Where Do I Change My Driver’S License Address? (Question)

In-Person Address Change If you are unable to change your address online or mail-in your application request, you can take your completed Application for Change of Address to any driver license office. Locate the office nearest you. (This form is also available at the driver license office.)

When to notify DMV of address change?

  • Law states that you must notify DMV within 10 days of changing your address. There is no charge to change your address, and you may notify DMV by any of the following ways: Complete your Change of Address online. Call any DMV office at 1-800-777-0133 and request that a change of address form be mailed to you.

How can I change the address on my driving Licence?

Change address in driving licence, FIrst to visit parivahan official website https://parivahan.gov.in/ and select menu to online services popup menu and select driving licence related services. Now open new page and select state. After select state, click on apply for change address in main menu show in below image.

Can I change my address on my driving Licence by phone?

You can inform the DVLA of your address change by using the above form. Or, you can call on 0300 790 6802. When you call simply explain that you need to update your DD details and provide your updated address. This will be for your car tax, which is linked to where your vehicle is registered.

Can I change my Maryland driver’s license address online?

In Maryland, you can complete the driver’s license change of address request online, just with a few clicks. It is one of the most convenient options available, considering that you have your Maryland’s driver’s license, ID, date of birth and a social security number (SSN).

Can I change my Washington drivers license address online?

Yes. No. Fortunately, you can complete your change of address online through Washington’s Change of Address System. Or, you can complete it in person at the Washington Department of Licensing.

Can I change my address in driving Licence Philippines?

Change of address: Completed Application for Driver’s License (ADL) Form. Present the original copy and submit a photocopy of your Barangay Certification/Clearance or Proof of Billing.

What documents do I need to change my address on my driver’s license in Michigan?

Michigan law requires every driver’s license to include a person’s residence address. What is acceptable documentation?

  1. Utility bill or credit card bill issued within the last 90 days (Electronic copies are acceptable.)
  2. Account statement from a bank or other financial institution issued within the last 90 days.

How long does it take to change address on driving licence?

Unless further information is required, your details will be updated within 72 hours of submitting the information online. If you submit your notification by post, it will take up to 5 working days.

Do I have to send my old driving licence back to DVLA?

You must send your old photocard licence to DVLA when you get your new licence. You’ll be told the address to use when you finish the application.

Is it free to change address with DVLA?

It does not cost anything to change your address with DVLA. You can still drive while you’re waiting for your new licence.

Can I change my address online?

Select the ‘Change address’ button. Log in, or create your MyServiceNSW Account. Follow the prompts to change your address. You’ll receive an email confirmation after you’ve updated your address.

What documents do I need to renew my license in Maryland?

What You’ll Need to Renew your Maryland Driver License

  1. Proof of age and Identity. U.S. Birth Certificate – original or certified copy. U.S. Passport – valid or expired less than 5 years.
  2. Proof of Social Security. Original Social Security Card.
  3. 2 Proofs of Residential address. Maryland vehicle registration card or title.

What do I need to transfer my license to Maryland?

What You’ll Need to Transfer your Out-of-State Driver License to Maryland

  1. Current out-of-state driver’s license.
  2. Another form of identification.
  3. Proof of your Social Security number.
  4. Proof of your new residence with your new address.
  5. Pass a vision test.
  6. Payment for a new driver’s license.

Can I use a PO Box for my Washington drivers license?

Yes, you can use a PO Box as a mailing address.

How to change your address

  • The DMV must be notified within 10 days if you move and you must update your license, permit, nondriver ID, and car records to reflect your new location. Identifying and correcting any errors in your mailing address is essential. Our system automatically updates the title certificate record when you move or alter your address for your car registration.
  • You will need to contact the Title Services Bureau at 1-518-486-4714 if the name on your registration record does not exactly match the name on your title certificate. If you need to amend the address on your registration record, you can call the Title Services Bureau at 1-518-486-4714.
  • Although it is advised, you are not required to get new DMV paperwork with your new address on them. On the back of your driver’s license, non-driver ID card, or learner permit, as well as on the front of your registration document, you can enter your new address (carefully draw lines through the old address). It is not necessary to indicate the new address on a title certificate since the DMV provides papers and crucial notices to customers through the mail. Use the same mailing address for all of your applications, papers, and transactions
  • This will save you time and money.

The U.S. Postal Service does not notify DMV when you change your mailing address

It is not necessary to update your DMV records when you change your mailing address with the United States Postal Service. You must still notify the United States Postal Service and the Department of Motor Vehicles of your address change.

