What Does Restriction None Mean On Driver’S License?

A. None (no restrictions) B. Corrective Lenses Required.

What does it mean when a restriction is on your license?

  • Restrictions A restriction code may be placed on any type of driver license. This is not meant to interfere with an individual’s driving but to make the individual a better driver. Individuals who wish to have a restriction code removed should contact their local driver license office.

What is the meaning of restriction in drivers license?

Drivers are assigned with restriction codes that designate which type of vehicle they can operate. These are numbered from 1 to 8, and each code signifies the kind of vehicle you can drive. It is not a measure of driving skill. Restriction codes are based on the kind of vehicle and their Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW).

What does restrictions mean on an ID?

Restrictions may limit your driving privileges to operating a certain type of motor vehicles or driving only under specific conditions. Restriction codes vary between states and you can always check the codes specific to your state by contacting the Department of Motor Vehicles in your states.

What is the restriction of non professional driver’s license?

When it comes to the restriction code, a person holding a non professional license can only drive motorcycles and the like (RC1) and an MT or AT vehicle that has a gross weight of less than or equal to 4,500Kg (RC 2 and 4).

Does your driver’s license have restriction 1 authorization?

Restriction code 1 is specific to driving motorcycles or motorized tricycles. Even if you possess a Professional Driver’s License but have no restriction code 1, you cannot drive a motorcycle or any motorized tricycle.

Can restriction 1 drive a car?

1) Restriction 1: This allows you to ride motorcycles and tricycles of any engine displacement. But having a license that indicates only this restriction code prohibits the holder to operate cars and, more so, buses and trucks.

How many restrictions does a license have?

There are eight restrictions implemented by the LTO that you can find on your driver’s license. LTO has also implemented condition restrictions alongside vehicle restrictions.

What is an a restriction on your license in Ohio?

(1) Class A–any combination of vehicles with a combined gross vehicle weight or combined gross vehicle weight rating of twenty-six thousand one pounds or more, if the gross vehicle weight or gross vehicle weight rating of the vehicle or vehicles being towed is in excess of ten thousand pounds.

What does restriction a mean on driver’s license in Ohio?

Restriction A Motor Driven Cycle Class A A Class A restriction is applied to a driver’s license with a motorcycle endorsement when the skills examiner indicates on the motorcycle skills exam results that the driver passed the skills exam on a Motor Driven Cycle Class A. Ohio 3 Day Temp Tag riskmania.

What is restriction A on a Texas driver’s license?

Restriction Codes Are as Follows: A: With corrective lenses. B: A licensed driver 21 years of age or older must be in the front seat. C: Daytime only.

What is non pro?

Definition of nonprofessional (Entry 2 of 2): a person who is not a professional: such as. a: someone who does not belong to or possess training in a particular profession the role of nonprofessionals in mental health care.

Is non professional driver’s license valid?

A Non Professional license is valid for five years, it is also works as a valid ID. Check out our how-to guide on getting your LTO Student Permit.

How do I get a restriction 1 license?


  1. Must be physically and mentally fit to operate a motor vehicle.
  2. Must have passed the written and/or practical examination. – For additional restriction code 1 (RC1) or its equivalent DL codes: must have passed the practical examination.

What is restriction 1 2 on a driver’s license?

For a very long time now, the only numbers in a Driver’s License Restriction Code that mattered would be 1 or 2, or both. If you have “1”, you can drive a motorcycle. If you have “2”, you can drive anything with 4 wheels (except trucks). If you have both, well, you can drive both.

What does restriction 1 on driver’s license mean in NC?

1- Corrective Lenses. 2- 45MPH speed limit/no interstate highways. 3- Daylight driving only. 4- NC Interstate only-CDL. 5- Wrecker only.

How much does it cost to add restrictions to your license in 2021?

LTO Additional Restriction Code Fees. Application Fee – Php 100. Computer Fee – Php 67.63. Replacement Fee – Php 225. Additional Restriction Fee – Php 100 per additional Restriction Code.

Drivers License Restriction Codes TX

The state of Texas may impose limits on your driving privileges in order to ensure that the roadways are safe for everyone – including you and your passengers. Motor vehicles have the potential to be harmful at any time, and if the DPS determines that you pose a particular risk due to the type of driving you undertake, they may decide that your license should be limited. It is not need to be concerned because most Texas limitations codes are just temporary and may be removed if you do the necessary measures.

Many of these are only applicable to commercial drivers.

It is a component of the graded licensing scheme, which is intended to minimize teen driving deaths, which are the primary cause of death among those under the age of 25.

Provisional licenses are subject to many of the same criteria as class B licenses, however they are automatically revoked after one year of use.

