When Is The Best Time For An Alaska Cruise?

While Alaska is lovely in any season, the months of May through September are the most pleasant for cruises in the state. During this time period, the average amount of snow that falls in Juneau and Anchorage is 0 inches each month. There is typically more to do in the summer since the days are longer than they are in the winter.

Passage on the inside. The Inside Passage is the most frequently traveled path on the island.

When is the best time to go to Alaska?

Although the winter is not the ideal season to visit Alaska, it is a perfect time to plan a vacation to the state throughout the winter months. During the summer months of May to September, the bulk of Alaskan cruises depart. According to the number of planned cruises on major travel booking websites, the months of July and August are the busiest for cruise travel.

What is the best month to go on a cruise?

According to the number of planned cruises on major travel booking websites, the months of July and August are the busiest for cruise travel. The months of July and August are also the hottest months of the year. During the summer months of June through August, average high temperatures along the Alaskan coast can reach into the mid-60s Fahrenheit or the high teens Celsius.

How long is the Alaska cruise season for cruisers?

For the most up-to-date information, please see our regularly updated post on what cruisers need to know about the coronavirus (which is available here). Despite the fact that the Alaska cruise season lasts five months — from May to September — not all Alaska cruises are made equally.

What is the weather like on an Alaskan cruise?

During the summer months of June through August, average high temperatures along the Alaskan coast can reach into the mid-60s Fahrenheit or the high teens Celsius. On a good day, temperatures will reach the mid-seventies, as they did on our first Alaskan voyage (Alaska cruise guide on Amazon).

What is the cheapest month to cruise to Alaska?

While June through August is the most popular period to travel to Alaska on a cruise, it is also the most costly time of year to do so. Instead, McDaniel recommended that you look at the shoulder months of May and September, when you may save a little money on your travel expenses.

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Will you see Northern Lights on Alaska cruise?

The viewing season for the northern lights in Alaska lasts from late August to late April each year. Alaska’s Northern Lights are best seen in the winter or early spring, depending on when you go. If you’re planning a trip, Alaska cruises in September are a wonderful choice because the nights are long and dark there.

How rough are the seas on an Alaskan cruise?

Alaska. Despite the fact that much of an Alaska cruise is spent sailing in the safe waters of the Inside Passage, ships travelling to Seward, Whittier, or Anchorage must cross the Gulf of Alaska, which is significantly rougher than the Inside Passage. According to cruise ship employees, the Gulf of Mexico becomes particularly unpleasant around Labor Day, during the shoulder season.

Is it cold on a cruise ship in Alaska?

Temperatures range between fifty and sixty degrees on average, with primarily pleasant afternoons and nights and chilly mornings and mid-day hours in the afternoons and evenings. Even while it may be exceedingly chilly in the late evenings and early mornings, these are also times when the majority of people are sleeping in their cabins.

Is it better to go to Alaska in May or September?

May and September are the best months to visit. In recent years, more and more people have come to Alaska during these’shoulder months,’ taking advantage of lower pricing, less crowds, and the state’s unique natural beauty. May is the driest of the two months, but if you travel farther north and earlier in the month, your chances of encountering cold, muck, and even snow rise significantly.

Is May too early for Alaska cruise?

The greatest time to travel to Alaska on a cruise ship is between the months of May and September, however the months of July and August will be the busiest for cruise passengers.

What month is the best to see the northern lights in Alaska?

The northern lights may be seen during all four seasons of the year, however they are more difficult to observe during the Midnight Sun period. Seeing the northern lights in Alaska is greatest between August and April, when less sunshine results in darker night sky, which makes for the ideal viewing conditions.

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What do I pack for a cruise to the northern lights?

Two pairs of gloves (a thin pair and mittens to wear on top), hiking-style snow boots, wool socks (not cotton), a wool or fleece hat, plenty of lip balm and moisturiser to prevent dry skin are just a few of the essentials to pack for a Northern Lights cruise. For more information, visit the Northern Lights Cruises website.

What is the best time of year to see wildlife in Alaska?

Animals Observation: The months of May through September are the greatest months to see wildlife in general. Fly-in bear viewing begins in mid-June, but the ideal time to see them is in July. Moose can be seen throughout the year. Gray whales move up to the area in March and April; humpback whales are here from May to September; and orcas are here all year.

Where are the calmest waters for cruising?

  1. When it comes to Alaska, you wouldn’t expect to find it on this list, and you’d be correct—at least if we were talking about Alaska’s Inside Passage, which is one of the world’s calmest bodies of water.
  2. A large number of cruise lines visit these areas even during hurricane season, including the Bahamas, Bermuda, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

What is the best month to cruise the Mediterranean?

The greatest time to cruise the Mediterranean is during the spring, summer, or autumn season, which runs from early April to late November and offers the most favorable weather and opportunities for adventure. Many local businesses lock their doors during the winter months, making it harder for visitors to have the complete Mediterranean experience at this time.

Which is the roughest sea in the world?

  1. The Irminger Sea is a body of water located between southern Greenland and Iceland.
  2. Iceland and Greenland are separated by 250 miles of rough water in the Irminger Sea, which is south of the Denmark Strait.
  3. The Irminger Sea is located south of the Denmark Strait.
  1. It is considered to be the windiest length of salt ocean on the planet, as well as one of the stormiest locations on the planet by some.
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Is October a good time to cruise Alaska?

October. A limited number of cruises in October provide travelers with the opportunity to get a taste of Alaska in winter without having to brave sub-zero weather on the way. When visiting Juneau in October, you’ll want to dress warmly because the average temperature is 39 degrees.

What happens on Alaskan cruise in July?

Even during the most popular sailing months of June, July, and August, temperatures are typically warm, with average highs in the 60s and lows in the high 40s and 50s on a regular basis. It rains the most heavily in Ketchikan, with the weather conditions getting increasingly dry the further north you travel on Highway 1.

What’s the warmest month in Alaska?

July is the busiest month of the year in Alaska, and it is also the hottest month of the year on average.

What are the best dates for your Alaskan cruise?

  1. Large or little ship? Cross-Gulf voyage or merely the Inside Passage?
  2. Big ship or tiny ship?
  3. Is Glacier Bay a better option for scenic cruising?
  4. Juneau is the greatest cruise port in Alaska in general!
  5. Ketchikan was runner-up for best overall destination, as well as best shopping and totem poles.
  6. Skagway is the ideal port of call for a shore trip.
  7. Haines – the greatest weather and kayaking in the world
  8. Sitka is the greatest Alaska cruise port for independent exploration

When is the best time to take an Alaskan cruise?

Cruise vacations, like land vacations, must be taken during the appropriate time of year, which varies depending on where in the world you choose to visit. This is your guide to deciding when to go on a cruise. The most pleasant moment of the year So whether you’re planning a trip to Alaska or the Caribbean, this is a must-have.

What should I take on an Alaska cruise?

According to how much time you want to spend on deck or on shore excursions, Alaska cruises may be chilly, wet, and rough, so dress accordingly. Pack warm, durable clothes, non-slip shoes, binoculars, and a camera for your adventure.

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