Where Do I Mail My Indiana State Tax Return? (Perfect answer)

for a list of instructions on submitting your Indiana tax return. Or you can pay with your return at this address: Indiana Department of Revenue. P.O. Box 7224.

If you are owed a refund, mail return to this address:

  1. Indiana Department of Revenue.
  2. P.O. Box 40.
  3. Indianapolis, IN 46206-0040.

When can I file my Indiana state tax return?

The 2021 Indiana State Income Tax Return forms for Tax Year 2021 ( Jan. 1 – Dec. 31, 2021 ) can be e-Filed together with the IRS Income Tax Return by the April 18, 2022 due date. If you file a tax extension you can e-File your Taxes until October 15, 2022 October 17, 2022 without a late filing penalty.

How do you pay Indiana state taxes?

How to Pay Indiana State Taxes

  1. Decide on your method of payment.
  2. Pay online using MasterCard, Visa or Discover at the Indiana state government ePay website (see Resources).
  3. Pay by mail by sending a check payable to: Indiana Department of Revenue P.O. Box 595 Indianapolis, IN 46206-0595.

What does the Indiana Department of Revenue do?

The Indiana Department of Revenue (DOR) has been serving Indiana and its diverse population and business community since 1947. DOR’s more than 700 dedicated team members administer over 65 different tax types and annually process nearly $21 billion of tax revenue including: Processing millions of tax returns.

How do I send my tax return by mail?

Use the U.S. Postal Service® to mail your tax return, get proof that you mailed it, and track its arrival at the IRS. Mail Your Tax Return with USPS

  1. Send to the Correct Address. Check the IRS website for where to mail your tax return.
  2. Use Correct Postage.
  3. Meet the Postmark Deadline.

How do I send my income tax return by post?

On receipt of the ITR-V form, the taxpayer has to sign the copy of the form (in blue ink) and need not send any supporting documents with it. The envelope should be sent to following address. Income Tax Department – CPC, Post Box No – 1, Electronic City Post Office, Bangalore – 560100, Karnataka, India.

Can I still mail my 2019 tax return?


Can I mail my tax return in a regular envelope?

Yes, you can use any color envelope. It’s also a good idea to mail your return using certified mail or a mailing service such as UPS or FedEx. This ensures you get a confirmation that the IRS received it.

What phone number is 800 829 0922?

If you want to call the IRS, make sure you call the right number: 800-829-0922. The letter says you have 60 days from the date of the letter to appeal or you can sue in federal court. You may want to hire a tax professional and you may qualify for low-income taxpayer clinics. They’re free or close to free.

Why can’t I Efile my Indiana state return?

If you have only a single W-2 and you are having trouble e-filing, please check the input of your W-2. If Box 16 (State Wages) is greater than Box 1 (Wages), then it you will not be able to e-file your return.

Is Indiana accepting tax returns?

“INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Department of Revenue (DOR) will start accepting filings for 2021 individual income tax returns on Monday, Jan. 24, 2022, in concert with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Do I have to file state tax in Indiana?

Full-Year Residents If you were a full-year resident of Indiana and your gross income (the total of all your income before deductions) was more than your total exemptions claimed, then you must file an Indiana tax return. A general rule of thumb is to file Indiana state taxes if your income is $1,000 or more.

Where to Mail Completed Tax Forms

In any correspondence with the Indiana Department of Revenue, please be sure you address the envelope to “Indiana Department of Revenue” (DOR). Customers who wish to provide information to the Indiana Department of Revenue on individual income taxes, for example, should address their correspondence to:Indiana Department of Revenue. Individual Income TaxP.O. Box 40Indianapolis, IN46206-0040Re: Individual Income Tax Alternatively, you can mail your return to one of the following addresses: When enclosing payment, please send it to the following address: Indiana Department of RevenueP.O.

Box 40, Indianapolis, IN 46206-0040.