For Traffic Violations Bureau tickets

Changing your address for a Traffic Violations Bureau (TVB) traffic ticket transaction does not affect the address on your driver license, non-driver ID, permit, or vehicle registration records, nor does it affect the address on your driver license or non-driver ID. In the event that you alter the address on your driver license, non-driver identification card, permit, or vehicle registration records, the address on your traffic ticket does not change as a result of the change.

How to update

To access your MyDMV account, you must first log in using your NY.gov ID.

If you do not have a MyDMV account

The information from your most recently issued New York State driving license, learner permit, or non-driver ID card will be required (see sample ID documents). If you have recently lost your document, renewed it, or bought a new one and have not yet gotten it in the mail, you will need to wait until it arrives before you may set up a MyDMV account using your information. (You may still alter your mailing address if you choose.) Create an account with MyDMV.

By mail

Send a completedAddress Change (PDF)(MV-232) form toNYS DMV License Production BureauPO Box 2895Albany, NY 12220-0895 to have your license, permit, non-driver ID, and/or the address on your registration(s) changed. If you wish to have your documents replaced, make sure to send money with your request. The Change of Address (MV-232) form contains information on how to make a payment.

Additional information

It is possible to have various mailing and home addresses on separate picture identification documents. Your mailing address will be displayed on a regular ID card. Your residence address will be displayed on a REAL ID or an Enhanced ID. More information on the various document kinds may be found here.

Submit a Change of Address Online

It is possible to update the address on your driver’s license (DL) or identity card (ID), as well as on your vehicle or watercraft.

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Before you begin…

  • Make a note of both your old and new mailing addresses. The most recent registration card, as well as the location where your trailer coach or vessel is located (if applicable), will be required if you want to change the address of your vehicle or vessel.

Are you eligible to change your address online?

  • Do not presently possess a California driver’s license or identification card
  • Do not possess a social security number (SSN)
  • Your residential address is in another state, but you have a commercial driver’s license (CDL) issued by the State of California. Be in possession of an Army Post Office (APO) or a Fleet Post Office (FPO) mailing address Are living in a country other than the United States of America (U.S.)
  • Have applied for but have not yet received your REAL ID driver’s license or identification card Possess a rented automobile
  • You want to make a modification to the address on your disabled person (DP) identification placard. Although you cannot alter the address for DPplates online, you may do so through the Change of Address system on the website.

Any of the foregoing situations may necessitate the completion of aChange of Address (DMV14)form and mailing it to the address indicated on the form. If you want to update your address, you do not have to come into the office in person.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you merely change your address for one document, the DMV will not immediately update your address across all of your papers. However, if you like, you may make changes to both your driver’s license/identification card and your vehicle/vessel registration at the same time via the online COA system. You may use a PO box as your postal address; but, if your COA contains your driver’s license or identification card, you must include a dwelling address. It is not permitted to use temporary postal addresses.

  • You are only permitted to update the address for a maximum of three of your own automobiles.
  • If all of the cars have the same address, you can update the address for up to three of them in a single transaction.
  • Remember to double-check with your new state to see if they have any special requirements for your driver’s license and/or car registration.
  • Maintaining a California commercial driver’s license (CDL) requires you to live in the state.
  • No, the Modify of Address system will not allow you to change the address associated with your occupational license.
  • Certain records must be handled differently than others.
  • The online Change of Address procedure will include the opportunity to register to vote and indicate voter preferences, which will be electronically transmitted to the Secretary of State (SOS) by the DMV (if you are eligible).

If you choose not to have your information forwarded by the DMV, it is your obligation to tell the SOS of your new mailing address. Simply log into the Change of Address System after 72 hours and select “Check Update Status” from the drop-down menu.

Name and Address Changes

Name and address changes must be made on BOTH your driver’s license/ID card and your vehicle’s title/registration within 30 days of the date of the change. We ask that you please read the following information to learn how to accomplish name/address changes as fast and efficiently as possible:

  • First and foremost, you must update your Florida Driver’s License/ID Card. (Please keep in mind that name changes must first be made with the Federal Social Security Administration before your name may be changed on a driver’s license or identification card.) Please allow 24 to 48 hours after completing the name change with the Social Security Administration before attempting to access your benefits. Second, make sure your Florida title(s) and registration(s) are up to date.

Driver’s License/ID Cards Name and Address Change

It is necessary to file a name change application with the Federal Social Security Administration before your name may be modified on a Florida driver’s license or identification card. Changing one’s name must be done in person at a local office; however, changing one’s address can be done online at GoRenew.com or in person at a local office.