Restriction Codes Are as Follows:

  1. A: When using corrective glasses
  2. B: When a licensed driver 21 years of age or older is in the front seat
  3. C: When driving during the day only
  4. D: No more than 45 miles per hour
  5. E: No driving on the expressway
  6. F: You must have a valid learners permit till (date) to participate. I M/C: Not to be more than 250 cc. J: A licensed M/C operator who is at least 21 years old is in sight. K: A motorcycle
  7. L: Vehicle without air brakes – this classification applies to vehicles requiring a CDL. CDL Intrastate Commerce only
  8. M: CDL Intrastate Commerce only N: The use of an ignition interlock is necessary. Occupation-specific license
  9. P: This is stated on the license
  10. The following terms are used: Q: Licensed Operator in Front Seat (LOFS) 21 or over vehicle above Class B
  11. R: Licensed Operator in Front Seat (LOFS 21 or over vehicle above Class C)
  12. S: An external mirror or a hearing aid
  13. T stands for automatic transmission. U: Prosthetic devices that are applicable
  14. V: Vehicle devices that are applicable. Power steering is represented by the letter W.

How to Remove Restrictions from Your Drivers License

Each kind of limitation has its own set of requirements that must be met in order for it to be lifted. It is only with the passage of time that the condition of youth may be met, and those with permanent impairments will have to learn to live with a restricted license. Others, on the other hand, can meet the requirements with a little amount of effort and documentation. Using the example of Restriction T, which needs an automatic gearbox, it is possible to get the restriction lifted if the driver passes the Texas drivers test while properly using the clutch.

Driver License Endorsements and Restrictions

In order to operate a certain type of commercial motor vehicle and transport specific commodities, you must obtain an endorsement. If you want to get an endorsement, you will need to take extra testing and, in certain situations, you will need to hold a commercial learner permit (CLP) for that endorsement for at least 14 days before being eligible to add it to your CDL. After February 7, 2022, further training, referred to as the Entry Level Driver Training, will be necessary. You can apply for the following sorts of endorsements, which are mentioned in the table below:

Endorsement Code Description
H Authorizes the transportation ofhazardous material(CDL only)
N Authorizes the operation of a tank vehicle (CDL or CLP)
P Authorizes the operation of a vehicle transporting passengers (CDL or CLP)
S Authorizes the operation of aschool bus(CDL or CLP)
T Authorizes towing two (double) or three (triple) trailers over a specified weight (CDL only)
X Authorizes the operation of a combination of hazardous material and tank vehicle (CDL only)


There is no limit to the number of restriction codes that can be placed on any sort of driver license, including commercial driver license. This is not intended to interfere with your driving, but rather to assist you in becoming a better driver.

If you want to have a restriction code removed from your driver’s license, you need go to a driver licensing office. The following chart outlines the several sorts of limitations that can be imposed on a driver’s license:

Restriction Code Description
A With corrective lenses
B A licensed driver 21 years of age or older (LOFS) must be in the front seat
C Daytime driving only
D Speed not to exceed 45 mph
E No manual transmission equipped CMV
F Must hold valid learner license to MM/DD/YY
G TRC 545.424 applies until MM/DD/YY
H Vehicle not to exceed 26,000 lbs. GVWR
I Motorcycle not to exceed 250cc
J Licensed motorcycle operator 21 or over in sight
K Intrastate only
L No air brake equipped CMV
M No Class A passenger vehicle
N No Class A and B passenger vehicle
O No tractor-trailer CMV
P Stated on license
Q A licensed driver 21 years of age or older (LOFS) must be in the front seat (vehicle above a Class B)
R A licensed driver 21 years of age or older (LOFS) must be in the front seat (vehicle above a Class C)
S Outside rearview mirror or hearing aid
T Automatic transmission
U Applicable prosthetic devices
V Medical variance documents required
W Power steering
X No cargo in CMV tank vehicle
Y Valid Texas vision or limb waiver required
Z No full air brake equipped CMV
P1 For Class M TRC 545.424 until MM/DD/YY
P2 To/from work/school
P3 To/from work
P4 To/from school
P5 To/from work/school or a licensed driver 21 years of age or older (LOFS) must be in the front seat
P6 To/from work or a licensed driver 21 years of age or older (LOFS) must be in the front seat
P7 To/from school or a licensed driver 21 years of age or older (LOFS) must be in the front seat
P8 With telescopic lens
P9 A licensed driver 21 years of age or older (LOFS 21), bus only
P10 A licensed driver 21 years of age or older (LOFS 21), school bus only
P11 Bus not to exceed 26,000 GVWR
P12 Passenger CMVs restricted to Class C only
P13 A license driver 21 years of age or older (LOFS) in vehicle equip with air brake
P14 Operation Class B exempt vehicle authorized
P15 Operation Class A exempt vehicle authorized
P16 If CMV, school buses (interstate)
P17 If CMV, government vehicles (interstate)
P18 If CMV, only transporting personal property (interstate)
P19 If CMV, transporting corpse/sick/injured (interstate)
P20 If CMV, privately transporting passengers (interstate)
P21 If CMV, fire/rescue (interstate)
P22 If CMV, intra-city zone drivers (interstate)
P23 If CMV, custom harvesting (interstate)
P24 If CMV, transporting bees/hives (interstate)
P25 If CMV, use in oil/water well service/drill
P26 If CMV, for operation of mobile crane
P27 HME Expiration Date MM/DD/YY
P29 FRSI CDL MM/DD/YY–MM/DD/YY or exempt B vehicles
P30 FRSI CDL MM/DD/YY–MM/DD/YY or exempt A vehicles
P31 Class C only; no taxi/bus/emergency vehicle
P32 Other
P33 No passengers in CMV bus
P34 No express or highway driving
P35 Restricted to operation of three–wheeled MC
P37 Occ/Essent need DL-no CMV–see court order
P38 Applicable vehicle devices
P39 Ignition Interlock required
P40 Vehicle not to exceed Class C
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What does rest on my license mean? – SidmartinBio