Area Regarding Address City Zip
Aircraft Aircraft Registration P.O. Box 644 Indianapolis, IN 46206-0644
Alcoholic Beverage Alcoholic Beverage Excise Tax P.O. Box 6114 Indianapolis, IN 46206-6114
Business Administration BC-100 Business Closure P.O. Box 6197 Indianapolis, IN 46206-6197
Corporate Tax IT-20 or IT-20X Corporate Tax Return with Payment P.O. Box 7087 Indianapolis, IN 46207-7087
IT-20 or IT-20X Corporate Tax Return without Payment P.O. Box 7231 Indianapolis, IN 46207-7231
IT-20S S Corporation Tax Return with Payment P.O. Box 7205 Indianapolis, IN 46207-7205
IT-20S S Corporation Tax Return without Payment P.O. Box 7147 Indianapolis, IN 46207-7147
Correspondence P.O. Box 7206 Indianapolis, IN 46207-7206
FT-QP P.O. Box 7228 Indianapolis, IN 46207-7228
IT-6 Vouchers P.O. Box 7226 Indianapolis, IN 46207-7226
Fiduciary Form IT-41 with Payment P.O. Box 6192 Indianapolis, IN 46206-6192
Form IT-41 without Payment P.O. Box 6079 Indianapolis, IN 46206-6079
IT-41ES Vouchers P.O. Box 6192 Indianapolis, IN 46206-6192
Financial Institutions FIT-20 P.O. Box 7228 Indianapolis, IN 46207-7228
FT-QP Voucher P.O. Box 7228 Indianapolis, IN 46207-7228
Fireworks FPS-103 Voucher P.O. Box 7227 Indianapolis, IN 46207-7227
Fuel Tax Form AVF-1 P.O. Box 6114 Indianapolis, IN 46206-6114
Form MF-360 P.O. Box 510 Indianapolis, IN 46206-0510
Form REF-1000 P.O. Box 1971 Indianapolis, IN 46206-1971
Fuel Tax Returns P.O. Box 6080 Indianapolis, IN 46206-6080
Bonds and Licensing P.O. Box 6114 Indianapolis, IN 46206-6114
Gaming Card Excise Tax Form GCE-103 P.O. Box 2485 Indianapolis, IN 46206-2485
Individual Income Tax Correspondence P.O. Box 7207 Indianapolis, IN 46207-7207
Form IT-9 (Filing Extension) P.O. Box 6117 Indianapolis, IN 46206-6117
Forms IT-40, PNR and RNR (Enclosing payment) P.O. Box 7224 Indianapolis, IN 46207-7224
Forms IT-40, PNR and RNR (All others) P.O. Box 40 Indianapolis, IN 46206-0040
Form ES-40 (New Accounts) P.O. Box 6102 Indianapolis, IN 46206-6102
Form IT40-ES (Preprinted Vouchers) P.O. Box 7223 Indianapolis, IN 46207-7223
Form IT40-ES (PC Generated) P.O. Box 7225 Indianapolis, IN 46207-7225
Form SC-40 P.O. Box 6103 Indianapolis, IN 46206-6103
Post Filing Coupons (PFC) P.O. Box 1674 Indianapolis, IN 46206-1674
Proposed Assessment (AR-80) P.O. Box 1028 Indianapolis, IN 46206-1028
Inheritance Tax Inheritance Tax Division P.O. Box 71 Indianapolis, IN 46206-0071
Motor Carrier Services IFTA Section (Interstate) P.O. Box 6175 Indianapolis, IN 46206-6175
Operating Authority Section P.O. Box 6075 Indianapolis, IN 46206-6075
Intrastate Fuel P.O. Box 6081 Indianapolis, IN 46206-6081
Motor Vehicle Rental Excise Tax Form MVR-103/MVR-103CS P.O. Box 7089 Indianapolis, IN 46207-7089
Nonprofit IT-20NP P.O. Box 7228 Indianapolis, IN 46207-7228
Correspondence P.O. Box 7206 Indianapolis, IN 46207-7206
Form NP-20 P.O. Box 6481 Indianapolis, IN 46206-6481
Form NP-20A P.O. Box 6197 Indianapolis, IN 46206-6197
Other Advocate’s Office P.O. Box 6155 Indianapolis, IN 46206-6155
Appeals and Litigation P.O. Box 1104 Indianapolis, IN 46206-1104
Change of Address P.O. Box 6197 Indianapolis, IN 46206-6197
Copying Requests P.O. Box 723 Indianapolis, IN 46206-0723
District Office Returns P.O. Box 7152 Indianapolis, IN 46207-7152
Independent Contractors P.O. Box 6072 Indianapolis, IN 46206-6072
Power of Attorney POA-1 P.O. Box 7230 Indianapolis, IN 46207-7230
Special Investigations Unit P.O. Box 6480 Indianapolis, IN 46206-6480
Tax Due Notices P.O. Box 1028 Indianapolis, IN 46206-1028
Unidentified Checks Section P.O. Box 6154 Indianapolis, IN 46206-6154
Payment Services Demand for Payment (AR-40) P.O. Box 595 Indianapolis, IN 46206-0595
Partnership Tax IT-65 Partnership Tax Return with Payment P.O. Box 7205 Indianapolis, IN 46207-7205
IT-65 Partnership Tax Return without Payment P.O. Box 7147 Indianapolis, IN 46207-7147
Correspondence P.O. Box 7206 Indianapolis, IN 46207-7206
Sales Tax Form CIT-103 (County Innkeepers Tax) P.O. Box 6195 Indianapolis, IN 46206-6195
Form FAB-103(Food and Beverage Tax) P.O. Box 7229 Indianapolis, IN 46207-7229
Form ST-103 P.O. Box 7218 Indianapolis, IN 46207-7218
Form ST-103DR P.O. Box 6114 Indianapolis, IN 46207-7218
Form ST-103MP P.O. Box 6114 Indianapolis, IN 46207-7218
Form ST-103NC P.O. Box 7230 Indianapolis, IN 46207-7230
Form ST-103P P.O. Box 6193 Indianapolis, IN 46206-6193
Form TF-103 Tire Fee P.O. Box 6073 Indianapolis, IN 46206-6073
Tobacco Cigarette Tax P.O. Box 901 Indianapolis, IN 46206-0901
Cigarette Tax Returns P.O. Box 901 Indianapolis, IN 46206-0901
Cigarette Tax Stamps P.O. Box 901 Indianapolis, IN 46206-0901
Other Tobacco Products P.O. Box 6114 Indianapolis, IN 46206-6114
Utility Receipt Tax Form URT-1 P.O. Box 7228 Indianapolis, IN 46207-7228
URT-Q Vouchers P.O. Box 7228 Indianapolis, IN 46207-7228
USU-103 Vouchers P.O. Box 7206 Indianapolis, IN 46207-7206
Correspondence and USUT Registration Application P.O. Box 7228 Indianapolis, IN 46207-7228
Withholding Tax Form 1099 G P.O. Box 6104 Indianapolis, IN 46206-6104
Form WH-1 P.O. Box 7221 Indianapolis, IN 46207-7221
Form WH-1U P.O. Box 6192 Indianapolis, IN 46206-6192
Form WH-3 Requesting Refund P.O. Box 7220 Indianapolis, IN 46207-7220
Form WH-3 No Refund Due P.O. Box 6108 Indianapolis, IN 46206-6108
Correspondence P.O. Box 7222 Indianapolis, IN 46207-7222
Workers Compensation Clearance Form WCE-1 P.O. Box 2305 Indianapolis, IN 46206-2305


  • A revision to Form ST-109NP G now allows utility service providers, in addition to not-for-profit organizations, federal and state governments, to issue the document. Those providing utility services will be permitted to issue an ST-109NP G to other utility service providers from whom they are purchasing utility services for their own use or for resale to end consumers, according to the regulations. Exemption certificates for non-metered utility services, such as telecommunications services, have been amended, and the form and accompanying instructions have been revised to address the correct use of the certificate. A revision was made to the instructions as well, to make it clear that the certificate does not exclude a utility provider from collecting sales tax on payments made by a federal or state government instrumentality if the payment is not made directly by the federal or state government. Take note that any current exemption certificates that have been given for utility services provided by nonprofit organizations, state or federal government instrumentalities, or utility providers are still in effect and will continue to be valid. Only meters or services that have not already been granted exemption by the Department, or meter changes for accounts that are not subject to an existing blanket exemption, require the submission of an ST-109NP G.

