How To Print Tax Return From Turbotax? (Solved)

Open the return you want to print. From the File menu (or TurboTax menu if you’re on a Mac), choose Print. In the pop-up window, select the form set you want to print (tax return, specific forms, etc.) and then select Preview Print Copy (on Mac, select your print options and then select Continue)

How much does it cost to file with TurboTax?

  • While there is no extra charge to prepare your state tax return with TurboTax, you will have to pay a state filing fee for each tax return that you e-file. Here is the cost of filing each State return: State Fee if you use Deluxe, Premier, or Self Employed: $39.99 State Fee if you use TurboTax Free Edition: $29.99

How do I print my TurboTax return online?

To print your tax return, first log into your TurboTax account. Click the Print & File tab at the top of the screen. You will be directed to the Get Ready to E-file Your Returns page, but don’t worry, you can still print from here. Click Continue to choose the File by Mail option.

How do I print my 2019 tax return from TurboTax?

After the return is open, click in the left menu column on TAX TOOLS, then PRINT CENTER. Then choose “Print, save, view this year’s return.” The next screen should offer several options: “Just my tax returns”, or “include government worksheets (optional)”, or “include government and TurboTax worksheets (optional.)”

How do I print my 2018 tax return from TurboTax?

If your 2018 returns were prepared in Online TurboTax, log into your account and at the Tax Home scroll down and expand the section “Your Tax Returns & Documents”. Choose tax year 2018, and then click “Download/print the PDF ” or if you just need the 2018 AGI, there is a link “View adjusted gross income (AGI.)”

How do you print out your tax return?

Choose Save & Quit in the top right-hand corner. Choose Print My 2021 Taxes from the drop-down menu. To print from your mobile device:

  1. After you finish your taxes, we’ll take you back to the main menu.
  2. Choose Print My Taxes and download your return.
  3. Print or save from there.

How can I print my income tax return?

Get a Free Copy of a Prior Year Return

  1. Returning users:
  2. Step 1) Sign In to Your Account.
  3. Step 2) Click on Prior Years at the top of the screen.
  4. Step 3) Choose the year in the Prior Year Returns section.
  5. Step 4) View or download the return you want to print.

Can I mail my tax return through TurboTax?

TurboTax does not mail your return for you. If you are choosing to mail it instead of e-file you print it and mail it yourself. It is not required, but is a good idea, to use a mailing service that will track your return or provide you with a receipt showing that the IRS got it–such as Fedex, UPS, or certified mail.

How do I get a copy of my 2019 tax return?

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  1. Order Online. The fastest way to get a Tax Return or Account transcript is through the ‘Get Transcript’ tool available on
  2. Order by phone. You can also order by phone at 800-908-9946 and follow the prompts.
  3. Order by mail.

Can I print my TurboTax before I File?

You can, but if you haven’t already pre-paid your TurboTax fees (if any), you’ll be asked to pay before you can print. Select the first option, Print, save, or preview this year’s return, and follow any additional instructions.

How do I get a copy of my 2018 tax return from the IRS?

To get a transcript, taxpayers can:

  1. Order online. They can use the Get Transcript tool on
  2. Order by mail. Taxpayers can use Get Transcript by Mail or call 800-908-9946 to order a tax return transcripts and tax account transcripts.
  3. Complete and send either 4506-T or 4506T-EZ to the IRS.

How do I get my tax transcripts?

An IRS Tax Return Transcript can be obtained: ONLINE: Visit Click on Get Your Tax Record, and then click on Get Transcript Online or Get Transcript by Mail.

How do I get a PDF of my tax return?

How do I get a copy of my tax return pdf?

  1. Sign into
  2. select tax home scroll to tax returns and documents.
  3. select the 2018 tax return.
  4. click download/PDF tax return.

How do I get my tax transcript from TurboTax?

Request your tax transcript online.

  1. Go to the Get Transcript.
  2. Scroll down to the “Request Online” section and click the “Get Transcript Online” button.
  3. Register for the service and provide identifying information, including your social security number (SSN), date of birth and filing status.

How to Obtain a Copy of Your Tax Return

Each government agency has its own system of giving NAICS numbers to the enterprises on its lists, and each has its own manner of doing so. A NAICS code is assigned to new enterprises by the Social Security Administration based on the information submitted on their application for an Employer Identification Number (EIN number). According to survey data, the Census Bureau allocates NAICS numbers to enterprises in general. Initially, the Bureau of Labor Statistics gives an NAICS number based on the information submitted on an application for unemployment insurance about the company activity.

Step 1: Download Form 4506

If you need copies of your tax returns from the IRS, you must file Form 4506 with the IRS, which is only available online. This form is available for download on the IRS website.

Step 2: Enter required data

Obtaining copies of your tax returns from the IRS is only possible by submitting Form 4506 to the agency. Downloading this form from the IRS website is free and simple.

Step 3: Enter address

Fill out line 3 with your current mailing address. If your present address is different from the one that you have previously reported on your tax returns, put the previous address on line 4 of your return. When filling out line 5, you can specify whether you want your tax return to be forwarded to a specific third party, such as a bank that is examining your mortgage application. If you leave line 5 blank, the Internal Revenue Service will mail your tax return to the address on file with them.