“REST” is an abbreviation for “Restricted,” and “B” is an abbreviation for Corrective Lenses (meaning glasses or contacts). As a result, if someone’s driver’s license states “REST: B,” they must be wearing glasses or contacts in order to be able to drive lawfully.

How do you read a Florida driver’s license?

It is always necessary to have 13 digits on a Florida driver’s license: one letter followed by 12 numbers. The number is divided into five fields, which are as follows: xxxxxx – xxx – xx – xxx – xxx – xxx – xxx – xxx – xxx – xxx – xxx – xxx – xxx – xxx – xxx – xxx – xxx – xxx – xxx – xxx – The first field contains the Soundex code (a letter and three digits) for the driver’s last name, which is entered in the second field.

Why do I have restriction B on my license Florida?

B = OUTSIDE REARVIEW MIRROR (LEFT SIDE) specifies that the vehicle in which the person is driving must be equipped with an outside rearview mirror on the left side of the vehicle. Only driving for employment purposes (D = EMPLOYMENT PURPOSES ONLY) denotes that the person can only drive to and from work.

What do the numbers on a Florida license mean?

Your driver’s license in Florida is printed with a single digit overflow number. Therefore, the last digit of your Florida license number represents the total number of individuals who had the same license number as you (ignoring the last two digits) when you obtained your license at the time of your application. The star signifies that your driver’s license complies with Real ID requirements.

What does 12 Rest mean on Florida drivers license?

In the case of A = CORRECTIVE LENSES, a person is required to wear corrective lenses at all times when operating a motor vehicle. When you renew your driver’s license, the limitation on wearing corrective glasses will be lifted.

What does DD mean on Florida drivers license?

Discriminator is an acronym for Document Discriminator, which stands for Document Discriminator. Several states began including this piece of information on driver’s licenses a few years ago, and more are expected to follow. This is a security code that identifies the location and date on which the license was obtained. As a result, each card for a certain individual is individually identified by this method.

What do driving Licence numbers mean?

849339 – The year of birth is represented by the first and last numerals. The second and third digits reflect the month and day of the person’s birth. (Please note that in the case of female driving license holders, a digit is added to the second digit, resulting in a second digit of 5 or 6. The fourth and fifth digits represent the month and day of your birth, respectively.

What does rest a mean on a Florida driver’s license?

When it comes to Florida driver’s licenses, what does the term “rest a” mean? In the case of A = CORRECTIVE LENSES, a person is required to wear corrective lenses at all times when operating a motor vehicle. B = OUTSIDE REARVIEW MIRROR (LEFT SIDE) indicates that the vehicle in which the person is driving must be equipped with an outside rearview mirror on the left side of the vehicle.

When is a restriction placed on a driver’s license?

A limitation is imposed on the driver’s license of a person whose size, in the opinion of the examiner, makes it impossible for him or her to see out of the windows or reach the control pedals sufficiently while behind the wheel. This

Where can I find list of Florida drivers license restrictions?

There is a list of Florida drivers license restriction codes in the drivers license handbook, but you will need to contact the DMV directly if you want to find out how to remove a specific restriction code from your current license. You can find the DMV’s contact information in the drivers license handbook. Be aware, however, that this is not a comprehensive list of Florida driver license restriction codes.

What is on the front of a Florida drivers license?

The following personal identifying information may be found on the front of each Florida driver license and ID card: Individual’s photograph overlaid on a line drawing of the Florida State Seal; The number on your driver’s license or identification card; Type of license (for example, Class E); Names of family members and given names; cardholder’s address; and date of birth Sex;

Florida Driver Handbook

The following is a table of contents:

2. The Florida Driver License

  • 2.1. Define the terms
  • 2.2. Who is required to have a Florida license
  • 2.3. Who is not required to have a Florida license 2.4. Classified Driver Licenses in the State of Florida
  • The following are the requirements for identification: 2.5
  • 2.6
  • And 2.7. Parental Consent for Minors. 2.7. Substance Abuse Education in the Context of Traffic Law
  • Testing (section 2.8)
  • Requirements for Physical and Mental Fitness 2.10 Codes for Restriction and Endorsement on Florida Driver’s Licenses 2.11 Military Service with Distinction
  • 2.5.12 Sexual Offenders and Sexual Predators
  • 2.6.13 Career Offenders
  • 2.7.14 Voluntary Contributions
  • 2.12.