Gov. Holcomb Announces all Hoosiers Taxpayers to Receive a Tax Refund

  • According to the Department of Revenue, at this time, there is no new information on the forthcoming $125 automatic tax refund. The General Assembly is now working on legislation that would streamline the refund procedure as well as solve eligibility issues for refunds. Once the legislation establishing the automatic tax refund is enacted into law, the Department of Revenue (DOR) will submit qualified taxpayer information to the Auditor’s office, which will then issue the refund. The Department of Revenue (DOR) advises that taxpayers submit their 2021 individual income tax forms electronically and choose direct deposit for their 2021 Individual Income tax refund (if applicable) in order to accelerate the automated tax refund process.

School Scholarship Tax Credit Update

  • Individuals or companies who make charitable contributions to scholarship-granting organizations may be eligible for a tax credit for their contributions (SGOs). For the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2021, and ending June 30, 2022, the tax credit program has the potential to award up to $17.5 million in credits. Information about the School Scholarship Tax Credit may be found on the Scholarship website, where you can also sign up for email updates.

Increase in Gasoline License Tax and Special Fuel License Tax

P.L. 218-2017 requires the department to publish the revised rates for the gasoline license tax (IC 6-6-1.1-201) and the special fuel license tax (IC 6-6-2.5-28), which will take effect on July 1, 2021, on the department’s Internet website no later than June 1, 2021, unless an extension is granted. The following rates will be in force from July 1, 2021, through June 30, 2022, for the duration of the period:

  • The gasoline license tax is $0.32 per gallon, while the special fuel licensing charge is $0.53 per gallon.

The Department of Revenue provides access to the Tax Library, information on appeals, and the Rulemaking Docket. Find contact information for certified software businesses who are interested in providing online tax filing services to Indiana taxpayers on this page. DOR’s quarterly newsletter, as well as important information for tax professionals, may be found on their website. Indiana’s Department of Revenue (DOR) has teamed with FAST Enterprises, LLC to advance the state’s tax administration to the next level.

INDIANA – Where to File Addresses for Taxpayers and Tax Professionals

and you are filing a Form. and youARE NOTENCLOSING A PAYMENT, then use thisaddress. and youAREENCLOSING A PAYMENT, then use thisaddress.
1040 Department of the TreasuryInternal Revenue ServiceKansas City, MO 64999-0002 Internal Revenue ServiceP.O. Box 931000Louisville, KY 40293-1000
1040-ES N/A Internal Revenue ServiceP.O. Box 931100Louisville, KY 40293-1100
1040-ES(NR) N/A Internal Revenue ServiceP.O. Box 1300Charlotte, NC 28201-1300
1040V N/A Internal Revenue ServiceP.O. Box 931000Louisville, KY 40293-1000
1040X Department of the TreasuryInternal Revenue ServiceKansas City, MO 64999-0052 Department of the TreasuryInternal Revenue ServiceKansas City, MO 64999-0052
4868 Department of the TreasuryInternal Revenue ServiceKansas City 64999-0045 Internal Revenue ServiceP.O. Box 931300Louisville, KY 40293-1300
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Indiana Tax Return: How Do I File My Return?

Are you intending on completing and filing your tax return on your own time? If yes, do you know where you can go to obtain the necessary forms and how to submit them to the right authorities? Our discussion today will center on where to get Indiana tax forms as well as how to submit them.

Where Can I Find Indiana Tax Forms?

There are a variety of resources available to help you locate the tax forms you need to submit your taxes in the state of Indiana. The Indiana Department of Revenue’s website offers the option of downloading the necessary paperwork. This is the quickest and most convenient approach. Indiana tax forms may be found at this link. State tax forms are accessible at a number of post office locations. Tax forms may also be available at your local library. The library will offer computers and a printer, so you may print your own forms if you don’t have one.

The state tax forms are also available at your local Indiana Department of Revenue office.

How Do I File My Indiana Tax Return?

The opportunity to file and pay your tax return online is available to you. To pay by mail, you can send a copy of your official tax papers as well as your completed tax forms to the Indiana Department of Revenue (Indy). If you do not owe any money to the state of Indiana, you should submit your tax paperwork and forms to the location shown below instead. Remember to check the Indiana Department of Revenue’s website before mailing your return to confirm that the mailing address has not changed.): Indiana Department of RevenueP.O.

Remember to check the Indiana Department of Revenue’s website before mailing your return to confirm that the mailing address has not changed.): Indiana Department of RevenueP.O.

Box 7224Indianapolis, IN 46207-7224Individuals and businesses are encouraged to contact the Indiana Department of Revenue. Individuals with limited financial resources may be able to obtain filing assistance from their local Department of Revenue office.

Your Indiana Tax Resource

Are you unsure of what to do when it comes to submitting your taxes? Do you have any doubts about whether or not you completed the form correctly? Are you concerned that you may have missed a tax deduction opportunity? Baker Retirement and Wealth Management, PC is staffed with tax specialists that are ready to assist you. Our team works with individuals and companies in and around the greater Evansville region to achieve their goals. We strive to make the process of filing your taxes and keeping your finances in order as simple as possible for you.

If you’re in the area, we’d love to meet you in one of our four office sites in Evansville, Newburgh, Owensville, or Boonville.