Name and Address ChangeRequired Documentation

Please choose your appropriate residence status from the drop-down menu below to get a list of the documents you will need to effectuate a name or address change. Non-Immigrant Canadian Citizen of the United States Immigrant Non-Immigrant Canadian

Name and Address Changes on a Title/Registration

The new name and address on your driver’s license will instantly update on your electronic title; however, a printed title will continue to display your former name and address until a new title is applied for using anApplication for Certificate of Title With/Without Registration form (HSMV form 82040). It is possible that a lien on a paper title will prevent the printing of a new title if the lienholder so desires. Although it is legal to keep the revised name and address unaltered on the printed title, this is not recommended because the department vehicle ownership record will be updated after your driver information has been corrected.

This can be accomplished by submitting a completedApplication for Duplicate or Lost in Transit/Reassignment for a Motor Vehicle, Mobile Home, or Vessel Title Certificate to the appropriate authority (HSMV form 82101).

Please see this page for information on finding a location near you.

Change the address on your driver license or ID card

  • You have ten days after moving to update your address on your driver’s license or identification card. There are no fees associated with changing your address. In order to acquire a new card with your changed address on it, there is a $20 cost
  • It is not possible to alter the address on your driver’s license if you have already changed the address on your car. You’ll have to take care of that independently. See what addresses we have on file by logging in or joining


  1. Change your mailing address over the internet
  2. Make a decision on whether or not you want a new card. If necessary, make changes to your vehicle’s address. If necessary, make changes to your Good To Go! account.

1. Change your address online

Change your address online by logging in or joining.

2. Decide if you want a new card

  • If this is the case, you may obtain a replacement card by logging into your License eXpress account and changing your address. It will still have your current photograph on it.
  • Visiting a driver license office without an appointment is required if you wish to have your photo taken again. It is possible to have your photograph taken for an extra cost. Prepare yourself to wait in line. Check out these helpful hints for visiting a doctor’s office: Offices for driver’s licenses
  • If you do not want a new card, you can wait until your license or identification card is renewed. In other words, you won’t have the option of using your card as verification of your new address.

3. Update your vehicle address, if needed

If you haven’t already done so, you may need to update your car registration with your current address.

4. Update your Good To Go! account, if needed

Remember to update your contact information with the Department of Transportation if you have a Good To Go! electronic tolling pass.

  • Online:www.wsdot.wa.gov/goodtogo/ 866.936.8246 (toll-free)

Related information:

  • Visits to the office should include the following suggestions: Offices for driver’s licenses
  • Make a change to the name shown on your driver’s license or identification card. You may choose to change your name or address: EDL/EID.

Questions? Need help?

Please get in touch with us.

Change Your Name or Address

If your name has changed as a result of marriage, divorce, or another circumstance, or if you need to change your address, you will need to complete one of the following forms: Forms for Name Change

  • Commercial Driver’s License:DL-80CD(PDF), or DL-143CD(PDF) if your license is about to expire in the next six months
  • Learning Permit:DL-31(PDF)
  • Learner’s Permit:DL-31(PDF)
  • A non-commercial driver’s license is obtained by completing DL-80(PDF), or if the license is due to expire within six months, DL-143(PDF) is used to renew it. DL-54B (PDF) is a photo identification card.
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A name change for a driver’s license or picture identification card must be performed in person at a Driver License Center before it can be processed. The birth certificate must be sealed with a raised seal if you wish to use your given name as your legal name in the United States. If you have had your name legally changed by a court order, you must submit a Certified Copy of the Court Order. The marriage certificate must be shown if you wish to use your spouse’s surname instead of your own. If you wish to use a different name, you must present your Social Security Card, as well as two other sources that have been issued in the desired name, such as tax records, a Selective Service Card, a Voter Registration Card, a passport, any form of Photo I.D.

Attention: Original papers, such as a court order, marriage certificate, or divorce decision, must be produced in order to be accepted.

citizens are not permitted provided the primary source identification document(s) reflects the new name.

The source ID document(s) are the most recently issued Department of Homeland Security immigration document(s), not a passport, visa, or marriage certificate, and are not required to be in English.

Vehicle/Trailer Registration and Title

Whether it is due to marriage, divorce, or any other cause for changing your name, you will need to submit formMV-41A. (PDF). If you are merely requesting an updated vehicle/trailer registration card, you need only fill out Side A of the registration card request form. If you are obtaining an amended vehicle or trailer title, you should fill out Side B of the form.

Change Your Address

You can update your non-commercial driver’s license or Pennsylvania picture identification card’s address at any time online, with the exception of if you are relocating out of state. Fill out FormDL-82(PDF), “Out of State Exemption,” and mail it to the address on the form in order to have your driver’s license updated with your new residence.