2.10.1 – Restriction Codes

The requirement to wear corrective glasses when operating a motor vehicle is known as the ACorrective Lenses requirement. BOutside Rearview Mirror (Left Side) indicates that the vehicle in which the person is driving must be equipped with an outside rearview mirror on the left side of the vehicle. The term “Business Purposes Only” refers to a driving privilege that is restricted to driving that is necessary to maintain one’s livelihood, such as driving to and from work, driving while on the job, driving for educational purposes, driving for church, and driving for medical reasons.

  • A person who is only permitted to drive during daylight hours is referred to as an EDaylight Driving Onlyperson.
  • GPower Steeringindicates that the individual must operate a car with power steering.
  • If the car is provided with a knob or grip on the steering wheel, this indicates that the vehicle must also be equipped with this feature.
  • In this case, the driver is required to utilize a seat cushion at all times while driving.
  • It is required that the vehicle be equipped with a left foot accelerator if the term NLeft Foot Accelerator is used.

The term “Other Restrictions” refers to the fact that this license is subject to other restrictions. The term “Medical Alert Bracelet” refers to the fact that the individual is wearing a medical alert bracelet.

2.10.2 – Restriction Codes Appearing on Commercial Driver Licenses Only

  1. Vehicles without air brakes- issued to individuals who have not completed the appropriate written and/or abilities examinations for the operation of vehicles with air brakes
  2. Vehicles without air brakes Those who are permitted to operate commercial motor vehicles exclusively within the state of Florida will be awarded a CDL-Intrastate Only (CMV). Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) – granted to those who are only permitted to operate a commercial vehicle that is a bus
  3. CMV Gross Vehicle Weight Rating: 26,001 lbs
  4. No tractor/trailers
  5. No Class A Passenger Vehicles
  6. No Class B Passenger Vehicles V. CDL Medical Variance
  7. No Tractor/Trailers
  8. No Class B Passenger Vehicles

Drivers having a limitation on their license who do not adhere to the conditions of the restriction may be issued a citation for breach of restriction and their license may be suspended as a result of their actions. Except for violations of limitation code X, offenses of this nature are classified as second-degree misdemeanors.

2.10.3 – Endorsement Codes

These endorsements can be added to commercial driver licenses in the classes A, B, and C. Individuals who have passed the requisite written examinations and who will be transporting placarded hazardous items are granted the H Placarded Hazmat designation. People who have completed the requisite written examinations and will be driving tank vehicles are given the designation of N Tank Vehicles. People who have completed the requisite written and skills examinations and who will be driving passenger cars are assigned the letter P.

Passengers Drivers of double or triple tractor trailer vehicles who have passed the requisite written examinations will be given a T double or triple trailer license.

HazmatTank vehicles with X placards are granted to those who meet the requirements for endorsements H and N.

What does ‘END: NONE’ mean on driver’s licenses?

Q.Good day, Mr. Honk: My wife just renewed her driver’s license in the state of California. She completed the process online, paid the cost, and received her new driver’s license in the mail shortly after. We discovered that “END: NONE” is printed on her driver’s license. This is true for other types of licensing as well. What exactly does this mean? — Mike Heaslet of Newport Beach, California A. Old Honk took his driver’s license out of his tattered wallet (Little Honks, Christmas is approaching) and saw that it had the same thing written on it as his identification card.

  1. Jessica Gonzalez, a spokesperson for the Department of Motor Vehicles in Sacramento, received a jingle from Honk.
  2. For example, practically all motorcycle riders would have a “M” on their license plate, indicating to a police officer that they are also permitted to ride motorcycles.
  3. The majority of street-legal motorcyclists hold a standard “Class C” license for cars and small trucks, just like the rest of us, and then have the motorbike endorsement on their license as well.
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Honk may be found online at aocregister.com/honk. To get in touch with the author, send an email to [email protected]

Endorsements and Restrictions

To identify particular operational power or to impose constraints on a driver’s authority to operate a motor vehicle, endorsements and restrictions may be placed on a credential (driver’s license, learner’s permit, or identity card). Chart for Converting Restriction Codes

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An MDC endorsement is added to an ID card in order to allow the holder to operate a Motorized Cycle. The MDC knowledge exam must be passed by the applicant and the applicant must be at least 15 years old in order to have this endorsement added to their ID card.

Endorsement L – Motorcycle Endorsement

Providing documentation of completion of a Ride Safe Indiana motorcycle safety training course OR passing both the motorcycle knowledge exam and the motorcycle skills exam are required in order to add a motorcycle endorsement to your Indiana driver’s license. Learn more about the motorbike endorsement by visiting their website.