Free Consultation with a CPA, CFP, or M.S.

More information can be found at Jeff Baker has written a number of other posts.

Owing Money to the Indiana Department of Revenue

If you owe a real sum and are in a position to pay it in full, you should do so as soon as possible after discovering the debt. The sooner you pay off your amount, the less interest and penalties you’ll have to pay in the future. If you prefer to make your payments over the phone, you can do so by dialing 317-232-2240. You may make a payment online by going to the website.

If You Can’t Pay It Now, Pay It Over Time

If you are unable to pay your Indiana tax debt in full right away, you may be able to set up a payment plan with the state. The terms of your payment plan are determined by the entity responsible for collecting your Indiana tax obligation. It’s possible that one or more of the three agencies listed below are attempting to collect on your Indiana tax obligation. The collection agency responsible for collecting your Indiana tax debt is determined by the length of time you have owing your Indiana tax bill.

There are three stages of collection of back Indiana taxes.

1) First and foremost, the Indiana Department of Revenue makes an attempt to collect your Indiana back tax obligation by sending you requests via the United States Postal Service. A payment plan with the Indiana Department of Revenue can be established by contacting 317-232-2240 or visiting their website. In some cases, depending on the amount of tax you owe, you may have as much as 36 months to settle your tax liability. A tax lien on your Indiana property is created if your Indiana tax debt is not paid at this stage.

  • If the Indiana Department of Revenue is unable to collect the tax obligation, the debt will be transferred to the Sheriff’s Department of your Indiana County.
  • Because your Indiana County Sheriff is now in charge of collecting the debt, he or she will be driven by the prospect of receiving a collection fee.
  • If you have not established payment arrangements, the Sheriff’s Department in your Indiana County may schedule a hearing at which you will be forced to participate.
  • If the tax obligation is not collected by your Indiana County’s Sheriff, the debt is transferred to United Collection Bureau, Inc.
  • A common practice for UCB is to impose bank levies and wage garnishments.
  • With UCB, you have a restricted number of payment alternatives.

Sometimes nothing less than immediate full payment will stop UCB’s collection efforts, whilst other times you may be required to make considerable down payments followed by a short number of months’ repayment to avoid collection operations.

What if Indiana Department of Revenue says that I owe it money, but I don’t think I owe it or I think I owe a lot less that the bill I was sent?

When you fail to file a tax return (or a sales, withholding, or food and beverage voucher), the Indiana Department of Revenue has the authority (and typically does) to file a tax return on your behalf with the IRS. These “estimated” or “best information available” returns frequently result in balances that are considerably inflated compared to the actual returns. In the event that you submit a real tax return in lieu of the Indiana Department of Revenue’s anticipated tax return, your amount would be significantly reduced, if not completely eliminated.

Why am I getting calls from United Collection Bureau, Inc?

In the event that you are a current or former Indiana resident who owes, or may owe, a tax liability to the Indiana Department of Revenue, United Collection Bureau, Inc (“UCB”) will contact you in order to seek to collect Indiana taxes from you. U.S. Collections Corporation (UCB) is a debt collection organization that specializes in student loan debt and tax debt. UCB is the only collection agency that has been contracted by the Indiana Department of Revenue to collect past-due income taxes. In order to collect, they use aggressive collection procedures that often include bank levies and wage garnishments.

I received a tax warrant from my Indiana County Sheriff’s Department. Are they coming to arrest me?

No. Generally speaking, a tax warrant is simply another name for a tax bill in Indiana. If you’ve recently gotten an Indiana tax warrant, no one will be arriving to take you into custody. However, if your County Sheriff schedules a time and location for you to appear to discuss payment of your tax bill, you must come and meet with your Sheriff’s department about your tax bill unless you have previously discussed payment with their office and your attendance is not necessary. If you fail to appear at a meeting or hearing to discuss your tax obligation that has been scheduled by your County Sheriff’s Office, you may be issued a Bench Warrant.

What if I can’t fully pay my back Indiana taxes or even afford the payment plans offered by the Indiana Department of Revenue, my Indiana County’s Sheriff Department, or United Collection Bureau, Inc?

You still have alternatives available to you. 1. Seek outside assistance– Consult with a tax attorney who is familiar with dealing with past-due Indiana taxes. If you find yourself in a predicament where you are unable to pay your tax debt in full, you are likely balancing IRS tax debt, Indiana tax debt, and other financial obligations. A strategy that takes your overall financial situation into consideration is the best course of action to pursue. Hiring a tax attorney to help you develop and implement this approach may save you a great deal of misery, time, and money in the long run.

Go Directly to the Source– Those who owe Indiana taxes but are unable to pay them in full or in accordance with the payment options offered by the Indiana Department of Revenue, the Indiana County Sheriff, or United Collection Bureau, Inc.

However, despite the fact that this office is understaffed and its documentation requirements are onerous, the service it provides to Indiana taxpayers is vital.

It may not be able to assist you immediately (this is especially true if you are subjected to a bank levy or wage garnishment), but if you furnish it with the documentation it requires, the Taxpayer Advocate Office will be able to assist you.

Prepare, eFile Your Indiana State Tax Return For 2021 in 2022

Indiana “The Hoosier State” is a state in the U.S. state of Indiana. It is possible to e-File the Indiana State Income Tax Return forms for Tax Year 2021 (which runs from January 1 to December 31, 2021) with the Internal Revenue Service Income Tax Return before the April 18, 2022 due date. In the event that you submit a tax extension, you can e-File your taxes until October 15, 2022October 17, 2022 without being penalized for late filing. Alternatively, if you owe taxes and fail to pay them on time, you may be subject to late tax payment penalties.