Vehicle/Trailer Registration and Title

Except if you are moving out of state, you can update your address on your vehicle/trailer registration at any time online or by completing formMV-63(PDF), “Change of Address,” which is available online. Please complete out FormMV-8(PDF), “Self Certification for Proof of Residency,” and submit it to the address shown on the form if you have moved and need to update your vehicle registration information. A customer’s voter registration will be automatically updated with the Department of State when they complete the MV-63, unless they want to opt out of this process by ticking the box in Section D.

Address Change

It is your responsibility to notify the Department of Homeland Security and Safety of any change in address. You must notify the Department of Safety and Homeland Security of any change in your mailing address within 10 days of the change taking effect. The term “physical relocation” refers to a physical move, as opposed to address changes made by the United States Postal Service or your local 9-1-1 Emergency Communications District even if you have not moved physically. We will not get the information if we do not notify the postal authorities.

The law does not need that the address on your real license be changed; rather, it just requires that it be altered on our records.

How to Notify Us of Your Change of Address

Your driver’s license must include your legal residence address. The use of a post office box as a home mailing address will not be permitted. If your name is being changed, you will need to go to a driver service facility to complete the process. e-Services are available online:

  • The e-Services site is accessible by clicking here, and the needed information forms may be filled out there. Choose “Change Your Address” from the list of services that are available and follow the prompts to complete the process. Please return to the list of available services and renew your license, or, if you are not within your renewal time, order a duplicate license. If you are not within your renewal term, please contact us for assistance. Once the transaction is complete and all associated fees have been paid, a new license will be mailed to the address on file in your account.

At a Self-Service Kiosk, you may do the following:

  • To locate a Self-Service Kiosk in your area, please visit this page. To update your address, follow the on-screen prompts on the kiosk’s screen. Start a new transaction and renew your license, or purchase a duplicate license if you are not inside your license renewal term, if you want your license to reflect the modifications you have made. Once the transaction is complete and all associated fees have been paid, a new license will be mailed to the address on file in your account.

By postal mail: You will need to give the following information in order to have your record updated with your new mailing address via mail:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Driver’s license number
  • Social Security number
  • And Former residence shown on driver’s license in present state of residence Your new address
  • The county in which you have relocated

Additionally, you may obtain a change of address form from any driver service facility. Send an address change notification that contains the above information, as well as a change of address form, to the following address:TN DEPT OF SAFETY AND HOMELAND SECURITYATTN: RECORDS1150 Foster AvenueNashville, Tennessee 37243 After we receive your information, we will update your driving record after about 15 business days of receipt of the information. It is your driving record that is updated with the Department of Safety, not your physical license, when you move your address.

If you are not within your renewal term, please contact us for assistance.

Once the transaction is complete and all associated fees have been paid, a new license will be delivered to the address on file that has been modified.

By clickinghere, you may access the e-Services site and fill out the necessary information fields there. Choose from the list of available services whether you want to renew your license or obtain a duplicate license if you aren’t inside your renewal term anymore. Once the transaction is complete and all associated fees have been paid, a new license will be delivered to the address on file that has been modified.

Change Your Address or Name

Arizona law requires all drivers license and identification card holders to notify the Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) of any change of residence within 10 days of the change. You can update your address online at AZMVDNow.gov or by contacting us directly. Name, date of birth, and driver’s license or identity card number will all be required information to complete the transaction. Changes of address are completely free. If you require a replacement driver’s license or identification card, there is a $12 fee.

If you do not alter your address within 10 days, you may be subject to a citation from police authorities.

Address Confidentiality Program Participants

It is necessary to complete all transactions in person. Attempts to complete transactions online or over the phone will be refused.

Change Your Name

Arizona law mandates that all drivers license and identity card holders notify the Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) within 10 days following a name change. Before your record may be changed, the Motor Vehicle Division must validate your Social Security number. As a result, you must first contact the Social Security Administration online or by phone at 800.772.1213 (toll-free TTY number: 800.325.0778) to obtain information on how to alter your name on their records before proceeding. You must wait two days for the Social Security Administration’s computer system to be updated before visiting anyMVD or Authorized Third Party office and presenting identification in both your current and prior names to receive your new identity.

  • Certificate of marriage/license
  • Divorce decree
  • Certificate of citizenship/naturalization
  • Court order
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Certified copies must be certified by the organization that issued the original.

Update/Change License Information

The address on their license, permit, or ID must be updated within 30 days after relocating to Georgia if they are a new resident of the state. Existing Georgia license/ID holders have 60 days to update their mailing address with the state. You may make changes to your address either online or by using the DDS 2 GO Mobile App, or you can go in person to a DDS Customer Service Center. You will not be able to alter your address by the mail or by phone. Allow up to 30 days for the delivery of the license to be completed.