Endorsement 2 – For Hire – Non-CMV Only

Obtaining a chauffeur’s or public passenger chauffeur’s license that has not expired for more than 180 days is required if you want to add a for-hire endorsement to your Indiana driver’s license. Learn more about the for-hire endorsement by clicking here. It has no effect on your ability to operate a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) if you have only a base license endorsement. These endorsements simply provide you with extra operating authority on top of your existing driving authorization.


When driving, the driver is required to wear glasses or contact lenses.

Restriction C – Mechanical Aid (Adaptive Devices)

When a learner’s permit or driver’s license holder states that they are driving with the use of a mechanical aid (special brakes, hand controls, spinner/steering knob, or other adaptive devices), the limitation C is applied to the permit or license.

Restriction D – Prosthetic Aid

In the case of a learner’s permit or driver’s license, the limitation D is applied when the motorist specifies that they use a prosthetic device and that they desire for the device to show on their learner’s permit or driver’s license.

Restriction F – Outside Rearview Mirror

When driving, the driver is required to utilize an outside rearview mirror. According on the findings of the visual exam performed at the time of application, this restriction may only be imposed to and withdrawn from learner’s permits and driver’s licenses in certain circumstances.

Restriction G – Daylight Driving Only

The motorist is only permitted to use his or her vehicle during daytime hours. According on the findings of the visual exam performed at the time of application, this restriction may only be imposed to and withdrawn from learner’s permits and driver’s licenses in certain circumstances.

Restriction H – M/C Three Wheel Bike Only

When the motorcycle skills examiner states on the motorcycle skills exam results that the examination was passed on a three wheel motorbike, the limitation H is applied to a driver’s license with a motorcycle endorsement. Upon successful completion of a standard motorcycle skills exam or completion of an approved motorcycle safety course, the driver will be able to ride without limitation once more.

Restriction J – Other

A restriction J is placed on a driver’s license when the license holder’s driving privileges are restricted in some way due to their driving abilities or a recommendation from the Department of Motor Vehicles.

There may be requirements for a driver to comply with one or more of the following restrictions:

  • In addition to the accompanying driver, the following services are available: annual drive skills exam, annual medical review, automatic transmission, biennial vision screening, bioptic lenses, annual drive skills exam, or annual vision screening. Spot mirrors mounted on the fender
  • Used solely for training purposes
  • Less than 5, 10, or 20 miles from home
  • Must adhere to medication regimen
  • No interstate or highway driving
  • Power steering
  • Training purposes/night evaluation
  • And

Learner’s permit holders are required to adhere to all existing state rules, including those governing the ages and number of vehicle occupants, when practice driving can begin, and driving limits based on the time of day.

Restriction S – M/C with Side Car Only

When the motorcycle skills examiner states on the motorcycle skills exam result that the examination was passed on a motorbike with a side vehicle, the limitation S is applied to a driver’s license with a motorcycle endorsement. Upon successful completion of a standard motorcycle skills exam or completion of an approved motorcycle safety course, the driver will be able to ride without limitation once more.

Restriction 2 – Habitual Traffic Violator (HTV) Conditional

The presence of a Restriction 2 implies that the motorist is subject to breathalyzer (alcohol) testing if asked by a law enforcement official while driving. In addition, the driver is prohibited from operating a motor vehicle if his or her blood alcohol concentration is 0.02 or above. When applying for a credential, the driver will be asked to sign an affidavit stating that he or she has agreed to submit to blood alcohol testing in the future.

Restriction 3 – Photo Exempt

It is possible that this limitation will be imposed on a driver’s license or learner’s permit if the client requests that the license or permit be photo-exempt due to religious or medical concerns, among other things. An identity card is restricted when a consumer specifically wants a photo-exempt identification card for religious reasons solely, in which case the card is restricted. A motorist must visit a BMV branch and have his or her photo taken in order to obtain a new driver’s license, learner’s permit, or identity card in order to have the exemption removed.

Restriction 5 – Conditional

When driving privileges are confined to the limitations of a court order providing specialized driving privileges, this restriction is placed on a driver’s license and is effective immediately. A valid SR22 is needed to be on file with the BMV for the period of the specialized driving privileges awarded by a court. If specialized driving privileges are granted by a court, an effective SR22 is required to be on file with the BMV. A copy of the court order granting specialized driving rights must be kept in the vehicle in which the person with a Restriction 5 is operating.

The driver must also have a valid driver’s license with a Restriction 5 on it that has been granted by the state.

Restriction 6 – Ignition Interlock Device

When there is probable cause to believe that a driver was operating a vehicle while intoxicated prior to conviction, a court may order the use of an ignition interlock device in lieu of a suspension for a driver who has been convicted of operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated or in lieu of a suspension. According to the court or Indiana legislation, the limitation will be in effect for a certain amount of time.