Step 4: Enter form used

Line 6 should contain the name of the form that you used to file your federal income tax return. If you’re requesting a copy of your personal income tax return, it’s probable that you filed on Form 1040, 1040-SR, 1040A, 1040EZ, or another similar form. On line 7, you must also include the tax years for which you are requesting copies of your returns. For example, if you are seeking your 2017 tax return, you should use “12/31/2018” rather than just “2018.”

Step 5: Enter number of returns

The number of returns you require is entered on line 8b of the form. The Internal Revenue Service will collect $50 for each return starting in 2021. Calculate the total charge by multiplying the number of returns you are seeking on line 8b by the relevant fee on line 8a and entering the result on line 8c.

Step 6: Sign and mail

Fill out the form and send it to the proper IRS address via mail. Page 2 of Form 4506 directs you to submit your request to the address indicated on the form for the state in which you resided at the time of the initial return filing. Before shipping your request, double-check that you have included the entire amount; otherwise, the IRS will not accept your request. Always keep in mind that if you filed your tax return using TurboTax, you may skip these steps and either print or download your tax return from your TurboTax Online account instead of following these instructions.

  • If you are seeking copies of a joint return, it is not essential for your spouse to sign Form 4506
  • Nonetheless, it is recommended that you do so.

Remember, with TurboTax, we’ll ask you a few easy questions about your life and assist you in filling out all of the necessary tax paperwork.

With TurboTax, you can be certain that your taxes will be completed correctly, whether they are basic or complex tax returns, regardless of your situation.

All you need to know is yourself

Provide straightforward answers to a few easy questions about your life, and TurboTax Free Edition will take care of the rest. Simple tax returns are all that are required. In the preceding article, generalist financial information intended to educate a broad part of the public is provided; however, customized tax, investment, legal, and other business and professional advice is not provided. Whenever possible, you should get counsel from an expert who is familiar with your specific circumstances before taking any action.

How do I print and mail my return in TurboTax Online?

If you’re seeking for information about the AGI from the previous year, go here.

  1. If you haven’t already, start or continue working on your tax return in TurboTax Online. ChooseFilefrom the left-hand menu
  2. You’ll notice three stages. If you haven’t previously, complete Steps 1 and 2 before moving on to Step 3 by selecting StartorRevisit. On theWe’ve concluded that filing your taxes by mail is the quickest and most convenient optionscreen, selectChangenext to your federal return and then selectFile by mailon the next screen. Make certain to save
  • If theFile by mailoption isn’t available, it’s likely that you previously chose to pay your TurboTax costs out of your tax return instead of using the option. If you want to file by mail, you’ll have to pay using a credit or debit card rather than your bank account. Learn how to switch your payment method from refund to credit or debit card by following the steps below. Once you’ve selected a different payment method, you’ll be presented with theFile by mail option, as explained before. Select this and go to Step 5 (If you are using the Free Edition of TurboTax: You will not be required to pay, but you may be required to register. It’s as simple as following the on-screen instructions after selectingFile by mail (as described above).
  1. Step 4 should be repeated for all of your state tax returns. To print your return, follow the on-screen instructions. The printing process will be interrupted if you haven’t paid any outstanding TurboTax fees
  2. If you haven’t, you will be required to do so before you may print.

If you only want the mailing address, you may find it on the filing instructions form that comes out with your printed copy of your tax return. In those instructions, you’ll find the address for the location. You may also look it up on this IRS page if you need it for your federal return.

How do I get a copy of a return I filed this year in TurboTax Online?

Gohereto discover a prior year’s tax return, and gohereto get the AGI from the previous year. For a copy of your 2018 tax return that you submitted this year, log into the account that you used to file your 2018 taxes and choose one of the following options:

  • Returns may be downloaded or printed by selecting Download/Print. If your return has been approved, you will get an email confirmation. Then scroll down to Your tax returns documents (selectShowif necessary) and click on Download/print return (PDF).

If you do not get your 2021 tax return, please contact us.

  • It’s possible that you’re in the wrong account. Check to see if you have any more accounts by using ouraccount recoverytool. It’s possible that you haven’t finished filing your taxes yet. If you see options such as My Info, Federal, State, Review, and File in the left menu, this indicates that you have not yet filed your taxes with the IRS. To do so, selectFile from the menu bar. As soon as you submit your taxes, you’ll be able to print a copy of your return.

It will contain additional documentation and computation worksheets for your files, but it will not include W-2s, 1099s, or any other tax-related paperwork from your job or financial institution such as a bank or brokerage firm. This is because TurboTax did not produce these forms.

How do I print and mail a return in the TurboTax for Windows CD/Download software?

It will contain additional documentation and computation worksheets for your files, but it will not include W-2s, 1099s, or any other tax-related paperwork from your job or financial institutions such as a bank or brokerage firm. This is because TurboTax does not create these forms.

