In The Bts Group Who Has Their Driver’S License?

In December 2016, RM had opened up about his own driving journey during one of BTS’s V Live videos, revealing that both his dad and fellow member Suga had encouraged him not to take up driving. “Everyone except me has a license.

Who are the members of BTS?

Meet Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook! BTS, also known as Bangtan Sonyeondan, Bangtan Boys, or Beyond The Scene, is a band from South Korea that is made up of seven members.

Does BTS’ Jimin own a car?

In several interviews and media interactions, BTS’ Jimin has stated that he is not really into cars. It is also reported that Jimin obtained a driving license just for the sake of it. The singer reportedly owns Porsche Panamera GTS.

Who are BTS and what do they do?

Who are BTS? K-Pop band BTS are the hottest ticket in music right now. From Korea, the seven piece band – consisting of RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook – are fast becoming a household name the world over thanks to their amazing choreography and unique sound.

How much did BTS members pay for V’s new car?

In one of the videos of BTS, the members were seen in Genesis GV80 SUV and V got so impressed with the car, that after the filming, he bought one for himself. The car is priced between 60.7 million won and 66.7 million won, depending on the model. (Representational purpose only) Jin

Which members of BTS can drive?

Jungkook is another one of the members of BTS who can drive and has his license. The other members of BTS claim that Jungkook might be their maknae but he doesn’t really act like one. Jungkook speaks formally to the other members but they say that he does so to get away with annoying his hyungs.

Do all BTS members have a driver’s license?

Most of the members in this K-pop group have their driver’s license, but there’s one BTS rapper who hasn’t even taken his test yet. Here’s what RM had to say to a fan who failed their driver’s license test over Weverse.

Can Jimin drive car?

In several interviews and media interactions, BTS’ Jimin has stated that he is not really into cars. It is also reported that Jimin obtained a driving license just for the sake of it. The singer reportedly owns Porsche Panamera GTS.

Do BTS drive themselves?

Even though Jin drove him around in the beginning, Jungkook now drives himself. Since then, though, Jungkook has grown up quite a bit, touring the world with BTS and earning the nickname the “Golden Maknae” for his talent and hardwork. Jungkook knows how to drive now, and has often been seen going places in his own car

What car does Jungkook drive?

A member of Bangtan Sonyeondan right from the start, Jungook is not only popular for his singing but also for his badass dance moves and dashing looks. According to many reports, Jungkook got himself a Benz GT63S. The successful k-pop star flooded all social media posts with the opulent ride.

What car does Suga drive?

Suga. Min Yoon-gi, better known by his stage names Suga and Agust D, is a South Korean rapper, songwriter and record producer. Managed by Big Hit Music, he debuted as a member of the South Korean pop idol group BTS in 2013. This rapper in the group owns Hyundai Palisade and which cost him around $47,000.

What age did Jungkook get his driver’s license?

18. He got his driver’s license as soon as he turned 20.

Which BTS member is most popular India?

Taehyung is arguably the most popular BTS member in India, while Jimin is the most popular BTS member in Korea.

Can BTS come to my birthday?

The good news is, Yes! BTS can perform at birthday parties and other special events.

Where BTS is living now?

On the other hand, as Jungkook, Jimin and Jin are back in South Korea, they will now have to be in self-quarantine for a period of ten days. This is because of the South Korean government’s new restrictions in view of the Omicron coronavirus variant.

Does Jungkook have a motorcycle?

Jungkook has a Mercedes Benz for himself which he drives in and around Seoul. Apart from that, Jungkook is also said to be owning a red colour Hyosung superbike which is one of his favourite possessions. For more updates, stay tuned to

Who drove Jungkook to school?

BTS Jin, the eldest member of the group used to take youngest member Jeon Jungkook to school as the latter was only 16 years old when the group debuted; read. K-pop juggernauts BTS have members of all ages.

Who shares rooms in BTS?

They all live together, and though the rooming is still questionable, it is known that Jimin and Hoseok share a room and the rest are assumed to have singles. They all live in one apartment.

What car does Jungkook drive 2020?

In 2020, Jungkook purchased a Mercedes-Benz GT63S.

Who are the members of BTS?

Meet Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook! BTS, also known as Bangtan Sonyeondan, Bangtan Boys, or Beyond The Scene, is a band from South Korea that is made up of seven members.

Does RM from BTS have a driver’s license?

The BTS leader is well-traveled is wealthy enough to drive around in luxury vehicles, however, RM does not have a driver’s license. He can afford to be driven around, so it makes sense that he is not in a hurry to get his license.

Does BTS’s BTS member V have a pet?

V also has a pet Pomeranian named Yeontan (a.k.a. Tannie) who is the unofficial 8th BTS member. Although he’s very warm and friendly, V also understandably likes to keep much of his personal life private.

What do BTS members collect?

When he is not performing, writing music, or basking in nature, RM collects KAWS dolls and action figures. KAWS figurines are a collector’s dream and certain pieces of the collection are believed to cost thousands of dollars. It seems RM also collects Ryan dolls and certain BTS specific toys, so he has a pretty impressive collection of toys.

All the swanky cars owned by BTS members V, Jungkook, Jimin among others

  1. All of the posh automobiles owned by BTS members In recent months, BTS, a well-known South Korean boy band, has gotten a lot of attention for their performances.
  2. The reason for this is because of their voice, amazing dancing routines, and overall appearance.
  3. The boy band has garnered a significant amount of attention, and everyone is eager to learn everything there is to know about them.
  4. For those who are unfamiliar with the group, its members are V, Jungkook, Suga, Jimin, Jin, RM, and J-Hope, with a total of seven members.
  5. They are the global sensation from South Korea, and as a result of their outstanding performances and appearances, they have gained widespread recognition across the world.

Bangtan Sonyeondan, Bangtan Boys, and Beyond The Scene are some of the other names for BTS.They first appeared on the scene in 2013.Each member has his or her own personality and fandom, and while you may already be familiar with all of them, we’d want to share something with you that you might find interesting as well.Today, we’ll speak about the automobile collection that the BTS members have amassed over the years.

  • Look at some of the luxurious rides that members of BTS have on their personnal property.

All the swanky cars owned by BTS members


  1. Jungkook has been a member of the BTS band since the group’s formation in 2013.
  2. Aside from his vocal abilities, he is also well-known for his deadly dancing routines and good appearance.
  3. He is regarded as one of the most successful musicians in the Korean music business.
  4. According to reports, Jungkook purchased a Mercedes Benz GT63S for himself in 2020, and the beast beauty has been in a number of his social media pictures.