  • Fill up your Indiana and IRS tax returns, including resident, nonresident, and part-year resident returns, right now.
  • This is not a policy of eFile.com, but rather a policy of the Internal Revenue Service and state agencies.
  • However, there is some good news, so please continue reading.
  • Please note that you cannot eFile an Indiana 2021 tax return.
  • Ensure that only an IN State Return is prepared.
  • Extension of the Indiana Income Tax Amendment to the Indiana Income Tax Code Indiana Late Filing and Tax Payment Penalties, IRS Late Filing and Tax Payment Penalties 1.
  • 2.
  • Penalties from the Internal Revenue Service: Calculate and estimate your probable IRS Income Tax Return Penalties.
  • The amount of your deductible depends on your federal adjusted gross income, how much unemployment compensation you receive, and whether you are a single or married couple filing jointly.

2022 Indiana Income Tax Filing Deadlines by Tax Year

The majority of the deadlines listed here are for the Tax Year 2021, which begins on January 1, 2020. Some deadlines are for prospective tax years, while others are for the IRS or the federal government. DeadlineTypeDescription The date is April 18, 2022. Income Tax Return for the Tax Year 2021 Up to October 15, 2022, you can prepare and electronically file an IRS tax return (due date April 18, 2022) as well as an Indiana state income tax return (due date April 18, 2022). – eFileIT* Income Tax Extension till April 18, 20222021.

  • It is the last day to file an Indiana state income tax return for the year 2021 if you are filing a tax extension or if you are filing late.
  • eFileIT* will be available on October 15, 2022 and October 17, 2022 using mail-in forms.
  • After the April 18, 2022 Indiana Tax Extension, you must file your Tax Year 2021 Income Tax Return.
  • If you want to do so, the eFileIT* deadline is Oct.
  • 17, 2022).
  • All Tax Years Are Affected by the Tax Amendment IRS Due Dates and Expiration Dates IRS Tax Return, Extension, and Amendment Deadlines for the years2022, 2023, and beyond Various other state deadlines for tax returns, extensions, and amendments include2022, 2023, and beyond.

The IRS Tax Return Refund Claim Deadline has been extended. The deadline to file your Indiana Income Tax Return Refund for the year 2021 – you will not be penalized for filing late – and receive your refund. If you owe income taxes for the year 2021, this deadline does not apply to you.

E-file These 2021 Indiana State Tax Forms

Prepare and eFile these state tax forms for 2021 in conjunction with your federal and state income tax returns to avoid penalties and interest. As you progress through the tax interview on eFile.com, the program will automatically identify and choose the appropriate state forms for you. You can also choose certain tax forms on an individual basis. All of these forms will be sent electronically to the state tax department by you. Instructions on how to prepare merely a state income tax return are provided.

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This is not an eFile.com policy, but it is required that all online tax web sites conform to the IRS/state-issued tax data sharing policy in order to operate.

Instructions on how to just prepare and submit your state income tax return are provided here (s).

Now is the time to compare.

How to File an Indiana Tax Extension

In the event that you are confident that you will not be able to file your Indiana tax return by the deadline, you can either pay the taxes online or complete and fileForm IT-9by April 18, 2022 to request a 60-day extension of time to file your Indiana tax return until the next deadline (not to pay taxes owed). The extended tax return due date is October 15, 2022, and the extended tax return deadline is October 17, 2022. If you file Form 4868, request a federal tax extension, and pay at least 90 percent of the taxes owing to the state, you will automatically be granted an extension of time to file your Indiana state tax return, and you will not be required to file Form IT-9, which is a separate form.

  • Prepare an Indiana tax return with eFile.com to determine how much Indiana state income tax you will owe and how much you will save.
  • IRS late payment penalties should be calculated and estimated.
  • The Indiana/IRS eFile deadline has been extended to October 15, 2022 (eFileIT*) and October 17, 2022 (eFileIT).
  • Payment Options for Indiana State Taxes Either after you have e-filed or manually submitted your 2020 Indiana Tax Return, you can choose from one of the payment options listed below.
  • Also available is the ability to make online Indiana tax estimate payments for the upcoming tax year.
  • payer tax return, extension form, or tax estimate form).
  • Make certain that you pick “Individual Tax Return (IT-40)” and that the appropriate tax year and filing status are selected.

First Name, Last Name, SSN, Phone Number, Address etc).

Following the submission of your payment, you will be presented with a “Payment Confirmation” screen.

If you wish to pay your taxes owing using your bank account, this is a free alternative for you to use.

Select the “Individual Tax Return (IT-40)” option from the drop-down menu after you’ve arrived at the site, and then follow the on-screen steps to input and submit your information (e.g.

If you wish to pay your tax payment using your credit or debit card, choose “Credit Card” from the payment option drop-down menu.

Check or money order are acceptable forms of payment.

You should make your check out to the “Indiana Department of Revenue.” Please send them to the address shown below.

Tax Payment Options based on an Estimate Select one of the following options: 1) Submit your projected payment to the Indiana Department of Revenue by visiting their website.

2) Pay by ACH Debit, which is the electronic transfer of tax payments from your bank account.

3)Make a payment using your credit or debit card on Indiana’s website (choose the “Individual Estimated IT-40ES” option).

4) Fill out voucherForm ES-40 to the best of your ability.

Your Social Security numbers should be written on the cheque or money order.

If you prefer to submit approximated taxes rather than submitting all of your taxes at once, you can do so using one of the payment alternatives listed below.

You have the option of making tax extension and tax estimation payments.

You may eFile on eFile.com for free if you have an extension.

All tax payers will appreciate the ease that eFile.com provides with these payment methods.

Addresses for correspondence Addresses where you may submit Indiana tax returns, amendments, extensions, or tax payments, as well as tax payments.

Address your tax return to P.O.

IN Tax Return: P.O.

Tax Extension Payments, which contain Form IT-9, are also accepted.

See the preceding paragraph.

Box 6117 Indianapolis, IN 46206-6117 IN Tax Estimate Payments, which comprise Form ES-40, are included.