A driver’s license restriction will be automatically deleted from his or her driving record when the motorist applies for an updated or renewed driver’s license after the restriction has expired.

Restriction 7 – Seat Belt Exempt

It is necessary for an individual to produce to a BMV branch a physician’s declaration indicating that the individual should not be required to wear a seat belt while driving. The declaration must be written on the letterhead or prescription form of the physician’s office. It is necessary to obtain a fresh doctor’s statement each time the certification is renewed. Visiting a BMV branch and certifying that he or she is no longer exempt from wearing a seat belt will be sufficient to lift the limitation on driving privileges.

Individuals re-applying for their credentials who do not offer a physician’s note confirming that they are exempt from wearing seat belts will have the limitation removed from their credentials.

Restriction 8 – Medical Condition

In order to inform drivers that they are taking medicine to treat seizures or fainting episodes, or because they have a pre-existing medical condition that may lead them to seem inebriated, this limitation is added to their learner’s permit and driver’s license. At the time of application, the driver must produce aPhysician’s Certificate of Medical Impairment – State Form 50018, which is issued by the state. The form must be completed by a licensed physician within 30 days of the date on which the learner’s permit or driver’s license application is to be submitted.

A Physician’s Certificate of Medical Impairment-State Form 50018, prepared by a licensed physician, must be shown to the DMV in order to have the limitation lifted.

** CDL holders who have a restriction 8 must additionally get a CDL Medical Exemption in addition to their regular exemption.

Restriction 9 – Temporary Lawful Resident

If you have a credential with this limitation, it means that the bearer of that credential has temporary legal status in the United States. Before receiving a secure credential, the individual must show identification and legal status documentation to the credentialing authority.

Drivers License Restrictions: DMV Codes, CDL, Provisional

There may be a variety of limits put on your driver’s license depending on the circumstances. It is possible that restrictions will restrict your driving rights to just operate certain types of motor vehicles or only driving under particular situations. There are differences across states in terms of restriction codes, and you can always find out what the codes are particular to your state by calling the Department of Motor Vehicles in your state. Do not mistake these limits with the ordinary permit and licensing restrictions that apply to your permit or license under the graded license statute, which are separate and distinct from these restrictions.

Restrictions Codes List

In order to give you with an idea of what the drivers license restriction codes may look like, below is a list of limitations that are now in effect in the state of Wyoming.

There may be varying limits on your drivers license depending on your state, so make sure to check your state-specific requirements.

  • B limitation. Requires the use of corrective glasses when operating a motor vehicle
  • There is a C limitation. ONLY a motor vehicle that has been expressly fitted with certain mechanical assistance may be operated by a person who holds a valid license. Brembo custom brakes, hand controls, and/or other adaptive devices are examples of specialized equipment. In order to operate a motor vehicle, the license holder must wear an artificial limb, which is classified as a D limitation. There is an E limitation. The operation of a motor vehicle with an automatic gearbox is the only one permitted. There is a F limitation. Allows only the operation of a motor vehicle equipped with both exterior rear view mirrors on the left and right sides of the vehicle. There is a G limit. Driving is only permitted during daytime hours. The use of a motor vehicle after sunset is not authorized. I have a constraint. Restrictions that are not covered by more specific restriction codes are permitted under this restriction code. It may entail a limitation on, for example, distance, speed, or the use of alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs following a doctor’s medical prescription
  • Restriction of type J. Ensures the validity of a driver’s license issued without a photo
  • A commercial driver’s license is restricted to operating a commercial vehicle only intrastate (within the borders of a state)
  • A R restriction means the license holder may only operate a “motorcycle” vehicle equipped with four wheels and only for recreation
  • A Y restriction means the license holder must submit a Driver Vision Evaluation form, completed by an eye specialist, every year
  • And a Z restriction means the license holder must submit a Driver Medical Evaluation form, completed by a physician, every year. A commercial driver

Your driver’s license may be restricted in one or more ways depending on the situation. You may always double-check the restriction codes in the official driver’s manual or by phoning the DMV office in your neighborhood.

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Provisional Drivers License Restrictions

Provisional drivers license limits differ from the restriction codes listed above in that they are not as stringent. Because of provisional drivers license restrictions, young drivers must go through a number of phases while seeking for a drivers license, rather than being granted full driving rights immediately after submitting their application. In the majority of circumstances, an applicant would begin by taking a drivers license exam and earning a learner’s permit. This permission must be retained for a specific amount of time, and a number of permit limitations are in effect during this time period as well.

A provisional drivers license, in contrast to a permit, permits the driver to drive unaccompanied, but it also comes with a variety of limitations that limit the driver’s ability to operate a vehicle.