The members of BTS were shown driving a Genesis GV80 SUV in one of their videos, and V was so taken with the vehicle that he went out and purchased one for himself when the filming was through. The automobile ranges in price from 60.7 million won to 66.7 million won, depending on the configuration. (This is for illustrative purposes only.)


  1. Jin is a keen enthusiast of sports vehicles and has amassed an impressive collection of high-end automobiles.
  2. In 2017, Jin was spotted driving an automobile, which was apparently a Porsche Panamera GTS or Turbo, according to reports.
  3. Despite the fact that many people were unsure about the type and automobile, both cars won over $100,000!
  4. Jin then purchased another fancy automobile for himself in the year 2019, this time in a brilliant color.
  5. Jin purchased a blue Lamborghini Aventador S from a private seller.

The automobile is being sold for a whopping $522,000!(This is for illustrative purposes only.)

RM (Kim Namjoon) 

According to reports, RM is the wealthiest member of the BTS. However, no one is familiar with the brand of RM’s automobiles.


BTS’ Jimin has remarked in a number of interviews and public appearances that he is not particularly fond of automobiles. It has also been alleged that Jimin acquired a driving license only for the purpose of driving about. According to reports, the musician has a Porsche Panamera GTS.

Who Are The Members Of BTS?

BTS (Bangtan Boys) is the most successful boyband on the earth, with members like RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook making up the majority of the group’s members.

1. Who are BTS?

BTS, a K-Pop boy band, is now the hottest ticket in the music industry. Because of their incredible choreography and distinct sound, the seven-piece band from Korea – consisting of RM and Jin as well as Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook – is quickly becoming a household name throughout the world. RM and Jin are members of the band.

2. RM – Kim Namjoon

  1. RM is the person of the group who is most at ease while conversing in English with the others.
  2. He educated himself by watching Friends with Korean subtitles over and over again until he was proficient.
  3. If you pay attention to interviews that are performed in English, it is almost certain that RM will be the one who is interpreting for the rest of the team.
  4. He is also referred to as the ″leader″ because he was present from the beginning.
  5. Other members of the group frequently express a desire to learn from and be inspired by RM.

Height: 181 centimeters.Birthday: September 12, 1994; age: 24 years and four months.

3. Jin – Kim Seokjin

  1. Worldwide Handsome is another name for this product.
  2. If you’re wondering why, it’s because you’re not using your goddamn eyes, and it has nothing to do with Mr Worldwide.
  3. He is the eldest member of the group, but he is not always the most mature.
  4. If you pick a random RUN BTS episode (RUN BTS is their TV program in which the band participates in a variety of activities), it’s probable that Jin will be the person who finishes last.
  5. Height: 179 centimeters.

Age: 26 years old as of the 4th of December, 1992.

4. Suga – Min Yoongi

  1. He’s referred to as ″grandpa.″ It was quite silent.
  2. The feline-dominated member of the group.
  3. Always has something thought-provoking to share.
  4. Suga has also established himself as a solo artist (together with RM and J-Hope), in which he has spoken out about mental health and his concern for young people through his music.
  5. According to my comprehensive study, he is the world’s leading prejudice remover.

Height: 174 centimeters.Age: 26 years old on the 9th of March, 1993.

5. J-Hope – Jung Hoseok

  1. J-Hope is as loud as if you turned your speakers up to maximum volume and then placed another ten speakers on top of that.
  2. A lot of energy, a dislike for rollercoasters, and a tendency to become scared easily, yet he is extremely confident in himself and brilliant.
  3. His most recent mixtape, Hope World, has a hit single called Daydream, which has received more than 69 million views on YouTube.
  4. Height: 177 centimeters.
  5. Age: 25 years old, born on February 18, 1994.

6. Jimin – Park Jimin

The most adorable. The most flamboyant. Beautifulest. Jimin is a teeny-tiny person. During meet-and-greets, fans frequently prefer to compare their little finger to his to determine who’s has the larger finger. He has a tight relationship with Jungkook and frequently lends a hand with his artistic endeavors. Height: 173 centimeters. Age: 23 years and one day on October 13, 1995.

7. V – Kim Taehyung

The Mischief-Maker in Chief. He’s the one who sat through the Ellen Degeneres interview, staring at himself on the monitor and sipping tea for the entire thing. In addition, it takes a split second for your brain to register the difference between his voice and his face, since he is so deep. Height: 178 centimeters. 23 years old on the 30th of December, 1995.

8. Jungkook – Jeon Jeongguk

  1. The newest member of the gang, who is interested in filmmaking, photography, and drawing.
  2. Basically, I’m good at everything.
  3. He is working on an initiative called the Golden Closet, which BTS and BigHit are supporting on their youtube channel, among other things.
  4. His name was being pursued by a number of entertainment firms before to joining BigHit, but he decided to sign with the band after meeting the band’s leader, RM, and recognizing his leadership abilities.
  5. Height: 178 centimeters.

Age: 21 years old as of the first day of September 1997.

BTS’s Jimin Didn’t Really Have A Reason For Getting His Driver’s License Other Than To Just Have One

  1. BTS’s Jimin has stated on several occasions that he does not particularly care for or have an interest in automobiles.
  2. So disinterested in it that he simply earned his driver’s license for the purpose of possessing one!
  3. Let’s take a look at some of the several scenarios in which Jimin mentioned vehicles.
  4. When Jungkook chance to notice an automobile passing by, he said, ″I really want to drive that sort of car in Korea.
  5. ″ ″Can you tell me the make and model of that car?″ ″Don’t bother asking me about vehicles,″ Jimin responded to the inquiry.

″I have no knowledge about automobiles since I have no interest in them.″ He was required to utilize specific words in a statement while participating in a game with the group.″Jimin went to the dentist because his teeth were hurting, and when he returned, he discovered a large number of automobiles parked.″ ″Is this automobile registered in your name?″ Suga inquired in response to Jimin’s response.″I’m afraid you don’t have one.″ Jimin was taken aback and said, ″What does it have to do with anything?″ he was perplexed.Jimin eventually received his driver’s license in the spring of 2019.

  • ″I am now considered to be someone who possesses their license.″ According to him, he only obtained his license since that was his ultimate objective.
  • ″I don’t have any other motivation for acquiring my license other than the fact that I wanted to achieve my aim of getting it.″ He said that he only received it as a result of the numerous complaints he received about it.
  • Even his mother made light of the situation, joking that she also had one.
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Even during a mission, the personnel provided the idea that they were a family by saying, ″Mom, dad, kid, we are a family.″ While the majority of people would expect that the answer would be an SUV……Trying to discover out what kind of automobile was popular for a family car, Jimin was having difficulty.He ultimately decides on a cargo truck since he believes it will accommodate a large number of passengers.