  1. Select theFiletab near the top of the screen while your return is open in TurboTax
  2. Then click Continue. E-file Your Federal Return for FREE, then selectFile by mailnear the bottom of the next screen, E-file Your Federal Return for FREE
  3. Continue to go through the panels until you reach the Print Tax Return for Mailing screen. SelectContinue
  • Select Print Returns to Mail from the drop-down menu on the following screen. Then, in the pop-up box, choosePreview Print Copy from the menu.
  1. Once the preview has been launched, click on the printer icon towards the top of the screen (or pick Print from the Filemenu)
  2. Continue using TurboTax and follow any extra on-screen directions when you have completed your work
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Once the preview has been opened, click on the printer icon near the top of the screen (or pick Print from the Filemenu) to print the document. Continue using TurboTax and follow any extra on-screen instructions when you have completed the process;

How to Print Taxes on Turbo Tax

Turbo Tax, which is produced by Intuit, is the most widely used tax preparation software accessible to customers today. With this tool, you may prepare and submit your taxes from the comfort of your own home computer, using an Internet connection. Also available is the option to print your state and federal tax returns, which you can either mail in or save for your records. Start a new return in the Turbo Tax application by launching it. If you have files from prior years that you want to use, you can import them.

  • Select “PrintFile” from the drop-down menu at the top of the page.
  • A page will appear that allows you to save a PDF copy of your tax returns on to your computer by clicking on the Save button.
  • After you have saved your records, click on the “Print Returns” option.
  • There is no limit to how many forms you may print.
  • After you’ve decided the files you’ll need, click “Print” in the lower right-hand corner of the screen, and the printing process will begin immediately.

Verify that your documents are free of mistakes, especially if you want to mail them in as part of your filing process. After you have proofread your returns, they are ready to be sent off to the appropriate parties.

Free File: Do your Federal Taxes for Free

Turbo Tax, which is produced by Intuit, is the most widely used tax preparation software accessible to customers at the time of writing this article. By using this tool, you may prepare and electronically file your tax returns from the comfort of your own home. Printing your state and federal tax forms is another option, which may be used for both mailing and keeping records. Start a new tax return by using the Turbo Tax software. Files from past years can be imported if they are still available.

  • To print a file, select the “PrintFile” header at the top of the page.
  • A page will appear that allows you to save a PDF copy of your tax returns on to your computer by clicking on this link.
  • Save your records and then click the “Print Returns” button.
  • There is no limit to how many forms you may print.
  • The printing process will begin as soon as you select the files you want by clicking “Print” in the lower right hand corner.
  • After you have proofread your returns, they are ready to be sent out to the appropriate recipients.

Check from IRS Free File:

  • A free federal return is available to those with an Adjusted Gross Income (or AGI) of $73,000 or less. Simple questions must be answered. The arithmetic is done for you via guided preparation. Tax returns are filed on an IRS partner site. Some state tax preparation and filing services are provided for free

Select an IRS Free File Offer that meets your needs.

Fillable Forms

  • Suitable for people of all socioeconomic backgrounds
  • Free electronic forms that you may fill out and submit on your own
  • Possess the ability to prepare a paper tax return by referring to IRS forms, instructions, and publications. There is no help on tax preparation and just a few computations are offered.

What Is IRS Free File?

A public-private cooperation between the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and various tax preparation and filing software industry giants, the IRS Free File Program provides their brand-name products to the public for free. It offers two options for people who want to prepare and file their federal income tax returns online for no cost:

  • Guided Tax Preparation is a free online service that allows you to prepare and file your taxes at an IRS partner site. To the extent that they qualify, our partners provide this service at no charge to eligible taxpayers. Only taxpayers with an adjusted gross income of $73,000 or less are eligible for a free Federal tax return prepared by the IRS utilizing IRS Free File guided tax preparation. You may fill out Free File Fillable Forms online for free, which are electronic federal tax forms that are similar to a paper 1040 form. When choosing this option, you should be familiar with the process of preparing your own tax return. It is the only IRS Free File option offered to taxpayers with an adjusted gross income (AGI) in excess of $73,000
  • And

Find out what you need to get started, about your safeguards and security, about the forms that are accessible, and more about IRS Free File by reading on.

  1. You must begin by visiting to select a filing option. If you go straight to a company’s website, you will not be able to take advantage of the benefits that are presented here. Free File Fillable Forms, IRS Free File, assisted tax preparation, or IRS Free File are all options. Your browser will be taken to the IRS partner’s website, where you may register for a new account or log in to an existing account if you are a former user. Prepare and submit your federal tax return electronically

When your return has been approved by the IRS, you will get an email notification. The IRS Free File Program provides taxpayers with access to the most frequently submitted forms and schedules. The IRS Free File initiative is a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) between the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the Free File Alliance, a consortium of major tax preparation software providers. Online tax preparation firms that participate in the IRS Free File program provide free electronic tax preparation and filing of federal tax returns to qualified taxpayers.

Unlike a standard contractual agreement, the IRS Free File program PPP reflects a mix of joint accountability and teamwork that benefits the interests of taxpayers as well as the Federal government.

This non-profit, public-private collaboration is devoted to assisting millions of Americans in preparing and filing their federal income tax returns online for no cost. The Internal Revenue Service does not recommend any specific partner firm. You’ll Need to Provide Some Personal Information.

  • You will need a copy of your tax return from the previous year in order to retrieve your Adjusted Gross Income (AGI). Social Security numbers that are valid for you, your spouse, and any dependents, if applicable

Income and receipts are two different things.