  • Curfew. During specific hours, drivers are not permitted to operate a car
  • Passenger restrictions are in effect. A temporary license holder is only permitted to transport a certain number of people. The age of passengers is occasionally restricted by legislation as well. Seat belt limitations are in effect. Seat belts are required to be worn by everyone in the vehicle operated by a temporary license holder in the majority of states
  • Cell phones are becoming increasingly popular. Cell phone use while driving is currently prohibited in the vast majority of states.

Failure to adhere to provisional license limits may result in a variety of additional penalties on top of a standard punishment if the violation is not corrected. Depending on the circumstances, the driving privilege may be suspended for a short length of time or completely revoked.

Driver License Endorsement and Restriction Codes

Endorsements provide you the ability to drive more freely. On your license’s front, on the line below the “Expiration date” box, immediately below the letter “E,” are the endorsement codes for your particular state. The back of your picture license paper includes a description of any endorsements that you may have earned over time. Examine example licensing paperwork to see where the endorsement code should be placed.

Code Endorsement
F Farm Class A Vehicles
G Farm Class B Vehicles
H Hazardous Materials
M Metal Coil
N Tank Vehicles
P Passenger Transport
R Recreational Vehicles GVWR over 26,000 lbs.
S School Bus
T Doubles/Triples
W Tow Truck
X Tank/Hazmat

License Restriction Codes for Non-Commercial and Commercial Drivers

Your driving constraints are explained by your license restrictions. License restriction codes are displayed on the front of your license on the line below the “Expiration date” and “E” Endorsement Fields, immediately after the letter “R,” on the line after the letter “R.” A description of any limitations you may be subject to is stated on the reverse of your picture identification document (photo license). Check out some sample licensing paperwork to see where the restriction codes should be placed.

Code License Restriction
A Accel Left of Brake
A1 Temporary Visitor
A2 Problem Driver (Class D Only)
A3 Med Cert Exemption (Commercial Class Only)
A4 Ignition Interlock Device(The interlock device is not required in a motor vehicle owned by the licensee’s employer if the vehicle is used in the course of the licensee’s employment.The employer must consent to the use of the vehicle without the device.)
B Corrective Lenses
C Mechanical Aid
D Prosthetic Device
E No Manual Transmission Equipped CMV (Commercial Class Only)
E1 Automatic Transmission
F Outside Mirrors
F1 Hearing Aid or Full-View Mirror
G Daylight Driving Only
H Limited to Employment
I Limited Use Auto MAX 40 MPH
I1 Limited Use MCY MAX 40 MPH (Motorcycle Class Only)
I2 Limited Use MCY MAX 30 MPH (Motorcycle Class Only)
I3 Limited Use MCY MAX 20 MPH (Motorcycle Class Only)
I4 Three Wheel MCY (Motorcycle Class Only)
K CDL Intrastate (No operation outside NYS for commerce) Only (Commercial Class Only)
L No Airbrake Equipped CMV (Commercial Class Only)
L1 No Airbrake Equipped Class A CMV (Commercial Class Only)
L2 No Airbrake Equipped Class B CMV (Commercial Class Only)
M No Class A Passenger VEH (Commercial Class Only)
N No Class A and B Passenger Veh (Commercial Class Only)
N1 No Vehicle Designed for 15 or More Adult Passengers (Commercial Class Only)
N2 No Vehicle Designed for 8 or More Adult Passengers (Commercial Class Only)
O No Tractor/Trailer CMV (Commercial Class Only)
O1 No Tractor/Trailer CMV/Truck Not Over 26,000 GVWR (Commercial Class Only)
O2 No Tractor/Trailer CMV/Truck Not Over 18,000 GVWR (Commercial Class Only)
P No Passengers in CMV Bus (Commercial Learner Permit Only)
P1 Power Brakes
Q Power Steering
R Built Up Seat/Ped/Shoe
U Hand-Operated Brake
V Medical Variance (Commercial Class Only)
V1 Foot Oper Parking Brake
W No Vehicle Over 18,000 lbs
X No Cargo in CMV Tank Vehicle (Commercial Learner Permit Only)
X1 Full Hand Control
Y Shoulder Harness Use
Z No Full Airbrake Equipped CMV (Commercial Class Only)
Z1 Wheel Spinner
4 Telescopic Lens 4
5 No Limited Access Rds

Section 1030

TITLE 92: TRANSPORTATIONCHAPTER II: SECRETARY OF STATEPART 1030 ISSUANCE OF LICENSESSECTION 1030.92 TITLE 92: TRANSPORTATIONCHAPTER II: SECRETARY OF STATE RESTRICTIONS Section 1030.92 of the Revised Statutes Restrictions are in place. If a driver services facility representative has the ability to set license limits, that person shall do so. Unless the limitation is due to a visual or hearing impairment, no additional restrictions may be imposed until the driving test, if one is necessary, has been administered.

b) b) Corrective eye lenses are required for people with Type B restrictions.

In accordance with Section 1030.75, this limitation covers the use of eyeglasses and contact lenses in one or both eyes in one or both eyes.