″If it’s this car, it’ll be roomy enough to accommodate mom, dad, a child, and even grandma and grandpa,″ says the driver.Well, it appears that Jimin’s automobile saga has continued despite the fact that he has obtained his driver’s license.

BTS Becomes the World’s Top Artist in Global Records

  1. New York, NY: According to the IFPI (International Federation of the Phonographic Industry), the organization that represents the recorded music industry worldwide, the global recorded music market is expected to grow by 18.5% in 2021, driven primarily by growth in paid subscription streaming subscription services.
  2. BTS, a South Korean pop group, is well-known for selling millions of albums worldwide.
  3. With each passing year that has passed since their debut in 2013, the septet consisting of Jin and Suga as well as members of RM Entertainment’s RM, Jimin Entertainment’s V, and Jungkook has gained more and more popularity both in their home country and abroad.
  4. It was no different in the year 2021, as they launched multiple top-charting singles such as Butter, Permission To Dance, and others.
  5. ″Consumption across all media and all countries, weighted depending on the value of each means of consumption″ determined the following musicians to be the top ten worldwide artists: BTS Taylor Swift is a pop singer from the United States.

Adele Drake is an American singer and songwriter.Ed Sheeran is a singer-songwriter from the United Kingdom.The Weeknd is an American singer-songwriter and musician who is best known for his work with the band The Weeknd.Billie Eilish is an American singer-songwriter.

  • Justin Bieber is a pop star from Canada.
  • Seventeen Olivia Rodrigo is a model and actress.
  • The following were the top ten worldwide digital singles: ‘Save Your Tears,’ says The Weeknd (2.15 billion streams) The Kid Lario, Justin Bieber, and the song ″Stay″ (2.07 bn) ‘Levitating’ is a song by Dua Lipa (1.88 bn) ‘Butter’ is a BTS song (1.76 bn) Licence de conducteur de Olivia Rodrigo (1.73 bn) ‘Peaches’ by Justin Bieber (with Daniel Caesar and Giveon) (1.72 bn) ‘Blinding Lights’ is a song by The Weeknd (1.61 bn) Olivia Rodrigo’s ‘Good 4 U’ is a fun song to listen to (1.61.

bn) ‘Montero’ is a song by Lil Nas X.(1.6 bn) ‘Bad Habits’ is a song by Ed Sheeran (1.57 bn) The following were the top ten all-format albums: Adele is thirty years old.Olivia Rodrigo, sometimes known as ‘Sour,’ is a Latina actress.

Justin Bieber ″Justice″ by Ed Sheeran ″=″ The Weeknd ″=″ After Hours″ by The Weeknd ‘Future Nostalgia’ is a song by Dua Lipa.The Kid Laroi ‘Fa-Love’ is a slang term for love (mixtape) ABBA’s ″Voyage″ is a popular song.Dangerous: The Double Album by Morgan Wallen is out now.’Planet Her’ is a Doja Cat who lives on the planet.

  • And, just for good measure, here are the top-selling vinyl records from across the world: Adele is thirty years old (862,000 global units) ‘Fine Line’ is a song by Harry Styles (397,000) ‘Rumours’ is a song by Fleetwood Mac (346,000) Olivia Rodrigo, sometimes known as ‘Sour,’ is a Latina actress (339,000) Billie Eilish is ‘happier than ever,’ according to her (335,000) ‘Red (Taylor’s Version)’ is a song by Taylor Swift.
  • (325,000) Abbey Road is a song by the Beatles (283,000) ‘Nevermind’ is a song by Nirvana (274,000) Pink Floyd’s ″Dark Side of the Moon″ is a classic rock song (272,000) ‘Evermore’ is a song by Taylor Swift (270,000) Paid subscription streaming sales have climbed by 21.9 percent to $12.3 billion, according to a study published by ‘Variety,’ with 523 million users of paid subscription accounts by the end of 2021.
  • Notably, aside from BTS, Seventeen is the only K-pop group to appear on the list of the top 10 worldwide musicians.

Also included was a list of the top 10 worldwide digital singles, which included BTS’ top-charting track Butter, which came in fourth place with 1.76 billion streams, and The Weeknd’s Save Your Tears, which came in first place with 2.15 billion streams.

BTS Group has announced two major investments to bolster its technological advancements with a majority stake in the MedUX and Grupo Link companies.

  1. A technological company with its headquarters in Spain, MedUX is a leader in the provision of worldwide standards for assessing user experience and quality metrics for telecommunications networks and services.
  2. A major focus of the firm is on the acceleration and development of new business sectors and products connected to ultra-fast networks such as 5G, Wi-Fi6, FTT, and other similar technologies.
  3. During that time, BTS’s president and co-founder said, ″This new round of financing will allow us to consolidate our position as an industrial partner and reference for MedUX, one of the main lines in our positioning strategy in the field of advanced network analytics and improving the customer experience.″ ″This new round of financing will allow us to consolidate our position as an industrial partner and reference for MedUX,″ he added.
  4. Olloqui claims that BTS made its initial investment in MedUX in 2018 and that it had all of the required tools to ″transform this initiative into a major participant in this industry on all continents.″ ″This choice will enable us to create significant value and corporate development by capitalizing on the inventive ability, talent, and worldwide vocation of MedUX, as well as the complementary nature of our respective portfolios with the BTS Group.″ At the same time, the BTS Group has purchased a controlling position in Grupo Link, a company that specializes in the design and implementation of digital transformation efforts across many industries.
  5. The consulting services, project management, and development teams provided by Grupo Link bring value to the client experience in the telecommunications, retail, mass consumption, and construction industries.

″BTS’ core competences will be strengthened by speeding the growing trends in the market by meeting client demand for digital numbering capabilities as well as advanced SMS Messaging Services,″ the business claims, citing the combination of these strategic investments.


The most recent update was made on March 15, 2022 at 9:01 a.m.

SUGA (BTS) Facts and Profile (Updated!)