  • Benefits from Social Security and Unemployment Compensation
  • All invoices relevant to your small business, if any
  • And any other documentation. Rental, real estate, royalties, partnerships, S corporations, and trust income are all examples of sources of income.

Other sources of income

  • Employment must provide W-2s, which indicate your annual salary from all of your employers. Form 1099-INT, which shows the interest that has been paid to you during the year. Form 1099-G, which details any refunds, credits, or offsets of state and local taxes that have been received
  • During the year, you will get Forms 1099-DIV and 1099-R, which will detail the dividends and distributions from retirement and other plans that were paid to you.

Filers under the ACA

  • Form 1095-A, Statement from the Health Insurance Marketplace. For further information, read the Affordable Care Act (ACA) Tax Provisions
  • Form 8962, Premium Tax Credit
  • And the Affordable Care Act (ACA) Tax Provisions.

A health insurance marketplace statement is contained in Form 1095-A, Health Insurance Marketplace Statement. Tax Provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA); Form 8962, Premium Tax Credit; and Tax Provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

  • It is necessary to sign and confirm your electronic tax return when you are self-preparing your taxes and filing them online. To prove your identity, utilize the AGI from the previous year or the self-select signature personal identifying number from the previous year (PIN). If you want to sign your electronic tax return, you should use a 5-digit self-select PIN, which may be any five digits (excluding all zeros) that you pick and will function as your electronic signature
  • If you do not know your AGI from the previous year but have a copy of your prior year tax return, you can utilize the IRS’s online calculator. Get a Tax Return Transcript self-help resources to obtain a tax return transcript reflecting your prior year’s adjusted gross income. There are two alternatives available to you:
  1. Using the IRS website, you may find out what your AGI was the previous year. Get a Tax Return Transcript self-help resources to obtain a tax return transcript reflecting your prior year’s adjusted gross income. Only the “Adjusted Gross Income” line item should be used. Access with Confidence: Instructions on how to register for some online self-help resources supplies you all the information you want in order to submit your request Using the Postal Service: Send your tax return by mail, and allow 5 to 10 days for it to arrive. Only the “Adjusted Gross Income” line item should be used.

Information about how to get in touch

  • You must have a valid email address in order to get notification from the Free File software business that your return has been approved by the IRS.

While it is being transmitted to the IRS, your information is safeguarded from any unwanted access. Without your informed and voluntary cooperation, Free File partner firms are prohibited from disclosing or using tax return information for reasons other than tax return preparation on your behalf. These businesses are also subject to the Federal Trade Commission’s Privacy and Safeguards Rules as well as the Internal Revenue Service’s e-filing laws. When you utilize IRS Free File, we do not collect or store any personal information about you.

  1. We may employ “temporary” or “session” cookies from time to time to ensure that you are the intended recipient of the information you have requested.
  2. Please keep in mind that IRS Free File may only be used to file your current year’s tax return.
  3. Tax returns for prior tax years can only be filed electronically by registered tax preparers for the two previous tax years in which they were filed.
  4. Prior year returns must be printed, signed, and mailed to the IRS.
  5. You may also look into the many professional organizations to which many tax preparers belong.
  • You must first establish or log into your tax account in order to examine your balance owing, payment history, or other information from your tax account. Receive the most up-to-date information on your return
  • Always remember to print your tax return after you have properly filed your return electronically. If you fail to print your return, you may acquire a free transcript by ordering one online. Your return will contain a greater or lesser amount of information, depending on the sort of transcript you ask for. Refer to the IRS Procedures Guide for further information on how to modify your mailing address on file. How to tell the Internal Revenue Service that my address has changed
  • Refer to the IRS Procedures guideline for more information on how to update your bank account information on file. In the event that I supplied an inaccurate routing or account number for direct deposit of my refund, what should I do? Direct Pay allows you to pay your individual tax bill or anticipated tax payment from your bank or savings account for no additional cost. Fill out the online application for a replacement Social Security benefit statementForm SSA-1099 You don’t have a bank account, do you? If you’re looking for a bank that offers an online account that meets your needs, visit the FDIC website. If you’re a veteran, the Veterans Benefits Banking Program will help you explore your possibilities (VBBP). You can also inquire about electronic payment possibilities with your tax preparer.
  • You may acquire a free federal tax return by completing the following form: To get started with Free File, you can pick a Free File company’s Free File offer after reviewing the criteria for the offer provided on, if you are a first-time user of the service. If you pick a program and meet the eligibility requirements, you will not be charged for the preparation and electronic filing of your federal tax return. After using IRS Free File last year, you will receive an email from the same firm that you used last year extending their warmest greetings and inviting you to use their official IRS Free File services once again. The email must include a link to the company’s IRS Free File site as well as instructions on how to file with the IRS through the site. The preparation and electronic submission of a federal tax return will be free if you use this email connection and meet the eligibility requirements. Fees for filing your federal tax return are not permitted. If you are eligible for the Free Submit Program, no participant will charge you anything to file your federal tax return with the IRS. If you choose to have your Federal tax return prepared by a Free File program partner, you will not be required to purchase any items or services (for example, promotional rebates) in exchange for this service. Free File does not include any bank items that charge a fee. IRS Free File requires that you not be given bank products that typically have product fees attached to them, such as refund transfer products (such as return anticipation loans (RALs), as part of the program. Free state returns may be available in the following cases: Some IRS Free File Program partner firms provide free state tax preparation as part of their services. Others levy a state-imposed tax. Make certain to thoroughly read the information provided by each firm. Each Free File Company ensures the accuracy of the return calculations in the following ways: This promise is made available on the Free File websites of each firm. It is possible to address any issues about accuracy directly with the firm that generated your tax return. You have a number of options: If you are not eligible for the IRS Free File offer, there are other options. When you have finished exploring the Free File website of a particular firm, you may return to the Free File website to look for a Free File offer that may be of interest to you. When you do not qualify for IRS Free File, each IRS Free File firm will offer you with information and a link back to the Free File website. Seek assistance if you require it: If you require assistance when doing your taxes on a company’s IRS Free File site, you may turn to the company’s free customer service choices
  • The IRS may assist you in locating a free option that meets your needs. In order to assist you in locating an offer that best suits your requirements, IRS Free File provides an IRS Free File online look-up tool. Get in touch with us – If you have a question regarding the IRS Free File Program, you may send an email to [email protected] or call 1-800-829-1040. This mailbox is solely for the purpose of receiving comments, criticism, or complaints regarding the Free File program. If you have any issues concerning your Free File tax return or tax legislation, you should contact the customer service department of your service provider. Non-Free File topics will not be responded to if they are submitted. Emailing any personal information, such as a Social Security number or a home or workplace address, is not recommended.
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If you have a query about the Free File Fillable Forms Program, please see theUser’s GuidePDF for more information. It is not possible to respond to questions or issues about Fillable Forms that are sent to this inbox.