Address Change – Online or DDS 2 GO Mobile App

To be eligible, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You must be a citizen of the United States
  • You must be a resident of the state of Georgia
  • You must be at least 18 years old to participate. You must have a Real-ID license or identification card. in the top right-hand corner, there is a gold or black star Commercial drivers are not eligible to use internet services
  • Thus, they should not use them.

Please keep in mind that there is a $5.00 reduction if any charges are incurred. Additionally, some eyesight impairments may be in effect. Sign in or register for an online account.

Login or Create Online Account

App for DDS 2 GO on Mobile Devices

Address Change – In-Person

If you do not have an Online Account and need to visit a Customer Service Center, you must bring the following papers with you to the appointment:

  • If you hold a Real ID License or ID (with a gold or black star in the top right-hand corner), just one (1) document is required to verify your residency
  • Otherwise, two (2) documents are required. Even if your license or ID is not a Real Id License or ID, you must produce all Real Id Documents, which must contain two (2) proofs of residency. Visit ourReal ID Checklistpage for a list of approved papers that prove a person’s residential address. Prepare yourself to snap a photograph

You can skip a step! – A clone of the original Upon arrival at the facility, all customers are required to present the necessary Online License, ID, or Permit form.

Change Your Address

You may update your address online.

Changing your address requires printing a custom label (such as a return address label) with your new address and attaching it to the back of your driver’s license, permit, or ID card, which may be found here. You will not get a new license, permit, or identification card in the mail.

By Mail

Change of Address form can be downloaded and printed (DR2285). Fill out the form and put it in the mail or hand it in to a driving licensing office to be processed. Immediately after filing your request for a change of address, print your own label (for example, a return address label) with your new address on it and attach it to the back of your driver’s license, permit, or identification card. You will not get a new license, permit, or identification card in the mail.

At a Driver License Office

After your visit, stop by a driver licensing office and pick up a paperwork to alter your mailing address. Give the completed form to a representative from the driving licensing office. Immediately after filing your request for a change of address, print your own label (for example, a return address label) with your new address on it and attach it to the back of your driver’s license, permit, or identification card. You will not get a new license, permit, or identification card in the mail.

By Renewing

  1. Make an attempt to renew your driver’s license or identity card on the internet, if possible. You will be able to purchase a new card with your new address on it
  2. However, Visit a driving license office and present two proof of address documents that are no more than a year old and include your name and entire physical address in the document. You will need to obtain a new driver’s license, instruction permit, or identity card in order to have your new address stated on your identification card or driving license. You will be given a temporary document to use while your card is being shipped to the address you provided. If you choose, you may also include your mailing address.

Change your address with the RMV

The RMV maintains a record of both your home address (which includes your house number and street location) and your postal address (the address where you receive mail). If you move, you must notify the RMV within 30 days of the change of residence, according to state law.

How to update Change your address with the RMV

The internet is the most convenient and time-saving method of changing your address. You will be required to give the following information:

  • The number on your driver’s license or Massachusetts identification card
  • Your Social Security Number (SSNlast )’s four digits are required. contact information by email

You can modify your address by contacting the RMV’s customer service department. Call (857) 368-8000 for more information. From area codes 339, 617, 781, and 857, or from outside of Massachusetts, call (800) 858-3926 (toll-free). All other Massachusetts area codes are dialed Call (877) 768-8833 if you use a TTY. People who are deaf or hard of hearing (in Massachusetts) will be required to give the following information:

  • Name
  • Current address
  • And phone number The number on your driver’s license or Massachusetts identification card
  • Those last four digits of your Social Security number

More info for Change your address with the RMV

If you require a duplicate of your driver’s license, identification card, or registration in order to display your new address, you may submit a request. The most convenient approach to obtain a replica is over the internet. In the RMV’sSchedule of Fees, you may see how much each duplicate document will cost you. It is recommended that you update your existing documentation to reflect your new address if you do not obtain a fresh driver’s license, identification card, or vehicle registration.

  • Permanent ink should be used to write your new address on the back of your driver’s license or identification card in the specified location. Utilize a car registration address label or similar sticker to cover the old address on your vehicle registration and fill in your new location

Registered vehicles

If you have automobiles on the road, you should do the following:

  • Provide notice to your insurance agent or firm of your change of residence
  • Inquire with your prior town assessor to determine whether you are entitled for a reduction in your excise tax bill.

Voter registration

When you move, the information about your new residence is forwarded to the Secretary of State as well as your city or municipality so that your voter registration address may be changed. It is necessary to mention that you do not wish to have your voter registration information updated at the time of your address change request.

Contact for Change your address with the RMV

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