  • SUGA Profile and Facts: SUGA’s Optimal Individual SUGA () / Agust D.
  • is the stage name (when solo) Min Yoon Gi was given this name at birth.
  • Date of birth: March 9, 1993 Pisces is the zodiac sign of the fish.
  • Height: 174 centimeters (5’8.5 inches) Weight: 63 kg (138 lbs) O is the blood type.
  • INTP is the dominant personality type according to the MBTI model.
  • Emoji: (smiley face) Suga’s Spotify playlist includes the following songs: Instagram handle for Suga’s Hip-Hop Replay: @agustd SUGA Facts: – He was born in the South Korean city of Buk-gu in the Buk-gu district.
  • – SUGA’s family is made up of his father, mother, and elder brother (Min Geumjae).
  • – Education: Global Cyber University – Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts (bachelor).
  • – SUGA was given his stage moniker by the CEO because he is pale and his grin is sweet (like sugar), and because it is an abbreviation for shooting guard, which is the position he occupies in basketball.
  • Synonyms for ″syuting gardeu″ (shooting guard) in Korean include ″syuga.″ ″I was given the name SUGA because my complexion is pale, I’m attractive when I smile, and I’m nice.″ The reason I chose this name is that I want to market in a nice manner.″ • He is responsible for repairing the things that RM damages.
  • He replaces light bulbs, repairs the toilet, and so on.
  • A member of the family affectionately refers to him as ″grandpa″ since he naps all the time and may be irritable.

His customary method of correcting and nudging the younger members when they make a mistake is to berate and harass them.– SUGA’s several nicknames include: Mr.Appendix was given to him since he underwent appendix surgery in 2013 and Motionless Min was given to him because he does nothing on his leisure days (December).

– After listening to the song ″Fly″ by Epik High, SUGA decided to pursue a career as a rapper.– Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, Lil Wayne, and Hit Boy are some of his role models.– He was an underground rapper who was a member of a group known as D-Town.– When he was an underground rapper, he went by the stage name Gloss, which is the English version of the Korean name Yoongi.

– SUGA has been creating and producing music since he was thirteen years old.– He is in possession of a driver’s license.– He enjoys the sport of basketball.He used to go to a basketball game every Sunday while he was a trainee.– From middle school till today, SUGA has maintained his current height of 180 centimeters, contrary to his expectations.Episode 94 of ″Ask Us Anything″ is a good example of this.

  • – Sleeping is something he enjoys doing.
  • – He is a poor communicator in both Japanese and English.
  • – SUGA’s personality is plain and uncomplicated.

– In his earlier years, he wished to pursue a career as an architect.– According to a 2013 vlog, he expressed an interest in working as a DJ on a radio show.– His interests include reading comic books, basketball, video games, and shooting photographs.– ″Let’s live with the fact that we’re having a good time.″ ″The difference between playing music as a pastime and doing it for a living is significant.″ – SUGA creates lyrics and composes music on a daily basis.His songs come to him even while he’s in the middle of a waiting room, in the vehicle, or on the bathroom.

– He finished writing the song ‘Like It’ (Like It) in less than 40 minutes.– He has worked as a producer for other artists’ tracks.Suran’s chart-topping pre-release hit ″Wine″ was produced by Suga, and it has sold more than 500,000 digital downloads to far.– SUGA performs under the nickname Agust D for his solo works (″DT″ is an abbreviation for his hometown of ″Daegu Town,″ and ″Suga″ is ″Suga″ spelt backwards).

– In addition, he composed and produced the Agust D mixtape, which garnered a lot of positive feedback.– He has the ability to play the piano.– When he has a difficulty, he turns to RM for help because their age difference is tiny and they have a number of interests.— SUGA is from a working-class household.″After we made our debut, I walked back to my hostel and sat there blankly staring,″ he admitted in an interview.To think that a youngster from a working-class Daegu household would be able to make it was beyond belief.″ A automobile accident caused SUGA to injure his shoulder while on the job as a delivery guy while bringing a meal on a bicycle (Burn The Stage ep.

3).– Meat, Meat, and More Meat is SUGA’s favorite food.– In times of stress or when he is crying, he talks in an accent that is satoori.

– His eye grin, according to SUGA, is his most endearing feature.– On being questioned why he would take from the other members, he responded by saying that he would steal the one thing that money cannot buy: Jungkook’s age.- SUGA’s perfect date: ″For me, an ordinary date would suffice……″ I’d want to see a movie with you, go on a stroll, and have dinner with you.″ — At the Fandom School Interview, all of the members of BTS agreed that SUGA was the sweetest member.– SUGA and J-Hope are both terrible artists who struggle to sketch.– When asked which member he would bring with him to a desolate island for three years, he replied with Jimin.– ″Jimin,″ says SUGA.

To be the alpha male.(Lol) Just kidding.It would be difficult for me to have a good time with Jimin since I don’t like to chat much and am not a fun person, but Jimin is nice and mature, so I think it would work out.″ His nickname is Motionless Min since he spends his days off doing absolutely nothing at all.– He obtained his driver’s license (BTS Run ep.18) – The color white is his favorite to wear.

  • – The number 3 is his personal favorite.
  • – SUGA enjoys taking photographs.
  • – SUGA has a dog named Holly, whom he cherishes to the moon and back.
  • – His preferred weather is one in which he may wear short sleeves during the day and long sleeves during the evening.
  • – He enjoys making up rhymes for ordinary circumstances and/or comedic ones.
  • – He has a bad habit of biting his nails.

(SUGA wrote the profile for this publication.) – Three things he enjoys are sleeping, calm areas, and places where there are no people.(SUGA wrote the profile for this publication.) – Three things he despises: dancing, noisy environments, and areas where there are a lot of people congregating.(SUGA wrote the profile for this publication.) – His BTS ranking is as follows: Jin = Suga > Rapmon > J-Hope > Jeongguk > V »»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»» Jimin.

(SUGA wrote the profile for this publication.) – He believes his physical appearance is (50) out of 100: ″To be honest, when I look in the mirror, I believe I’m unattractive.″ (SUGA wrote the profile for this publication.) – SUGA and Monsta X’s Kihyun are good friends of each other.In his opinion, those who oppose him are exceptional, because he does not consider himself to be very talented or attractive.– He like chicken and prefers to eat it with a pinch of salt (V-LIVE 20.03.08).His favorite ice cream flavors, when asked, are anything fruity and anything with chocolate chips (V-LIVE 20.03.08).

– He didn’t enjoy math in school and admitted that he had difficulty with numbers (V-LIVE 20.03.08).– He favors movies over dramas and television shows (V-LIVE 20.03.08).– He doesn’t watch horror movies, and it’s not because he is unable to do so; rather, he avoids them on purpose since he does not seek them out.– He admits that he occasionally sees fans perform dance covers, but he claims that he doesn’t search them up on purpose and that they are typically given to him (V-LIVE 20.03.08).– Bong Junho is a favorite artist of his, and he has always admired his work (V-LIVE 20.03.08).