How to Open Previous Tax Returns in TurboTax

If you have a query about the Free File Fillable Forms Program, please refer to theUser’s GuidePDF for further information. It is not possible to respond to questions or complaints about Fillable Forms that are submitted to this inbox.

If You Used the CD or Downloaded Version

If you purchased the TurboTax CD or downloaded the application from the internet, your tax return will be saved on your computer’s hard drive.

Because it is a tax data file (.tax file), you can only open it with the TurboTax software program. Hopefully, that program is still loaded on your computer, and you will be able to print a copy of your tax return from that location.

If You Prepared Your Taxes Online

If you utilized the online version of the product, you’ll need to log in with your TurboTax account information. It’s important to utilize the same account that you used to prepare your taxes this time around. To download the PDF, all you have to do is click on the “Documents” tab, then on the tax year you want to download, and lastly on the “Download PDF.” If you are unable to locate the return you are searching for, TurboTax recommends that you use the “Account Recovery” feature. This might be due to the fact that you are not logged in with the same account that you used to prepare it As a reminder, the Internal Revenue Service retains copies of your tax returns, so you may contact the agency if your computer or tablet has since been damaged, or if you are unable to get your return through TurboTax online for whatever reason.

You can submit your request to the IRS by mailingForm 4506along with your payment to the address shown on the form.

If you filed a joint marital return, you must provide your spouse’s name and Social Security number on the form; however, your spouse is not required to sign the form.

According to the IRS, you will have to wait about 75 days for your application to be processed.

IRS Transcripts Are Free

Another alternative is to request a tax transcript from the IRS, rather than a physical copy of your tax return, if you like. The Internal Revenue Service provides two types of transcripts, both of which are free: a tax return transcript and a tax account transcript. A transcript is, in essence, a condensed version of the information contained in your return, as well as your payment and refund history. Fill up and mail in Form 4506T-EZ if you want a transcript of your tax return, or Form 4506T if you want a transcript of your tax account.

It will take anywhere from five to thirty days to get your transcript, depending on whether you submit your request online or through the USPS mail.

Why you can’t print your TurboTax tax return

The Microsoft Black Tuesday updates for this month may have caused you to be unable to print your tax return this weekend, if you made the mistake of installing them. What is the root of the problem? Yet another fumbled fix to the bungled disaster that is the situation at the moment. Net Framework is an acronym for Network Framework. On Tuesday, Microsoft sent it to the bottom of the Automatic Updates queue. Until Friday, there was no formal confirmation of the problem on Microsoft’s official website.

  • Fortunately, there is a workaround that isn’t too difficult to implement.
  • I learned about the problem from users who were complaining that they were unable to print their TurboTax tax forms in time for this week’s filing deadline.
  • According to the guys at Intuit, “Following the installation of the most recent Windows update, you will be unable to print tax returns or tax forms in TurboTax for Windows Basic, Deluxe, Premier, HomeBusiness, and Business.
  • There is a flaw in the Net Framework.
  • We do know what the patch is intended to be used for.
  • The update is downloaded and installed automatically on systems running Windows 7, Windows 7 Service Pack 1, Windows Server 2008 SP2, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows 2008 R2 Service Pack 1, Windows Vista SP2, Windows XP SP3, and Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 2.
  • The APIs of the Net Framework 4 are pre-installed in Windows 8.
  • Save them as PDFs, and then print them using a PDF reading application such as Adobe Acrobat Reader or Foxit Reader.
  • It was initially published at with the title “Why can’t you print your TurboTax tax return?” With the InfoWorld Tech Watch blog, you’ll be the first to know what the most significant technology news truly means.