Box 6102 Indianapolis, IN 46206-6102 Other states, territories, and protectorates of the United States. TurboTax ® is a trademark of Intuit, Inc. and is used under license. HRB Innovations, Inc. owns the trademark H R Block ®, which is a registered trademark of the company.

Where’s my refund – Indiana?

To check the status of your Indiana state refund online, go to You will be requested to input the following information in order to access status information:

  • Social Security number
  • The amount of your refund on your tax return
  • The tax year

Then, to check on the progress of your refund, click on “Check Status.” Additionally, you can contact the Indiana Department of Revenue’s automated information line at 1-313-234-4018 for more information. Please have your Social Security number and the exact dollar amount (does not include pennies) of your return available when you call. Please allow two to three weeks for the return to be processed before contacting us. If you still have questions about your tax return after calling the automated line, you can call the Department of Revenue at 1-317-9232-2240, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m.

Eastern Standard Time.

What can cause a delay in my Indiana refund?

  • Depending on whether the department has to verify the information on your return or seek more information, the procedure may take longer. Inaccuracies in your return’s math or other changes
  • In order to complete your tax return, you used more than one form type. Your response contained insufficient or incorrect information

Need more Indiana refund and tax information?

Whether you schedule an appointment with one of our experienced tax professionals or use one of our online tax filing tools, you can rely on H R Block to provide you with the assistance you require when it comes to completing your tax returns. Do you want to know how far along your federal refund is? For more information on when you will get your federal return, please see ourWhere’s My Refundpage.

DOR Tax Return Mailing Addresses

What address should I use to send my Income and Fiduciary Tax Returns? WisconsinForm 1 must be filed with the Wisconsin Department of Revenue, which may be found at: If there is a refund or no tax to pay Madison, WI 53785-0001 PO Box 59 Madison, WI 53785-0001 If there is a tax payable, Madison, WI 53790-0001 PO Box 268 Madison, WI 53790-0001 If you want to claim your homestead credit, write to PO Box 34Madison, WI 53786-0001. WisconsinForm 1NPR should be sent to the Wisconsin Department of Revenue at the following address: If a refund or no tax is payable Madison, WI 53785-0001 PO Box 59 Madison, WI 53785-0001 If there is a tax payable, Madison, WI 53790-0001 PO Box 268 Madison, WI 53790-0001 If you are filing WisconsinForm 2, you should send your return to the Wisconsin Department of Revenue at: If tax is due, or if you are submitting Schedule CC to request a closing certificate, you should send your return to the Wisconsin Department of Revenue at: If tax is due, or if you are submitting Schedule CC to request a closing certificate, you should send your return to the Wisconsin Department of Revenue at: Madison, Wisconsin 53708-8918 PO Box 8918 Madison, Wisconsin 53708-8918 All other trusts and estatesPO Box 8965Madison, WI 53708-8965All other trusts and estates If your remittingestimation is incorrect, Wisconsin income tax payments are made in the following ways: Form 1-ES, together with a voucher Wisconsin Department of RevenuePO Box 3028Milwaukee, WI53201-3028Wisconsin Department of Revenue You must submit Form W-RA and any accompanying attachments to the Wisconsin Department of Revenue if you want to file an individual electronic filing with a mandatory attachment (Form W-RA).

  • Wisconsin Department of RevenuePO Box 8977Madison, WI 53708-8977Wisconsin Department of Revenue What address should I use to send my company tax returns?
  • Wisconsin Department of RevenuePO Box 8965Madison, WI 53708-8965Form 5S:Wisconsin Department of RevenuePO Box 8965Madison, WI 53708-8965 Form 4 or Form 6: Electronic filing is necessary for Form 6 unless an approvedEFT-102is on file with the Department.
  • Wisconsin Department of RevenuePO Box 8908Madison, WI 53708-8908Wisconsin Department of Revenue Form DRY-012, with with payment, should be mailed to: Wisconsin Department of RevenuePO Box 8946Madison, WI 53708-8946.
  • Form 3 should be mailed to the following address: Wisconsin Department of RevenuePO Box 8965Madison, WI 53708-8965 It is necessary to file a Pass Through Withholding Return electronically unless the Department already has an authorized EFT-102 on file with the Department of Revenue.
  • Wisconsin Sales and Use Tax Returns–Mailed to: Wisconsin Department of RevenuePO Box 8921Madison, WI 53708-8921 Withholding Tax Reports–Electronic filing is necessary unless an approvedEFT-102is on file with the Department of Revenue.
  • Form WT-7 should be mailed to the following address: Wisconsin Department of RevenuePO Box 8981Madison, WI 53708-8981 What address should I use to send my information returns?

Penalties are applied if there are ten or more paper returns. Wisconsin Department of RevenuePO Box 8920Madison, WI 53708-8920When completing the forms, make sure to include your 15-digit Wisconsin tax account number and return them to:Wisconsin Department of RevenuePO Box 8920Madison, WI 53708-8920

  • Please do not submit a federal or state transmittal form with your submission. There is no need to submit a transmittal form.

I’m sending my return package through a private delivery service. What is the best mailing address to use? P.O. Boxes are not acceptable delivery locations for private delivery services. If you are submitting information about your tax return to the department by a delivery service, you must give the following street address for the department: Wisconsin Department of Revenue is located at 2135 Rimrock Road in Madison, Wisconsin 53713.

Filing: Taxes: Living in the U.S.: Office of International Services: Indiana University

The vast majority of international students and scholars are required to submit a federal income tax return. Even if they do not have income subject to withholding, nonresident students, teachers, and trainees who are in the United States on a F visa or a J visa must submit a return if they have income that is subject to withholding, regardless of whether or not tax is withheld. You may, however, be required to file Form 8843 regardless of whether or not you made revenue. More information on Form 8843 may be found here.