  1. – He has a strong interest in electrical equipment and frequently watches YouTube evaluations of them (V-LIVE 20.03.08).
  2. – He exercises out in order to get rid of tension (V-LIVE 20.03.08).
  3. – He’s presently binge-watching Stranger Things and is currently on Season 3, albeit he’s having trouble staying focused (V-LIVE 20.03.08).

– He claims to sleep around 5 hours each day and that he is unable to sleep for more than 5 hours at a time (V-LIVE 20.03.08).— He stated that if given the option, he would do the mint hair again (V-LIVE 20.03.08).- He is generally healthy and only has a cold once or twice a year.The next day, despite the fact that he appears to be receiving something, he is perfectly healthy (V-LIVE 20.03.08).

  • – He is a cat enthusiast who enjoys watching cat and animal videos on YouTube (V-LIVE 20.03.08).
  • — He has every volume of ‘Slam Dunk’ (a manhwa/Korean comic) that has been published (V-LIVE 20.03.08).
  • — He like the song ‘Checklist’ by MAX (V-LIVE 20.03.08).
  • – SUGA didn’t celebrate his birthday before to his debut, but he now does so since the ARMY always remembers and makes it a wonderful occasion (V-LIVE 20.03.08).
  • – He claims that he can always tell when the members are going to bring in his birthday cake because of the way they breathe and the looks they give to one another (V-LIVE 20.03.08).

– He used to share a room with Jin when they were in the previous dorm.– In the new dorm, he has a private room to himself.More magazines may be released in the near future.

  • (180327: BTS’s JHOPE & JIMIN – More Magazines May Be Issued) – In the annual TC Candler ″The 100 Most Handsome Faces of 2018″ list, SUGA is placed 67th.
  • – ‘Daechwita’ is the title single from his second mixtape, which was released on May 22nd, 2020, and features a number of other artists.
  • – BigHit revealed on November 6th, 2020 that SUGA had ultimately had shoulder surgery on November 3rd, 2020 and that he will be absent of BTS’ promotions for a few months in order to recover.
  • In SUGA’s opinion, the perfect type is someone who enjoys listening to music, particularly hip-hop.
  • He claims to be unconcerned with his physical appearance.
  • Furthermore, he desires someone who can be both extremely active and extremely silent when the situation calls for it.
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Someone who will be on his side no matter what.Other members’ opinions on SUGA: – Jin: ″He enjoys the feeling of being tethered to his bed.He possesses a wide range of expertise and is always willing to share it with others.My curiosity is piqued about where he obtains such bizarre knowledge.″ – J-Hope: ″It’s all well.

  1. His personality is highly dominant when it comes to his own thoughts.
  2. When he really does, he acts like he doesn’t care.
  3. He appears to be all over the place, yet he is quite cautious.
  4. I’m talking about that sort of personality.
  5. (Ah!
  1. ″He has a personality in which he only demonstrates strength″ – V: ″He possesses a tremendous amount of information.
  2. On stage, he maintains a calm demeanor.
  3. It’s both cool and fantastic.
  4. ″There is no response to his sluggishness.″ – Jeongguk: ″He’s almost like a grandfather to me.″ His love for music, on the other hand, is overflowing.

He also possesses a great deal of expertise.″However, he is still a grandfather.″ The Rap Monster explains, ″It clings to objects more than you would imagine.″ Once you get to know him, he turns out to be somewhat shy.It’s jam-packed with random facts.Grandpa.Despite the fact that he appears to be cool – never…no no…

  • Desires to be adored.
  • Music is something he enjoys.
  • Has a lot of enthusiasm and determination.

Says what he wants and is able to articulate himself well in front of others.She has a sense of style.″ • Jimin: ″He speaks too much in your presence.In addition, although these are my own opinions, I believe that he enjoys being appreciated by the members.″ Please do not copy and paste the content of this page to other websites or other locations on the internet.If you utilize information from our profile, please include a link to this article in your post.

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  1. Associated with: BTS Profile You might also be interested in: Take this quiz to find out who your BTS boyfriend is.
  2. Discography of Agust D How much do you like Suga’s company?
  3. Do you like SUGA, the most recent Korean comeback?
  4. Do you have any other information on him?
  5. Please feel free to leave a comment below.

BTS’s RM Had the Best Response to a Fan Who Failed a Driver’s Test

  • Although BTS’s RM has some of the finest words of wisdom, as proven by his speech to the United Nations, his knowledge transcends smoothly to daily circumstances, as evidenced by his most recent excellent reaction to a fan.
  • In a post on Weverse, the band’s newly created fan community app, a fan expressed their disappointment at failing their driver’s license exam on July 22.
  • In my opinion, RM’s (Real Name: Kim Namjoon) answer was the finest (and most amusing).
  • In a post on the app’s forum, user robertaaa said, ″Hi, I just wanted to express that I failed my driving license exam and I feel like a loser,″ causing RM to respond in an unexpected manner.
  • In response, the BTS leader joked, ″That’s why I never take the exam.″ He then went on to say ″Lol no worries, at least this world has namjoon.″ Armies are both surprised and amused by RM’s words of encouragement, prompting some to wonder whether the comments were fabricated or perhaps an inaccurate translation of the original language.
  • However, there was no need to use the translation feature because his posts were entirely in English.
  • Despite the fact that it appears to be a false sub, it isn’t.
  • After reading the remark, a fan pointed out that he even used the word hahaha.
  • An anonymous Twitter user noted that the statement ″belongs to the genre of things BTS say that appear to be phony but are actually true.″ Others were able to get past his use of language and found the meaning in his speech to be more than understandable.
  • ″I sense his presence on a spiritual level.″ When I saw the rapper’s statements, I immediately thought of how I couldn’t even ride a bike without falling into anything.″ RM had previously opened out about his own driving experiences during one of BTS’s V Live videos in December 2016, stating that both his father and fellow member Suga had advised him not to pursue a driving career.

1 BTS Member Doesn’t Have a Driver’s License Despite His Good Grades in School

The majority of the members of this K-pop group are in possession of a driver’s license, but there is one BTS rapper who has not even attempted to take his driving test. According to RM, one of his fans who failed their driver’s license exam over Weverse received the following response.