Follow on Twitter to stay up to date with the newest developments in business technology news. Copyright & Intellectual Property 2012 IDG Communications, Inc.

‎TurboTax: File Your Tax Return

Even if you hire a professional to prepare your taxes, you may still file for free. File your taxes on your own, with expert assistance, or hire a tax professional to complete it for you. Only the simplest of tax returns are accepted. File by the 15th of February. File your taxes for $0*with America’s #1 Free Tax Preparation Service. Last year, TurboTax was used to create more than 40 million tax returns. What’s the point of waiting? With TurboTax, you may get a Refund Advance of up to $4,000 in as little as 1 hour after your IRS E-file has been accepted (estimated late-Jan).

  1. When you want assistance, contact us.
  2. Both English and Spanish versions are available.
  3. You can be certain that your taxes are being done correctly using TurboTax, whether they are basic or complex tax forms, regardless of your scenario.
  4. Only the simplest of tax returns are accepted.
  5. Make a claim for a dollar amount.
  6. Guaranteed to be done correctly.
  7. As a result, you can be assured that your tax return will be completed correctly and on time.

Get connected with a professional tax expert who will take care of your taxes from beginning to end, keep you informed throughout the process, and review your taxes with you before filing.

Experts are available in real time in both languages.

We have actual tax specialists on staff, as well as trustworthy technology, to ensure that your taxes are completed correctly and in accordance with your specific tax position.

ExplainWhyTM – Learn the “why” behind your tax refund in just a few taps with ExplainWhyTM.

CompleteCheckTM will do an in-depth review of your return before you submit it, guiding you through any last modifications to ensure that you don’t miss anything and that your return is as accurate as possible.

Notifications will be sent directly to your phone or tablet, making it simple to stay informed about your e-file return status.

Import, upload, and take photographs of your W-2, 1099, and 1098 documents, answer a few easy questions about your life, and e-file your tax returns securely from the convenience of your iPhone or iPad.

You may complete your taxes from any location at any time.

See the following links for the complete disclosure and disclaimers:* (1)Details and disclosures regarding the Refund Advance offer are as follows:* (2)TurboTax Free Edition is only available for simple tax returns and does not include any further features.

(3)TurboTax Live Basic is only accessible for basic tax returns, and it is not available for complex tax filings.

It is necessary to file by March 31, 2022.

TurboTax Live Full Service Basic is only available for simple tax returns and does not include any further features.

The application must be submitted by February 15, 2022.

(4) Guaranteed to be 100 percent accurate by an expert-approved panel of judges: If you are assessed an IRS or state penalty (or interest) as a result of an error made by a TurboTax tax expert while giving topic-specific tax advice, conducting a section review, or serving as a signed preparer for your return, we will reimburse you for the penalty and interest assessed.

For further information, please see our Terms of Service.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

This version contains bug fixes and design refinements, just in time for the IRS e-file portal to launch on January 24th!

Ratings and Reviews

Even if you hire a professional to prepare your taxes, you may still file for free! Fill out your taxes on your own, with professional assistance, or hire a tax professional to complete your taxes for you. All you need is a straightforward tax return. By February 15, you must submit your application. Use America’s #1 free tax preparation service to file your taxes for $0*! TurboTax was used to prepare more than 40 million tax returns last year. What’s the point of holding off? In as soon as one hour after the IRS accepts your E-file, you may get up to $4,000 in Refund Advance funds (estimated late-Jan).

  • When you require assistance, contact us immediately.
  • English and Spanish versions are available.
  • Simple tax returns only cost $0 in federal, $0 in state, and $0 to file with the Free Edition.
  • GET EXPERT ASSISTANCE WITH YOUR APPLICATION FedState is completely free, and TurboTax LiveR Basic includes a complimentary professional final review.
  • I have till March 31st to submit my application.
  • TurboTax Live – Real tax professionals analyze and comment on your return.
  • As you prepare your taxes, you’ll have access to limitless help, as well as a final review by an accountant.

Fourth, TurboTax Live Full Service – Delegate your taxes to a tax professional who will do them on your behalf.

Simply touch to chat or live-stream with tax professionals whenever you need them, anywhere you are in the world.

We have actual tax specialists on staff, as well as trustworthy technology, to ensure that your taxes are completed correctly and in accordance with your particular tax position.

ExplainWhyTM – Learn the “why” behind your tax refund in only a few taps with this innovative technology.

CompleteCheckTM will do an in-depth scan of your return before you file it, guiding you through any last modifications to ensure that you don’t miss anything and that your return is filed with 100% correctness.

Notifications will be sent directly to your phone or tablet, making it simple to remain on top of your return status.

Fill out easy questions about your life and e-file securely from your iPhone or iPad.

With year-over-year data transfer of your past TurboTax return, you may get a 50 percent head start on your taxes.

Switch seamlessly between your devices and safely resume where you left off whenever it is most convenient for you.

For further information, please visit the website.

Information is available on the website.

This offer may be modified or terminated at any time by Intuit without prior notice.