  1. Aside from this, depending on your individual circumstances, you may also require extra papers such as a 1098, 1099, or W-2G.
  2. If you were working in the United States, your employer will issue you a W-2 form, which stands for Wage and Tax Statement.
  3. The W-2 also reveals how much money was deducted from your paycheck to pay for federal, state, and local taxes over the previous year.
  4. If you get a scholarship or grant that is not related to your work and that is not for tuition or other “qualifying” costs, you will be issued a 1042-S form by the IRS.
  5. You may also receive a Form 1098-T, which is a tax return.
  6. The 1098-T informs you that you were a student at Indiana University.
  7. You should submit a 1040NR or a 1040NR-EZ depending on your situation.
  8. In general, you can submit Form 1040NR-EZ (as well as Form 8843) if you fulfill the requirements listed below:
  • You do not have any dependents to claim. The IRS prohibits you from claiming yourself as a dependant on another person’s tax return (such as your parents’ return). It is estimated that your taxable income is less than $100,000. You are not eligible for any tax credits. You are married, yet you do not claim a spouse’s exemption on your taxes

There are some exceptions, so be sure to review the 1040NR-EZ instructions for more information on the specific criteria. Fill out and submit Form 1040NR-EZI. In the event that you do not meet all of the requirements for filing a 1040NR–EZ, you must file Form 1040NR instead (and Form 8843). Fill out Form 1040NR and send it in. It is customary for tax returns to be filed by April 15th of each year. However, the U.S. government changed the date to July 15 in 2020 because of COVID-19. The Internal Revenue Service website provides information on where to send various tax forms.

Students at IU’s Maurer School of Law also offer free tax assistance through the IRS’s Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program.

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The IU Office of International Services also makes a third-party, online tax preparation tool available to all international students and scholars who are considered nonresidents for tax purposes.

The Substantial Presence Test is used to assess whether you would be deemed a U.S.

The test uses a formula that includes the number of days you have been physically present in the United States during the current year and the two previous years. Form 8843 supports a claim to omit your days of presence here, so you can be categorized as a nonresident for tax reasons.

State to return $125 to each Hoosier taxpayer in automatic tax refund in 2022

  • Because state income statistics for the fiscal year 2021 were greater than predicted, the state will refund $125 to each Hoosier taxpayer once they submit their taxes in 2022. When Indiana officials stated in July that the state’s taxpayers would get a total refund of $545.3 million, they did not specify how much money each individual taxpayer would receive at the time of the announcement. According to Indiana law, if Indiana’s reserves are 12.5 percent or greater of general fund appropriations, excluding K-12 education reserves, Hoosiers are entitled to a portion of that money back from the state. Indiana concluded its fiscal year 2021 at the beginning of July with roughly $4 billion in reserves, which is equal to 23 percent of its total expenditures, according to the state. Some of the additional money was used to pay down debt linked with a teacher pension fund, while $545 million was returned to the state’s 4.3 million residents as tax relief. Of a statement, Gov. Eric Holcomb claimed that “despite a pandemic, Indiana exceeded all expectations and completed the state fiscal year with an unparalleled amount in reserves.” It is our responsibility to return this money to the hands of taxpayers rather than leaving it in the hands of the government. During the 2022 session, House Speaker Todd Huston said legislative leaders will collaborate with Holcomb’s office to pass legislation to help streamline the process and make an additional 910,000 taxpayers eligible for the credit. These taxpayers pay income taxes but do not earn enough money to file a return, according to Huston. Following the passage of that law, taxpayers will get their refunds either by cheque or by direct deposit, depending on how they filed their 2021 income tax forms. More: Holcomb has announced funding for regional regeneration. Here’s the breakdown of how much Central Indiana won. During the administration of former Governor Mitch Daniels, the last time Hoosiers got an automatic taxpayer return was in 2013. Earlier this year, Chris Johnston, director of the Indiana Office of Management and Budget, attributed the state’s strong revenue numbers in fiscal year 2021 to Indiana’s ability to quickly restore its income tax revenues to levels prior to COVID-19, as well as to federal assistance provided through unemployment benefits, money for state governments, and checks to individuals. Despite the fact that state revenues have continued to surpass estimates through the fiscal year 2022, it is possible that Indiana residents could get further automatic tax refunds in future years. Between July and the end of November, sales increased by $644 million, exceeding expectations for the month of April. The State Budget Committee is scheduled to convene on Thursday, December 16 in order to get an update on the state’s revenue outlook. Call 317-432-9270 to speak with IndyStar writer Kaitlin Lange. Alternatively, you may follow her on Twitter: @kaitlin lange

Tax Return Transcript

If you are reading this page, it is likely that you have received notification that the Office of Student Financial Aid requires further information in order to continue processing your aid application. By entering back into the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and choosing the option for “IRS Data Retrieval,” students can give financial information to financial aid administrators. Alternatively, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will offer a tax return transcript upon request.

Instructions on Data Retrieval from the FAFSA

According to the Indiana State University, students who have been selected for verification should submit all of the required documentation by July 1. This provides enough time for verification to be completed before invoices for the fall semester are required to be paid. Documents can be sent through Secure File Upload, U.S. mail, or fax. Indiana State University220 N 7th St150 Tirey HallTerre Haute, IN 47809Office of Student Financial AidIndiana State University220 N 7th St150 Tirey HallTerre Haute, IN 47809 Fax: (812) 237-4330 or (812) [email protected]@mail.indstate.edu Students should include their University ID Number (991) on any documents they submit in order to speed up the processing time.


  • Assistance with Verification
  • Extenuating Filing Circumstances
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Financial Aid
  • Contact Us
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey

Are you still unable to locate your answers? Please get in touch with us!

International Tax Return Information – Human Resources

Do not rush to file your tax return; instead, take your time and ensure that you file the right tax return the first time. In order to submit a tax return as a nonresident alien, you must use TurboTax or another electronically filed software package that does not check for citizenship or tax residency; these products do not support the nonresident return. You will be required to revise your tax return and repay any refunds that were given to you in mistake. Even if you are not currently in the United States, you must prepare and send U.S.