RM is the leader of BTS

  • Some refer to him as the God of Destruction, while others refer to him as the head of the Bangtan Boys.
  • RM is one of the rappers in this K-pop group, and he is well-known for having a ″sexy brain″ as well as for having unrivaled abilities when it comes to rapping and songwriting.
  • This performer performs songs such as ″Dynamite″ and ″Life Goes On″ with the other members of the BTS collective.
  • Besides being a solo musician, he has also collaborated with other artists, like Lil Nas X, on a remix of the song ″Old Town Road″ in 2019.
  • RELATED: Why some BTS fans believe that ‘Life Goes On’ will not be as popular as ‘Dynamite’ is explained below (and How They Plan To Get It To No.
  • 1)

RM shared that he never took the driving test

  • If you ask anybody in the music business, RM and BTS are frequently at the top of the list, scoring two Billboard No.
  • 1 hits in 2020 and their first Grammy nomination.
  • RM, on the other hand, has not yet passed his driver’s test.
  • The rapper responded to a fan who posted on Weverse in 2019 that they had failed their driver’s license exam, leading the rapper to respond to the fan.
  • In a post on the app’s forum, user robertaaa said, ″Hi, I just wanted to express that I failed my driving license exam and I feel like a loser,″ causing RM to respond in an unexpected manner.
  • It was the BTS leader who said, ″That’s why I never take the exam,″ before adding, ″Lol no worries, at least this world has Namjoon.″ RM, on the other hand, has been extremely busy, traveling the world with BTS, as well as recording, composing, and producing solo music and BTS’ latest album, Be, among other things (Deluxe Edition.) Members of the younger generation of BTS, such as V and Jungkook, are able to and do drive.
  • In a related story, Is Jungkook the last member of the BTS to release a solo song?
  • We Know Everything There Is to Know About ‘Still With You’ and the Mixtapes of These K-Pop Idols

RM, reportedly has an IQ of 148, which is considered a genius

  • Before he became a member of BTS, this idol was ranked in the top 0.1 percent of the world’s population in terms of IQ test scores.
  • Additionally, according to IQ Tests, he received a 900 on the Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC) when he was in the middle school years.
  • Kim Namjoon desired to be a rapper and songwriter despite having achieved academic achievement in a variety of fields.
  • Earlier in his career, before becoming RM, Kim Namjoon was a member of Korea’s underground rap scene, going by several various stage names.
  • Aside from that, RM is the genius behind some of BTS’ most hit songs, such as ″Boy With Luv″ (which he co-wrote), ″DNA,″ and ″On.″ (He frequently collaborates with the other members of this K-pop group, particularly J-Hope and Suga, on writing and producing songs.) The music video for BTS’s ″Life Goes On″ is now available for viewing on the YouTube website.
  • The K-pop group’s deluxe album, named Be, is now available for purchase or streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, and most other major streaming services.

Jin Actually Used to Drive the Youngest Member of BTS to School

Despite the fact that they were born a few years apart, Jungkook and Jin are both well-known BTS vocalists. Even when they were just getting started, these artists were close friends, with Jin providing transportation for Jungkook to and from high school on a number of occasions. Here’s what we know about the members of the BTS group, Jin and Jungkook, thus far.

Jin is the oldest member of BTS

  • In the beginning, these performers were merely underdogs in the K-pop industry, expressing their love with their fans before they became international superstars and forging new ground musically.
  • BTS consists of seven members, with Jin, the group’s humorous and charming vocalist, being the group’s eldest member.
  • A youngster still in school at the time of his recruitment for the K-pop group BTS, the vocalist Jungkook was the group’s youngest member.
  • As a result, the other members frequently assumed a paternal role in their connection with Jungkook — at least in the beginning of the relationship.

Some report that Jin helped Jungkook feel welcome when BTS first formed

  • Jungkook was still in high school at the time BTS was founded as a boy band, even before the group’s official debut.
  • He was the group’s youngest member, and a lot of the other members had already completed their high school education.
  • Jin, the eldest member, was a freshman in college at the time of the incident.
  • According to some, Jungkook was apprehensive when they initially started out since he was the youngest member.
  • Jin, in fact, was the one who assisted him in breaking out of his shell.
  • Jungkook’s elder brother even drove him to and from school on a number of times.
  • JIN showed Jungkook around his home and even invited him to eat with his own family, as reported by Mnet.
  • Jin took Jungkook on a tour of Seoul and pampered him as if he were a sibling…
  • The fact that he was able to enjoy living in Seoul was entirely due to Jin-hyung, who helped him out when he needed it at the time.″

Even though Jin drove him around in the beginning, Jungkook now drives himself

  • The Korean singer has developed considerably since then, travelling the world with BTS and earned the moniker ″Golden Maknae″ for his exceptional talent and dedication to the music industry.
  • Jungkook has learned to drive and has been spotted driving about in his own vehicle on several occasions.
  • (In fact, he was involved in an accident while driving in 2019.) RM, on the other hand, is still without his driver’s license and isn’t afraid to acknowledge it.
  • The rapper reacted to a fan’s confession that they had failed their driving test and were feeling defeated by responding, ″That’s why I never take the exam.″ Namjoon is present on this planet, therefore there’s no need to worry.″ Fans will get the opportunity to see Jin and the other members of BTS on their Map of the Soul globe tour, which has been postponed.
  • BTS’s music, including the recently released Map of the Soul: 7 album, is accessible on Spotify, Apple Music, and most other major streaming sites, as well as on iTunes.
  • In a related story, Is Jungkook the last member of the BTS to release a solo song?
  • We Know Everything There Is to Know About ‘Still With You’ and the Mixtapes of These K-Pop Idols RELATED: Jimin from BTS finally addresses the ‘Dumpling Incident,’ which was brought up during an appearance on ‘The Late Late Show With James Corden.’

BTS is renowned for its killer songs and breath-taking charisma. Whatever they have and do becomes a trend. Here is a list of cars owned by BTS members.

  • Posted on: December 21, 2003 at 3:27 a.m.
  • IST 1,350 views K-pop, also known as Korean-pop, is experiencing a resurgence in popularity in India and throughout the world, with the Bangtan Boys, also known as the BTS, being the most well-known of these bands.
  • BTS, a South Korean Boy Band, has dominated the music industry for the past several years with their upbeat songs and outgoing personalities.
  • Their tracks have been on several occasions in the top ten most popular songs of all time.
  • Even outside of music, any news connected to the BTS group is eagerly awaited with open arms.
  • Everything they do, from their fashion statements to their hair colors, becomes a global fashion trend.
  • BTS started in 2013 with seven members: Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook.
  • BTS is a South Korean boy band formed in 2013.
  • Since their debut, they have overcome several obstacles to become one of the world’s most popular international stars.
  • Photograph courtesy of
  • While they are well-known for their music and concerts across the world, many people are taken aback by their extravagant lifestyle.
  • Many people are intrigued in their magnificent automobile collection, which they have in addition to their fashion statement and homes.
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Let us have a look at the luxurious automobiles driven by members of the BTS band.