Information is available on the website.

Intuit retains the right to alter or discontinue this offer at any moment without prior notice or liability.

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There are restrictions.

Version 8.2.1 is the most recent version available.

Your taxes, your way: whether you want to file on your own, get expert help with TurboTax Live, or have your taxes handled by our tax professionals with TurboTax Live Full Service, we have you covered with a variety of options!

This version contains bug fixes and design refinements, just in time for the IRS e-file portal to begin on January 24th.

Highly discourage if you invest

This software is excellent for generating standard working money, and I have used it for this reason for many years. However, if you are involved in regular stock trading or other types of frequent trade investing, the program will rapidly fall short. There is an additional fee for submitting with trading income, which must then be carefully entered manually, despite the fact that the data on all tax papers is quite clear and straightforward. This, in my opinion, detracts significantly from the app’s primary goal, which is to make filing your taxes quicker and easier in general.

  • As a result of having to continually go between this app and a PDF of your tax doc to copy and paste every date and amount, you lose the confidence of knowing that your taxes are being done correctly, as you are, for the most part, doing it yourself at this point.
  • Combine this with the fact that the app shuts in the background repeatedly while you are attempting to copy over your tax information, requiring you to reload the app and navigate back through multiple menus before you can really begin inputting your tax information again.
  • Therefore, I have to strongly oppose this practice for any novice or experienced traders and investors who believe that doing so will make submitting their tax returns easier.
  • Dear Sir or Madam, Please know that we appreciate you taking the time to provide this feedback.
  • Please be assured that we are constantly searching for ways to enhance our product, and that any suggestions you have will be shared with our app developers.
  • In terms of costs, you can evaluate and lower your fees before making a payment by visiting the following link: -Erika

Not free, no help when the IRS sends a letter, and still waiting for refund four months later

In early February, I filed my refund using the TurboTax app on my phone. Although the program was reasonably simple to use, traveling around in circles became tedious after a while. Unfortunately, there is no way to use the free version of the software. If you are required to file state taxes, as almost everyone is, you will be required to pay a fee of $40 per state. In my case, as a college student in another state, it implies two states, and hence $80 in total. There will be no student discount, of course.

  • Unfortunately, this did not turn out to be the case.
  • The Internal Revenue Service sent me a letter requesting that I complete a health insurance form that didn’t even relate to me.
  • Well, guess what?
  • I was no longer paying TurboTax at that point, so I decided to file my taxes on my own.
  • None of this assistance was provided by TurboTax, which directs you to FAQs that aren’t relevant to your situation.
  • This application is designed to appear simple at first glance, and it is, to some extent, but the headache it creates later on is not worth it.
  • Whatever you do, do not file your taxes using TurboTax.

By the way, I’m still waiting on my federal tax refund.

Your opinion is valuable to us, and we would want to work with you to solve the issues you’ve raised in your letter.

It may be necessary to update your TurboTax account if your tax situation necessitates using new forms that are only available in a more recent version of the software.

For further information, please see the following link: Keep in mind that any additional services, such as the Refund Processing Service, might add to the total amount you’ll be charged.

TurboTax’s help section, TurboTax Real Money Talk Community, provides a large number of articles that reflect the most recent changes in tax laws and regulations.

We recognize that your time is precious and appreciate you taking the time to evaluate our response today. I really hope that we will have the opportunity to earn back your confidence in the future. I -Minh

Terrible company and terrible app

I just want to file my taxes, is that something that is difficult? My W-2 is still in my possession, and none of my prior year’s information has changed, so why am I being forced to answer fifty questions regarding charitable contributions or donations to the presidential campaign? By the way, if this site favors Biden, then oh no, please don’t visit it. … I discovered the 1098 forum that I was told I needed, but it doesn’t tell you how to figure if the 1098 is divided between two individuals or five people.

  • Add to that the fact that they want me to pay them $34 for their premium package since my employer believes my stocks qualify as a retirement plan, despite the fact that I am only receiving $15 for it.
  • What the heck, here’s an idea!
  • It is like if I contributed the whole estate of Bill Gates to some random charity last year, and yet no cryptocurrency or charitable donations are made on my behalf.
  • Alternatively, because of my employment, I may always go to Jackson Hewitt since I am eligible for special deals as a result of my position.
  • We appreciate you taking the time to provide us with your comments.
  • TurboTax asks questions to acquire a better understanding of your tax situation so that we can recommend the most appropriate option for you.
  • For further details, you may refer to the following article: It is critical for us to have a deeper knowledge of the circumstances of your case in order to provide you with the best possible service, as everyone’s experience is different.
  • We look forward to receiving your message.
  • More information can be found in the privacy policy of the developer.

Data Used to Track You

The following information may be used to monitor your movements across many applications and websites controlled by different businesses:

Data Linked to You

The following information about you may be gathered and associated with your identity:

  • Transactional Information
  • Financial Information
  • Contact Information
  • User Content
  • Search History
  • Identifiers
  • Usage Data
  • Sensitive Information
  • Diagnostics

For example, depending on the features you use or your age, your privacy practices may be different. Read on to find out more


The seller is Intuit Inc., and the size is 277.7 MB. Compatibility iPhoneIt is necessary to have iOS 13.0 or later. iPad iPadOS version 13.0 or later is required. iOS 13.0 or later is required for iPod touch. Rating for those above the age of four Intuit Inc. retains ownership of the copyright.