  • income in 2021, regardless of where you are located.
  • All income and treaty exemption payments derived in the United States must be recorded and lodged on the yearly US tax return.
  • taxation because of a treaty (regardless of amount).
  • Taxpayers in the United States are subject to a calendar year reporting system, which means that income earned between January 1 and December 31 will be reported for that year.
  • Any additional money earned while residing or working in another state must be reported to the appropriate state agency.
  • if you previously worked for another company, you will need to acquire a W-2 form from that company as well.
  • Tax treaties were incorporated into the system from the moment they were received.

Are you classified as a nonresident or a resident immigrant for taxation reasons?


In order to file a nonresident return (1040NR), it must be sent in; nonresident returns cannot be submitted online.

In addition, the GTP module includes a connection to Sprintax, which may be used to file state tax returns for a minimal cost.

A RESIDENT ALIEN is a person who lives in a house or apartment that is not owned by the resident.

You will be submitting a 1040 form. Even if fellowship payments are not reported on a 1042-S, they may still be required to be reported on your tax returns.

International Tax Return FAQs

Nonresident aliens must record all US-sourced income (nonresident aliens), all worldwide income (resident aliens), and all treaty exempt payments by completing their yearly federal and state tax returns. Both the free GTP (Glacier Tax Preparation) program in your Glacier account (COMPLETE MY US TAX RETURN), which will only be issued to nonresident aliens, and Purdue’s 1042-S form, which will also be sent to nonresident aliens, will be ready by the middle of February, according to the company.

The form is accessible in the Glacier Tax Preparation module, or you may download Form 8843 from the Internal Revenue Service’s website, which includes instructions for completing and mailing it.

If you supplied your valid Social Security number before January 5, 2022 and were an active employee, you may get your W-2 at the following address: A 1042-S form, issued by 2/15/2022 and posted into your Glacier account, for any payment that is free from tax owing to a treaty (wages from a job or fellowship or taxable scholarship).

Any prize, award, human subject, or consulting payment for a nonresident Any stock sales, dividends, or other payments received from a broker: 1099-B, 1099-DIV, or any 1099 forms produced by your broker by 2/15/2022, either online or delivered to you by your broker Interest from bank accounts: 1099-INT, which will be produced by the payer by 2/15/2022 and will be available online or mailed to you.

  1. Payments of more than $600 to resident aliens for prizes, awards, human subject research (1099-MISC), or consultancy (1099-NEC) must be mailed by the payer before January 31, 2012.
  2. This document is not necessary for submitting your tax return, which explains the late mailing date.
  3. a 1099-G for unemployment benefits or a state reimbursement from a previous year If you get a state refund and you itemized your deductions in the previous tax year, the refund may be considered income for tax purposes.
  4. tax due to a treaty with another country (regardless of amount).
  5. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is the final approver of any treaty, and the filing of federal and state tax returns in the United States completes the process.
  6. There will be no need to seek a revised form from Purdue because the university will not produce a corrected form.
  7. Rather than looking at a form for your “official address,” the IRS and state look at this address to determine your “official address.” Unless a scholarship exceeds the amount of your tuition and fees, it is not taxable and does not need to be reported on a Form 1042-S.

If you were provided with this form, you will need to use it to file your tax return.

For 2021 payments from Purdue University, if you did not submit a valid tax treaty with the IRS, you will not get a 1042-S form.

1042-S forms are not created by the individual; they are only issued by a payer on their behalf.

If you were a nonresident alien during the previous calendar year, you will get an email when the item becomes available in your Glacier account.

OR Fill out the 1040NR and 8843 forms by hand, which may be accessed atirs.gov, OR use the online version.

Regardless of whatever method you use, the nonresident return must be printed, signed, and dated before being assembled and submitted in accordance with the written instructions, with copies of the W-2, 1042-S, and other supporting documents attached to the signed forms.

For assistance with the Indiana income tax return, which must also be mailed in, Krannert volunteers are available for free, or you can visit in.gov for tax forms and instructions.

Please do not send your tax returns to Purdue since we are unable to forward your returns to the Internal Revenue Service or your state on your behalf (or return them to you).

You may submit your return electronically using an online software application, OR you can manually complete the forms provided atirs.govandin.gov (Indiana return), OR you can hire a tax expert to prepare your taxes for a fee.

If you submitted your 1040 Federal tax return electronically, you may file your Indiana income tax return electronically as well, or you can visit tax forms and instructions for further information.

Approximately 120-160 days after filing your return, you may check the status of your refund at irs.gov, “Where’s My Refund?” It is important to note that any refund owing to tax withholding reported on a 1042-S form may take up to six months or more to be processed.

The form, as well as instructions, may be accessed at IRS.gov.

This is not uncommon, however you should double-check your entries before submitting them.

A refund shows that more federal (or state) income tax was withheld from your payments throughout the year when compared to your total income for the year and your filing status for the year.

Please review the W-7 instructions, which may be obtained at irs.gov, for a comprehensive list of papers that must be submitted in order to complete the multistep procedure.

Include your PUID, complete name, and current mailing address in your message.

The letter certifies that you were not employed by Purdue University.

You will be prompted to submit information about your “Academic Institution.” Please enter the following information: Christine Collins, Program Director – Phone: 765-496-3538 – Academic Program Director Name:Christine Collins, Program Director – Telephone: 765-496-3538 In the city of West Lafayette, at 475 Stadium Mall Drive, Suite 136, the address of the academic institution is 47907-2050.

Collins, the International Students and Scholars office, or the Purdue Tax department.

Purdue University staff members give broad tax information to payees based on their knowledge of current tax laws and our comprehension of those regulations.

In accordance with IRS Circular 230 standards, we are unable to give particular tax advice to taxpayers. Please consult other state’s websites (if you have a query about another state) or expert tax assistance for help on your unique circumstance.

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