In order to operate a motor vehicle, a driver must employ one or more prosthetic aids (such as artificial legs, artificial hands, a hook on either the right or left arm, or a brace on each leg) while under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (49 CFR 383.95(c), effective October 1, 2014), an automatic transmission restriction is imposed when a driver of a commercial motor vehicle uses an automatic transmission during the pre-trip, skills, and road portions of a commercial driver’s license test.

  • A driver may be required to utilize both left and right rearview mirrors if the minimum peripheral criteria may be fulfilled by using just one eye in line with Sections 1030.70 and 1030.75 of the Motor Vehicle Safety Standards Act.
  • This restriction is imposed when a driver’s binocular visual acuity does not reach the 20/40 minimum requirement set out in Section 1030.70(a), but is not worse than 20/70 as determined by the Department of Transportation.
  • It is possible that a Type J limitation with proper numerical indicators has additional restrictions that are not stated in this Section.
  • 2) IVC Section 6-106.2 authorizes the operation of a religious organization bus by a J02 driver who meets the requirements of the classification.
  • It is possible that the driver holds a Class A, B, or C license and was driving a Class D vehicle for the religious organization bus test.
  • Despite the fact that he drove a Class C vehicle for the religious organization bus test, he may also have a Class A or B license.
  • IVC Section 6-106.3 states that the driver drives a vehicle that is only for the purpose of transporting older adults.

It is possible that the driver held a Class A, B, or C license when he or she took the senior citizen transportation vehicle exam in a Class D vehicle.

The driver took the senior citizen transportation vehicle exam in a Class C vehicle, although he or she may also have a Class A or B license, depending on the circumstances.

Driver who is 16 or 17 years old and who is entitled to operate either Class L motor-driven cycles or Class M motorcycles, as stipulated in IVC Section 6-103, is classified as J09 (2).

11) J11 Indicates that the driver took the road test on a three-wheel motorcycle (Class M) or a three-wheel motor-driven cycle (Class L) and that the driver is only permitted to operate a three-wheel cycle of the appropriate classification.

12) J14 13.

These unique limits may only be applicable when the applicant is driving that specific motor vehicle, according to the circumstances.

For the applicant to be granted permission to remove a particular limitation or drive another motor vehicle, he or she would be required to take another road test in the new vehicle.

15) J17 allows a person having a Class L or M motorcycle or motor driven cycle license to operate a motorcycle or motor driven cycle with rear wheel extensions while keeping a single front wheel on the vehicle.

17) J50 Farm Waived Non-CDL Farm Vehicle Driver FVD (only for Class A truck/tractor and semi-trailer combo vehicles).

Farm products, equipment, and supplies can be transported to and from a farm by using a truck/tractor semi-trailer, provided that it is utilized within 150 air miles of the farm and does not serve as a common or contract carrier’s vehicle.

Those who qualify may operate a truck/tractor, semi-trailer, or other agricultural vehicle to transport farm products, equipment, or supplies to or from a farm if the vehicle is used within this State or interstate within 150 air miles of the farm and is not used in the operations of a common carrier or contract carrier, respectively.

19) J60 Automatic Transmission When a driver is unable to operate a standard shift noncommercial vehicle owing to the limited use of one or both arms and/or legs, an automatic transmission limitation is applied to the vehicle.

21) J72 Out of country at the time of issuance A driver’s license granted to a motorist who is temporarily residing outside of the United States of America at the time of the expiration of his or her driver’s license is known as a J72 license.

23) J74 Military deferral card issued at the expiration of the driver’s license to allow the licensee, spouse, and dependent children who are living with the licensee while on active duty serving in the Armed Forces of the United States outside the state of Illinois to have their licenses extended while in the military.

Alternative modes of communication are required for J88 Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

27) J90 BAIID only requires the driver to operate motor vehicles equipped with a Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Device (BAIID) and no other vehicles (BAIID).

j) A Type K restriction indicates that the driver is only permitted to operate a commercial motor vehicle within the state.

m) A Type N restriction indicates that a P endorsement is only valid in a vehicle classified as Class C or lower in classification.

An exception from a Type P limitation is allowed by 49 CFR 383.153(b)(9), which permits a commercial learner’s permit holder to operate an automobile meant to transport passengers without any passengers aboard (October 1, 2014) .

(October 1, 2014).

In accordance with 49 CFR 383.153(b)(10), a Type Z restriction prohibits a commercial motor vehicle driver from operating a commercial motor vehicle equipped with an air over hydraulic braking system (October 1, 2014).

2) To challenge any other types of restrictions that have been imposed on the driver’s license as a result of this Section, an appeal must be filed with the Department of Administrative Hearings in accordance with IVC Section 2-118.

3) In accordance with the Administrative Review Law, the courts will conduct an additional review of all restrictions imposed. (Source: 45 Ill. Reg. 732, effective December 23, 2020; amended at 45 Ill. Reg. 732, effective December 23, 2020)

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