Photograph courtesy of Jungook has been a member of Bangtan Sonyeondan since its inception, and he is not only known for his singing, but also for his fierce dancing routines and dazzling appearance. According to several sources, Jungkook purchased a Mercedes-Benz GT63S. The lavish ride was shown prominently in all of the successful k-pop star’s social media posts.

V aka Kim Tae-Hyung

  • Photograph courtesy of If you are a die-hard BTS fan, you may have seen a Genesis GV80 SUV being utilized by the squad in the famous television series, Run BTS.
  • Kim Tae-Hyung aka V was so taken with the vehicle that he went out and purchased a Genesis GV80 SUV once the series’ filming was completed.
  • The automobile has a starting price of $65,050, with the price varying according on the model.


  • Photograph courtesy of Jin is well-known for his passion for sports vehicles and his extensive collection of automobiles.
  • The Porsche Panamera GTS or Turbo, according to reports, is driven by the popular musician.
  • Despite the fact that it is unclear which model he had, both were valued at more over $100,000.
  • In 2019, the BTS member purchased a gleaming, magnificent Lamborghini Aventador S, which retailed for $522,000 dollars.


  • Photograph courtesy of Park Ji-min, better known by his stage name Jimin, is a Korean singer and songwriter who is also well-known for his dance abilities.
  • He joined the boy band in 2013, when it was signed to the company Big Hit Entertainment, and has since shown to be a valued member.
  • Jimin has stated in a number of interviews and discussion programs that he is not very interested in automobiles.
  • He even has a driver’s license, which he obtained just for the purpose of driving.
  • The singer, on the other hand, is said to be driving a Porsche Panamera GTS.


Photograph courtesy of RM or Kim Nam-Joon is a well-known rapper and musician, as well as the frontman of the boy band BTS. In 2015, he released a mixtape on his own. The frontman of the boy band drives an Audi RS, which costs around $80,000.


Photograph courtesy of Min Yoon-gi, better known by his stage names Suga and Agust D, is a South Korean rapper and composer. According to reports, the BTS member drives a Hyundai Palisade, which costs $47,000.

J hope

  • Photograph courtesy of Jung Ho-Seok, often known as J-hope, is a member of the BTS group who released a solo mixtape on March 1, 2018.
  • The rapper and dancer is the proud owner of a Porsche Carrera 911, which retails for $84,000.
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  • Please share your thoughts in the comments box below.
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BTS Members Car Collection

  • It is also known as the Bangtan Boys.
  • BTS, also known as the Bangtan Boys, is a South Korean boy band that was founded in 2010 and made their debut in 2013 under the Big Hit Entertainment label.
  • The septet, which is comprised of Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook, co-writes and co-produces a large portion of their own work.
  • RM is the septet’s manager.
  • The group’s musical approach has grown from its beginnings as a hip hop ensemble to encompass a wide spectrum of genres.
  • In their songs, which are frequently centered on personal and societal criticism, they address issues such as mental health, the difficulties of school-age kids and coming-of-age, grief, the road towards loving oneself, and individuality, among other things.
  • In addition, their work frequently incorporates literary and psychological elements, as well as a tale set in an alternate reality.

1. V

  • Initially, let us say Kim Tae-hyung, better known by his stage name V, is a South Korean singer, composer, and actor who is most recognized for his work in the music industry.
  • He is a member of the South Korean boy band BTS and is their lead vocalist.
  • This outspoken member has a Genesis GV80 luxury SUV.
  • He used this vehicle while filming a film and was impressed; he then acquired this vehicle for seventy-nine thousand nine hundred dollars.

2. Jung Book

Next, Jungkook is the stage name of Jeon Jung-kook, a South Korean singer and composer who is best known by his stage name. He is the youngest member of the South Korean boy band BTS, as well as its lead vocalist. This primary vocals is powered by a Mercedes Benz AMG GT63S, which cost him around $161,000 to purchase.

3. Park Ji-Mi

Next, Jungkook is the stage name of Jeon Jung-kook, a South Korean singer and composer who is better known by his mononymous stage name. In the South Korean boy band BTS, he is the youngest member as well as the lead vocalist. AMG GT63S, which cost him around $161,000, is used for the primary vocals.

4. Jin

  • In addition to his stage name Jin, Kim Seok-jin is a South Korean singer, composer, and member of the South Korean boy band BTS, having joined the group in June 2013.
  • Awake, Epiphany, and Moon are the three solo tracks that Kim has written and released with BTS.
  • All three songs have peaked on South Korea’s Gaon Digital Chart, which Kim co-wrote and co-wrote with BTS.
  • He drives a Mini Countryman, which he purchased for around $29,100.
  • In addition, he just acquired a Lamborghini Aventador, which cost him $421,000 to purchase..

5. RM

Kim Nam-joon, better known by his stage name RM, is a South Korean rapper, composer, and record producer who is best recognized for his work on the hit song ″RM.″ He is the founder and leader of the South Korean boy band BTS (Battle of the Boys). In 2015, he released his debut solo mixtape, RM, which was well received. He also has an Audi RS4 that he purchased for $80,000.

6. Suga

Min Yoon-gi, better known by his stage names Suga and Agust D, is a South Korean rapper, composer, and record producer who is best known for his work on the hit songs ″Suga″ and ″Agust D.″ He made his debut as a member of the South Korean pop idol group BTS in 2013, under the management of Big Hit Music. This rapper in the group has a Hyundai Palisade, which he purchased for around $47,000.

7. J hope

Agust D is a South Korean rapper, composer, and record producer who goes by the monikers Suga and Agust D. Min Yoon-gi is also known by his stage names, Suga and Agust D. As a member of the South Korean pop idol group BTS, which is managed by Big Hit Music, he made his debut in 2013. Among the group’s rappers, this one has a Hyundai Palisade, which he purchased for around $47,000 in 2012.

50 facts about Jungkook of BTS

  • 1.
  • He was born on September 1, 1997, in Busan, a southern port city in South Korea.
  • 2.
  • He is the primary vocalist, sub-rapper, and lead dancer for the group.
  • 3.
  • Before making his debut, Jungkook contemplated a number of other stage names, including ″Seagull,″ ″Tattoo,″ and ″Ean.″ The seagull is considered to be the city’s emblem.
  • 4.
  • He had aspirations of becoming a professional badminton player.
  • 5.
  • In 2011, Jungkook competed in the popular Mnet audition show ″Super Star K Season 3,″ however he was unsuccessful in his attempt to advance to the finals.
  • However, he received casting offers from seven other entertainment firms, including Big Hit Entertainment, despite his dissatisfaction.
  • 6.

