Training (OPT) are not permitted to prolong for the grace period.
  3. 8.
  4. Yes, the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles has given the following materials as excellent aids.
  5. The Seneca and Greenville Departments of Motor Vehicles (DMV) are given below with contact information.
  6. Weekday hours are from Monday through Friday.
  7. Hours of operation: 8:30 a.m.
  8. Wednesday hours are 9:30 a.m.
  9. DMV Office2 in Greenville, South Carolina15 Saluda Dam RoadGreenville, South Carolina 29611Phone: (864) 241-1147DMV Office2 in Greenville, South Carolina Weekday hours are from Monday through Friday.
  10. Hours of operation: 8:30 a.m.
  11. Wednesday hours are 9:30 a.m.

How to Get a Beginner’s Permit or Driver’s License in South Carolina

When a teenager obtains his or her driver’s license, it is one of the most exciting periods in his or her life. This might also be one of the most frightening periods in a parent’s life! A adolescent is subject to all of the same driving regulations as an adult and is just as likely as an adult to incur traffic penalties or be involved in accidents.

Before an adolescent is permitted to operate a motor vehicle, he or she must get appropriate training. This section of the South Carolina Code of Laws, Section 56-1-50, provides down the rules for when children can begin to drive, and we will summarize them here.

How to Get a Beginner’s Permit in South Carolina

First and foremost, the individual must receive a beginner’s permit. To be eligible for a beginner’s permit, an individual must meet the following requirements:

  • To begin, the individual must receive a beginner’s permit from the appropriate authorities. It is necessary to meet the following requirements in order to receive a beginner’s permit

The Rules for a Beginner’s Permit in South Carolina

To begin, the individual must receive a beginner’s permit. In order to get a beginner’s permit, the individual must first:

  • First, the individual must receive a beginner’s permit. In order to receive a beginner’s permit, the individual must complete the following steps:

When none of the following conditions are met, a permit is not required:

  • The school provides a driver’s training course for students who are at least 15 years old, who are accompanied by a trained teacher
  • If a person is at least 15 years old, he or she can drive through a driver training course provided by a registered driver training school. The individual must always be accompanied by an instructor from the training school and may only drive a vehicle that is owned or leased by the school and that is appropriately insured by the institution. License with restrictions

Getting a Conditional License in South Carolina

After having their beginner’s permit for 180 days, if the individual is under the age of 16, they can apply for a “conditional license,” which allows them to drive with restrictions. In order to obtain a conditional license, the individual must meet the following requirements:

  • The driver’s education course delivered by a driver’s training school or the teenager’s school must be completed successfully if the teacher holds a valid driver’s instructor permit. Complete at least 40 hours of driving practice, with at least 10 hours of that practice taking place at night, under the supervision of the person’s licensed parent or guardian
  • Pass the Department of Motor Vehicles’ road skills test
  • Attend school in accordance with the requirements of Section 56-1-176 of our Code

Following the issuance of a conditional license, the driver is subject to the following regulations:

  • The motorist is permitted to drive between the hours of 6:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. (or until 8:00 p.m. during daylight savings time) without anybody accompanying him or her. A person can drive until midnight after 6:00 p.m. (or later in the evening if the period is daylight savings time), provided that he or she is accompanied by a licensed driver over the age of 21 in the automobile. Persons under the age of majority can drive with a licensed parent or guardian in the automobile after midnight and until 6:00 a.m. No more than two passengers under the age of 21 can be transported by a driver without the presence of a licensed adult over the age of 21 or unless the driver is carrying family members or a student to or from school.

Getting a Special Restricted License in South Carolina

Applicants for a special limited license must be 16 or older but not older than 17 years old, and they must meet all of the conditions for a conditional license as outlined in the previous section. The sole difference between these two licenses in terms of qualifications is the age of the applicant. The regulations for a special limited license are the same as those for a conditional license, with the exception that the DMV may grant the individual permission to drive alone at night in order to go to and from job, school, or vocational training.

Getting a Driver’s License in South Carolina

A person can obtain a driver’s license after becoming 17 years old if they meet the requirements set out in Section 56-1-80 of our Code:

  • For the previous 180 days, I had a beginner’s permit. He or she has passed the eyesight and road skills examinations.

If the applicant is under the age of 18, a parent or guardian must sign the application on his or her behalf. If the individual is over the age of 18, a parent or guardian is not required.

Additional Laws for Young Drivers in South Carolina

The driving points system for adult drivers is described in detail here. To prevent driving privileges from being banned for six months, drivers under the age of 17 who have held a driver’s license for less than a year will be subject to a six-point accumulation penalty against their license. If the driver is convicted of a traffic infraction or is found to be at fault in an automobile accident, the driving limitations outlined in this article will stay in effect until one year has passed with no violations or until the driver reaches the age of seventeen, whichever comes first.

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