It is only possible to access Turbotax prior returns if you utilized the system to submit your previous taxes. Otherwise, you can see previous years’ returns by logging into the system that you used to file your tax return for that year. Previous tax returns are also available through the IRS’s request system, which can be accessed at any time. It is a good idea to save your tax returns each year because they are frequently required for house loans and other financing transactions. Having the capacity to substantiate your income through tax returns is convenient, and making them readily available saves you time.

Turbotax for Previous Years

If you used Turbotax to file your tax returns, those returns are saved in your account for future reference. According to theTurbotaxcommunity, you must use the same account that you used throughout the filing procedure to submit your application. When a new tax year begins, it’s not unusual for people to start fresh with a new account, which allows them to distribute their returns among many accounts. Look through your emails for the information about your Turbotax account setup and, if required, reset your password to get access.

The option is found just below the “Tax Home” label on the left side of the screen.

This option only displays the years in which you submitted tax returns using Turbotax on your computer.

Save a Hard Copy

When you recover old tax returns using Turbotax, make a duplicate and save it in a location that is easily accessible. Print a paper copy to save in your file system, and preserve previous years’ returns on your computer for convenient access and sharing with other people. Finally, having specific tax files stored for each year eventually saves time and aggravation when the time comes to actually use them. Keep copies of any tax paperwork that may be linked with the transaction in these folders as well.

In the case of an audit, loan application, or any other critical financial activity, you will be able to demonstrate income and present your records in a logical and orderly fashion.

Recover From IRS

When it comes to tax preparation software for professionals and people, Turbotax is one of the best options available. However, it is unable to view returns that have not been submitted through a Turbotax account. For those, you can use the IRS method to get copies of previous tax returns. According to the IRS official website, you may obtain transcripts either online or by submitting a postal request form to the agency. Either choice is basic and simple to complete, thanks to the IRS’s clear instructions and access to other resources.

To complete the form, you must supply your Social Security number, date of birth, and the postal address that was used to file your previous tax return.

After filing Form 4506, it will take between five and ten days for the refunds to arrive in the mail.

A cell phone number is also required for the registration procedure, as is a credit card or financial account number, such as that of your mortgage provider, in order to establish your identification.

Tax Center: Forms, FAQ and TurboTax Discounts

  • Tax Infotab is a web-based application that provides tax-related information. One of three tabs is now active: TurboTax
  • Tax FAQs

Tax forms and Information.

Below you’ll find information on all of your tax paperwork, as well as links to other valuable sites.

Save with an IRA.

Learn how establishing and contributing to an IRA can result in possible tax savings for the contributor. Find out more about IRAs.

Maximize your tax refund.

Work toward achieving your financial objectives while maximizing the use of your tax refund. Here are some things to think about that may help you save, invest, and pay down debt more effectively.

IRAs from Schwab

Schwab provides you with the flexibility to invest in a variety of products through your IRA, including stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, bonds, Schwab Stock SlicesTM, and other options. Schwab provides further information on IRAs.

Investing Solutions

Schwab allows you to invest in a variety of assets via your IRA, including stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, bonds, Schwab Stock SlicesTM, and other options. Visit the Schwab website for further information about individual retirement accounts (IRAs).

Save money with TurboTaxUSAA.

Select one of the TurboTax Federal programs from the list below to take advantage of our limited-time deals.

Get unlimited tax advice with TurboTax Live.

Do you have tax-related questions? You may communicate with a tax professional throughout the year without having to schedule an appointment or leave your house. In addition, an expert will do a last review of your tax return before it is submitted. Learn More About TurboTax Live by clicking here.

1099 Tax Form Import Code

Due to a technical limitation, 1099 tax forms for USAA Federal Savings Bank and Life Company cannot be loaded into TurboTax automatically using an import code.

You do not need to use a code in order to take advantage of the reduced rate. If you previously utilized USAA to upload papers to TurboTax, you will now be required to manually enter your information. Tax FAQs may be found here.

TurboTax FAQ

Answers to your inquiries concerning TurboTax savings and downloading are provided here. Do you require assistance with TurboTax? Visit the TurboTax help website for more information. (This will open a new window.)


We can assist you in obtaining answers to typical inquiries concerning investing, TurboTax, and the paperwork that you get. If you have any questions regarding submitting your taxes, you may contact the Internal Revenue Service at 800-829-1040 or go to (Opens New Window).


Detailed account information for Schwab accounts: In 2020, Charles Schwab bought the USAA Brokerage and Managed Portfolio accounts businesses. This indicates that Schwab will deliver the tax forms for these accounts in the year 2021. For further information, please see

Victory Capital

Detailed account information for Victory Capital accounts: In 2019, Victory Capital purchased USAA Asset Management Company, which includes accounts for the USAA Mutual FundSee note ®and the USAA 529 Education Savings PlanSee note ®. This indicates that Victory Capital will send out the tax forms for these accounts in the year 2021. Please see for further details.

Life Insurance and Annuities

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