He joined the group when he was 15 years old, making him the group’s youngest member.7.He was the fourth member of the group to join them.

Jimin was the last to arrive.8.Jungkook relocated to Seoul in order to study as a performer and studied at the School of Performing Arts Seoul.SinB of GFriend and Umji of GFriend were among his schoolmates.

9.As a result of his debut, he began high school a year later than his classmates and graduated at the age of 21 in 2017.10.He opted not to take the Suneung, the national college entrance test, since he wanted to devote his time and energy to his musical endeavors instead.He spent 910,000 won (US$823.23) on graduation day to reward his bandmates to a meal at a Chinese restaurant, which they enjoyed.Twelve.

  • It appears that Jungkook will never be able to get off his Busan accent.
  • He expresses his desire to be able to speak with both a Seoul accent and a Busan accent at some point in the future, expressing his pride in being a Busan guy.
  • His blood type is A.

He is thirteen years old.fourteen.He stands about 178 cm in height and weighs 61 kilos.15.He is not a member of any religious organization.

16.His favorite foods are cheese, melons, and apple mangoes, among other things.During his school years, he detested all academic topics, but he enjoyed physical education, art and music classes.He obtained his driver’s license as soon as he reached twenty-one.

Drawing, playing the guitar, and watching movies are some of his favorite pastimes.20.″Love Rosie″ is one of his favorite films, which he has seen several times.Twenty-one.He was a huge admirer of the anime ″Shugo Chara!″ when he was a kid.Animated films such as ″Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day,″ ″The Girl Who Leapt Through Time,″ ″Spirited Away,″ and ″5 Centimeters per Second″ continue to be favorites of his.

Twenty-second, Jungkook enjoys shooting images and video editing as well as making music videos.He once made a movie about a vacation he went with Jimin, which he posted on YouTube.His own trip video series, named G.C.F., was also launched by him in 2013.

(Golden Closet Films).The videos for this series were shot in Japan and the United States (both the mainland and Saipan).24.Jungkook traveled to the United States to begin dance training in preparation for the group’s debut, and the trip helped to significantly improve his dancing abilities.25.When he returned to Korea, he seriously contemplated pursuing a career as a professional ballroom dancer.

However, Jimin was able to persuade him to rejoin the squad.His favorite musician is IU, who is number 26 on the list.He just released a cover version of her song ″Ending Scene,″ which he wrote himself.IU’s first music record was also the first music CD he purchased.Charlie Puth is another of his favorite musicians, who is number 27 on the list.

  • ″We Don’t Talk Anymore,″ a song written by the American singer-songwriter with whom he collaborated, was performed at the 2018 MBC Plus X Genie Music Awards.
  • Among the mainstream songs he appreciates are those by Tori Kelly, Adam Levine, Justin Bieber, and Troye Sivan.
  • He is a huge admirer of the music-streaming platform SoundCloud.
  • He was born in 1997 and is a part of the so-called ″97 Line,″ a group of K-pop idols that came to prominence in 1997.
  • Mingyu, DK, and The8 from Seventeen; and Jaehyun from NCT 127 are among the other members of GOT7 who have appeared on the show.
  • 30.

Jungkook’s younger brothers and sisters are the same age as V, RM, and Jimin’s younger brothers and sisters.31.His favorite color is the color red.

That’s why he’s commonly seen in red, as is his custom.32.His preferred attire is simple and unadorned, with no designs or embellishments.Having pale skin, being intelligent, singing well, and standing at least 160 cm tall are all characteristics of Jungkook’s dream woman.

He has previously performed on both vocals and rap, but he has since focused solely on vocals.35.He also contributed to the creation of songs such as ″Outro: Love is Not Over″ and ″Magic Shop,″ among others.36.Jungkook’s given name is ″Golden Youngest,″ and his mother had a dream about gold before he was born, according to his biography (part of a Korean tradition).

  1. 37.
  2. BTS was awarded the Order of Cultural Merit last year in recognition of the band’s contributions to the development of K-pop, making them the first K-pop group to receive this prestigious accolade.
  3. Jungkook was the youngest recipient of the award, having received it at the age of 22.

Last year, BTS was crowned ″musician of the year″ at the Korean Music Awards, with Jungkook receiving the honor as the youngest holder of that title, as well.The previous record holder was singer Hwi-sung, who received the honor when she was only 23 years old.Jungkook is in charge of doing the laundry.The product was rapidly out of stock at local merchants when he revealed the name of his favorite fabric softener in a chat session with followers.

  • He is 40 years old and possesses a black belt in taekwondo.
  • 41.
  • Because he had a lot of apparel and sports equipment in his room, he had to have a smaller bed.
  • In an interview with fans, he stated that he was considering joining in the Army with V.
  • 42.

He used to like playing the shooting game Overwatch with his friend V.43.Jungkook has a fondness for collecting Bluetooth speakers.

  • 45.
  • Jungkook reared a dog named Gurum, which is a Korean word that means ″cloud″ in English.
  • Gurum is a resident of Jungkook’s household.
  • Keeping his nose hidden when yawning and stroking the downy hair on his face are two of his habits.
  • Jungkook has a scar on his face from a battle with his elder brother, which he received at the age of 47.
  • He, along with Jimin and Jin, is a part of the BTS ″alcohol line,″ which was formed in 2013.

In his life, he lives by the mantra, ″It is preferable to die than to live without passion.″ His TC Candler 100 most beautiful faces of the year list placed him second, and he topped Starmometer’s list of the world’s sexiest men, which put him first.He is 50 years old.By Lee So-jeong ([email protected]), with contributions from others.

Most Popular BTS Member In India In 2022

  • According to a British publication, BTS Jungkook is by far the most well-known member of the group, followed by V and Suga.
  • As far as popularity among BTS members goes, Taehyung is undoubtedly the most popular in India, whereas Jimin is the most popular among BTS members in Korea.
  • Unexpectedly, members of got the first, second, and third positions.
  • Despite the fact that Jimin’s popularity has changed over time, he is currently the most well-liked member.
  • A 24-year-old lady weighs 4st 3lb and needs to eat every 20 minutes owing to an unusual medical issue that requires her to eat every 20 minutes.
  • According to the newspaper, V is without a doubt the most well-known name and face among the members of the BTS collective.
  • V is the member with the most unique personal style out of the group.
  • A member of the group who is known as V aka Taehyung, on the other hand, is one of the most trendy members.
  • BTS’s Kim Taehyung is by far the most well-known member of the group, with over 100 millio

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